Electric cars in fleets from the point of view of an e-mobility consultant

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Electric cars in fleets from the point of view of an e-mobility consultant-cars

Andreas Baron is a consultant for electric mobility at the leasing and fleet company Alphabet, which belongs to the BMW Group. In an interview with Electrive Baron talked, among other things, the tasks, goals, sticking points, joys and recurring challenges in his job, which is to support customers throughout Germany, to electrify their fleets.

Electromobility is a new area for many of his customers, says Baron at the beginning of the interview. That’s why he often has to accompany them through the entire electrification process. The most common questions that customers ask in relation to electromobility include cost aspects and the specific procedure for the internal drive turnaround. “The electrification of fleets does not simply mean choosing a vehicle with a hybrid or electric drive,” explains Baron. Rather, it is “a matter of analyzing the fleet, the optimal model strategy and the implementation of the right charging solutions so that the changeover is worthwhile in the long term for both the driver and the company”.

“Especially in the business mobility environment,” says Baron, “can be used to identify and use potential for fuel reduction or reducing CO2 emissions using a comprehensive advice”. Also topics such as load and charging management or adaptation of the Car Policy are part of the services. There is not a royal road, saying Baron: “There is no solution from the pole,” says the e-mobility consultant, as no company and no associated fleet is like the other.

That means “that a solution that is the right thing for a customer can not necessarily be transferred to the next. Decisive is about whom and for which purposes a vehicle is used so that requirements in terms of comfort and ranges can be met: “For management vehicles, of course, there are other possibilities than for that of a sales representative with a very high annual range,” reports Baron from his daily work.

“The topic gains relevance for more and more companies”

Currently it is “in any case clear that the topic is gaining relevance for more and more companies,” says the consultant. The topic is omnipresent what “not only on the continuous expansion of the charging infrastructure or the rising model variety” Liege. The topic of sustainability back for many companies “More and more in focus”, says Baron. Reasons for this are “of course specifications for reducing CO2 emissions, but also the expectations of their own employees, customers and partners.”Interestingly, it does not happen that customers after a first advice backrupt in view of the complexity of fleet conversion and maintain the status quo of their fleet.

Which is often not considered in the electrification of fleets, is the vision of the driver, has noticed Baron. They finally, who “accept the concept, understand, and ultimately have to live through the regular shop”. Therefore, it is “very crucial, where you placed the charging solutions at the company location – or at the employee at home -.Here Baron would like to advise “every company to put themselves in the driver’s shoes and to answer possible questions ahead of time.The creation of an eCar Policy – an extension of the classic Car Policy to include additional guidelines for electrified vehicles – has “proved to be very useful for many of the companies we advise”.

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2 thoughts on “Electric cars in fleets from the point of view of an e-mobility consultant”

  1. “There is no ready-made solution”

    Yes, there are!

    1. What daily distance is covered.
    2. Will transport more than one person
    3. Is luggage space required
    4. Are electricity charging options available
    5. Is there an electric vehicle that fits the above requirements.

    Environmental compatibility must come first, before narrow-minded, stuffy thinking about ownership.

    In times of climate change, the days of “the fatter the splurge” should be over and give way to a new green way of thinking.

    Addition by subtraction is the motto, less is more.

  2. I would rather ask the question of how the good Mr. Baron fleet customers actively advise when he – this mimic me – only access to two BEVs in the BMW / Mini portfolio ?! Soon there will be of the three when the IX3 should come in sufficient quantities from China. If this is not the case, then I4 & inext -> Currently the advice is clearly gene plug_in … at least in the infrastructure can be created now


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