Electric cars in Norway: a country under electricity

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Electric cars in Norway: a country under electricity-country

Norway is one of the world’s pioneer in the field of e-mobility. More than half of the vehicles newly approved there in 2020 had a purely electric drive. In addition to modern design and innovative technology, Norwegian customers want vehicles that offer a high range and sufficient space for the family. Best prerequisites for the Porsche Toycan and the new Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo, according to the manufacturer in a self-published report on the e-car country Norway.

The Norwegian Erling Henningstad loves fast and dynamic cars with a good driving behavior. And he has been knowing for many years that one does not necessarily need an internal combustion engine. As early as 2012, IT entrepreneurs from Oslo bought his first electric car, and around 250.000 kilometers later he knows the new drive in and memorize. In conversation with HenningStad, it becomes clear: The Norwegian Porsche customer enthuses for technology and researches meticulously explores every aspect of his car.

When Porsche 2018 opened the reservation list for a vehicle still called “mission e” then, therefore, he had to think long – and signed as one of the first customers in Norway the order for a car from which he only a sketch and the essential technical Data knew. “I’ve always dreamed of owning a Porsche,” says Henningstad. “And when an electromodize was available, this dream could finally come true. I knew: That will be my car.”

Electric cars in Norway: a country under electricity-norwayPorsche
Since July 2020, Erling Henningstad is owner of a Porsche Taryzan 4S Performance Plus. “The Tacy 4S offers a lot for his money,” finds the 59-year-old software expert. In the equipment, it has opted for a large battery with 93 kWh capacity, a 150 kW DC charger, a heat pump, a spacer control ceremony “Adaptive Cruise Control” (ACC) and all-round view. His favorite feature is the battery temperature indicator that is important for both loading and performance. “Only a few cars offer that,” he says. “But especially with different uses and changing seasons this ad is very useful.”

Impressive charging speed

Henningstad was positively surprised by the range of its electrically powered Porsche: “Both in summer and in winter, she was absolutely sufficient – and I went to my Taryce at temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees,” says Henningstad. Pricing – on Norwegian “Rekkeviddangst” – is not an issue for him. “The dreaded Battery Drain is no problem at Tacan – unlike other electro cars, which lose noticeable cargo with a longer standstill,” he says.

The loading speed also impressed the Porsche fan: At a fast loading column with 350 kW power, the battery was fully charged after ten minutes. “This comes in the vicinity of cars with fossil fuels”, commented Henningstad satisfied.

That HenningStad can hardly find a difference between his TaryCan and a conventionally driven vehicle, is also due to the intensive promotion of e-mobility in Norway. Nationwide there is almost 19.000 Public charging columns, so that electric driver on almost all major roadways every 50 km at least two fast load columns. Per 100.000 inhabitants exist in Norway more than 350 charging stations, which lies the land behind the Netherlands (386) in second place in Europe. Germany currently only comes to around 54 charging columns per 100.000 inhabitants.

Thanks to hydropower, eco flow in Norway is cheaper than gasoline and diesel

Not only the excellent charging infrastructure speaks for the change to e-mobility, even the costs per km are an argument: most of the Norwegian stream comes from hydropower, which is why the ecostrom there is cheaper than fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

In addition to a nationwide charging infrastructure and favorable electricity prices, the drivers benefit from E-Cars in Norway also from various state incentives. For example, the value added tax of 25 percent is eliminated if a customer decides for an electric car. In addition, no emission and weight-dependent extrastations are charged as for cars with fossil drives. For the financial benefits, further benefits in road traffic come: E-vehicles may use the urban bus tracks, for example, an invaluable advantage in the Rushhour. And you are allowed to park for free in many places.

From 2025 only emission-free new cars

The enthusiasm for electrically powered cars ranges far back in Norway. Already in the 1970s, the company started to experiment Strømmen Verksted with electric cars. Later, ABB Battery Drives developed a powertrain, which was used in the VW Golf Citystromer in 1989 in 1989. From 1990 to 1999 followed a series of road tests, including the Ford Think, for example.

And the same intense as well as unprecedented state promotion of e-mobility in Norway began just over 30 years ago. At that time, the Environmental Protection Group started “The Bellona Foundation” and the pop stars of “AHA” an initiative to abolish the fees for electric cars, which found a majority in 1990. Since then, more and more electric vehicles belonged to the street image. Meanwhile, the country fully relies on the sustainable drive: from 2025 only emission-free cars should be admitted in Norway.

Electric cars in Norway: a country under electricity-norwayPorsche

No wonder so that Norwegian customers already decide today for e-cars today: nearly 77.000 electric cars were sold there 2020, which corresponds to around 54 percent of all newly authorized vehicles – and without the controversial plug-in hybrids, with which the proportion of electrified cars is even less than 75 percent. Also this year, the boom continues: In March, 56 percent of all new cars sold were electric models. Despite its approximately 5.4 million inhabitants, Norway is a fourth place in the world’s electric car purchases, and nowhere in Europe there are more electric cars per capita.

Thanks to the high demand, the total number of electric cars sold in Norway at the end of 2021 at about 400.000. The TaryCan also benefits from electro-euphoria: he came to the Norwegian market in January 2020, and early November 2020, the thousandth Tacycan customer could receive his vehicle. The sales start of the purely electric sports car ensured that Porsche sales doubled in Norway compared to the same period of the previous year.

Perfect for a wide variety of conditions

According to Erling Henningstad, Porsche has not regretted his choice no second and is completely satisfied after the first months as Tacal owner. “The interior of the car has style and feels solid,” he praises. “And the driving characteristics are great: With its low center of gravity, Tacal is well balanced and offers full control, no matter what conditions.”

Particularly pleases him that he can change many properties of the electric sports car according to his taste, his mood or the current environmental conditions, for example, the response of the motors, the chassis settings and electronic stabilization. So he comes with a wide variety of conditions best. “The Tacy can handle everything from the racetrack to the gravel road,” Henningstad summarizes his previous experiences.

Electric cars in Norway: a country under electricity-countryPorsche

The sovereign handling of roads of all kinds is particularly important in Norway, because almost all families own a weekend house by the sea or in the mountains. There is therefore a car that can handle well on field roads. In addition, customers want sufficient space for several passengers and sports equipment. This makes the new Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo especially interesting for the Norwegian market.

“Everything indicates that he will fit perfectly to adventurous people like me, estimate the back roads and additional space,” says Henningstad. “I also assume that he drives so excellently how to expect it from a Porsche. And when he drives with the increased ride height really better on uneven streets, with the Tacal Cross Turismo could move the perfect car for me in tangible proximity.”

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  1. That the Norwegian family cars love is understandable. But that then a Porsche is called the ideal solution, the barrel stops the lid. That’s just embarrassing. Pack a 4-head family with a dog incl. Luggage in a Taryce. You will quickly resign. I would like it well if, as in most online portals pure PR advertising (paid) would also be marked accordingly. Such embarrassing articles would not have to be read.

  2. I also lined something:
    Two of the four photos to the article may belong to the vehicle of the Wackere Nordmann, the other two photos probably show Porsche factory vehicles on test drive there in the country &# 128578;
    Like that too: great country, which I very treasures from Bergen / Oslo in the south to the Lofoten and the (tourist a little spoiled) North Cape. Great!

  3. The Norwegians can afford the electric mobile. you are rich.
    Rich are above all because they sell oil to other countries.

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  5. Norway is the worst example of the electrification. It’s pure greenwashing.

    For Norway produces quasi 100% of the electricity from renewable energies; But is a tremendous CO2 producer per capita – as the country finances its prosperity and thus the electrification of individual traffic through fossil raw materials. Oil and gas make up half of all Norwegian exports.
    And per capita produces so much CO2 as never before;
    https: // de.Wikipedia.org / wiki / list_der_l% c3% a4nder_nach_co2 emission_pro_opf

    2020 years the Norwegian head of government said:
    “The petroleum industry will persist for the next decades,” said the head of government in her speech for which she had come to the grounds extra by helicopter. The world needs more energy, so there will continue to give demand for Norwegian oil and gas. “

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