“Electric City” by Opel: within a year 350 charging points installed

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Opel has almost just one year after the project “Electric City” was announced an important milestone. So it has been possible for the brand to install the announced 350 charging points for fleet vehicles on the Opel campus. This is of great advantage for the Opel fleet, which include both company cars and developing vehicles.

Opel relies on consistent electrification

Opel boss Michael Lohscheller is therefore to be understood: “Opel goes Electric is not a lip problem. A consistent electrical strategy is an important pillar of our company PACE!. This also includes creating the necessary infrastructure for our Russelsheim developed electrical models. We now have this infrastructure.”The” Electric City “team has lohschelle thanks for expressing the rapid implementation of the project. “To help the electromobility for breakthrough, it needs a total social shoulder and more such overarching infrastructure projects,” so the Opel boss continues.

Behind “Electric City” hides a joint project of several partners to which the city of Russelsheim am Main, Hochschule Rheinmain and Opel belong. Together you want to massively drive the expansion of the loading infrastructure for electric vehicles. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics should around 1.300 charging points in the entire urban area arise.

These will be installed in all districts and residential areas, on the Opel site, on the campus of the Hochschule Rheinmain, in residential facilities of the WEBAU Russelsheim, on car parks selected supermarkets and shopping centers as well as on the grounds of the Urban Kliniko (GPR).

E-mobility up and beside the road

With the electromobility Opel wants “go to a new era of the group,” says Opel boss Lohscheller. Part of the strategy is the Corsa as electric car. We have considered this at the world premiere and talking to Frank Jordan, Director Advanced Engineering Opel,. Compared to the VW ID.3 we pulled too. Opel Russelsheim converts the development center at the headquarters to the real laboratory for electromobility. The installation of the first charging columns starts in just a few months. Electrified transporters are also in conversation.

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