Electric cars in Switzerland on the Rise

Electric cars in Switzerland on the Rise-rise

IF One Considers The Registration Numbers of Electric Cars in Switzerland, Then IT Falls on That The Vehicles Are Too Slow There on the Rise. That’s How The Federal Statistics Statistics Counted Just 4.450 Vehicles with Purely Electric Drive. The Year On That, 2015 There Were Already 7.500 E Cars, Which Corresponds to Increase of Just Under 60%. Compare It With The Number of Approved Petrol Engineers, This Number Falls Very Low WITH Just 0.17 Percent – 4.46 Million Passenger Cars Approved in Switzerland.
But with the Introduction of New, Cheaper Models That Push on the Market, The Vehicles wants to be Affordable for Switzerland. There is a problem, but not in Each Electric Vehicle The Same Plug Type is installed. AS A Result, Not Every Current Can Be Charged at Any Current Filling Station. A Problem, Which is so snown in Germany.

Whether Type 1, Type 2, CEE Or Combined Charging, The Website Chargemap Helps to Keep Track of the Many Charging Plugs and Turn to Corresponding Charging Stations. Company React Accordingly and Offer Your Customers The Opportunity to Load Their Own Vehicles.

AS An Example, Only The Lidl Branch Is Called in Toss, Which Provides A Current Tank Station With Three Cables For All Common Models. There, Five Customers Invite Their Cars per Day. It Is Their Average Charging Time 25 Minutes, AS Lidl Announced by Spokeswoman Corina Milz. In Switzerland, the Advance of Electric Cars in Switzerland, You Can Read in This Report of the Landboats.

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