Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no – and that’s a good thing

Explanation on the climate summit

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no – and that’s a good thing

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-germany
Cattle man Out of burners at Daimler: Only electric cars will be built. This Mercedes-Goldie has already finished the end

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Out of all combustion engines by 2035? Glasgow’s commitment is more of a PR-GAG, because global reality looks different. And if you really want to listen to science, you don’t define progress as the end of the same. A comment.

Thomas Ingenlath, head of the Chinese-Swedish electronics company Polestar, apparently already trains for a speech at the next Green Party Conference. "Car companies are still talking about selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. If you consider the lifespan of a car, they will still drive in the second half of the century and pollute the environment. This delays one of the most effective climate protection solutions that are available to us", So the unctuous words of the CEO. Polestar and its Chinese parent company Geely-Volvo is one of the car manufacturers who demand the mandatory from all new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 at the climate summit in Glasgow.

Where e-cars become dirty slingshot

Strange only that Ingenlaths Stromer in the home country of the Polestar mother group Geely are true dirty sling: China has just just reached record rates in coal burning. What the electric car means: You don’t save the climate if only the exhaust is somewhere else.

Elon Musk loses $ 50 billion

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-good

Bit projects Elon Musk loses $ 50 billion

It is one of the bizarre facts of this climate summit that China sells its electric cars as an environmental angel worldwide, but still represents the planet’s largest CO2 slingshot. And despite high investments in renewable energies, it does not even think of undergoing a climate dictation of his entire economic policy. "Fridays for future" shouldn’t actually demonstrate in front of the VW or RWE headquarters, but in front of a Chinese message.

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So the climate aret must come from somewhere else. 24 countries, including India, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey, are among the signatories of the combustion spell, as well as the manufacturers Ford, General Motors and the Daimler Group, which is also largely controlled by China. Everyone undertakes to only build electric vehicles from 2035 – at least in the "leading markets", and 2040 then worldwide.

Honda E in the test: price, range, equipment, driving experience, rear -wheel drive

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-2035

Site Honda E in the test: price, range, equipment, driving experience, rear -wheel drive

But just as large car companies – including VW, Toyota and BMW as well as DISCOLLETT ATTISIS Group – as well as most countries do not want to sign the commitment. Germany is also not there, at least not at the current conditions.

Emission -free is not just electrical

While the criticism of various environmental associations that Germany "Brake" refer to, is expected, it depends on the details. Because Germany or the car manufacturers, which are not part of the explanation, are very advised to say goodbye to the fossil combustion engine or the zero emergency car. Only this should also be possible with synthetic fuels, hybrid models or hydrogen drives.

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BMW boss Oliver Zipse summed up: even in Germany and Europe there are enough charging stations for electric cars, and there are not enough green electricity. In the case of an admission ban for new combustion engines, old cars would be driven even longer. "Things are not intended here", said zipse on the "Car forum" of the trade.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-good

Site Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid

E-car alone does not cover the world’s mobility needs

Everything indicates that e-mobility will continue to record strong growth, especially in leading markets such as China, the USA and also Germany. However, it is quickly forgotten that, for example, in Europe, let alone worldwide, does not even begin to have the infrastructure in order to switch to battery operation within a few years. Apart from the fact that e-mobility has been the best and alternative type of drive for years, to be fed by the taxpayer with a joke -off subsidies.

In fact, synthetic, i.e. an optimal case, have a significant advantage over e-mobility of which the ADAC is now also demanding: Even existing petrol and diesel vehicles can recharge it and thus contribute to emission reduction. Whereby, for example, when used in plug-in hybrids, even a combination of both drives is possible. An electric vehicle with a high electrical reach, which is independent of the availability of a charging infrastructure with a hybrid module and is then still refueled with synthetic fuels or methanol – it was shown last on the IAA – a ingenious, raw materials saved solution. However, such developments would be forbidden with the electrical compulsion as with a papal banbum.

The limits of the "Renewable"

Incidentally, China, who would like to use its success in e-mobility as an export hit, should be the best example of openness to technology. Because in the giant empire it has long been noticed that e-mobility alone will not be sufficient to meet the country’s gigantic mobility needs. China expert Jochen Siebert from JSC Automotive from Shanghai explains: "When we talk about renewable energies, China will recognize (if this has not already happened) that it is much more difficult and lengthy to transport electricity over long distances than to convert electricity into easily transportable energy sources. This is exactly what would be necessary because the sources (solar and wind) are thousands of kilometers away from consumers. Therefore, massively green hydrogen is already being initiated. I believe that the government will recognize that it makes sense to use this green hydrogen to generate e-fuel and other fuels. Energy safety will be concerned about concerns about efficiency". The current trend of massively firing coal again to save the Chinese a cold winter is obviously in this direction.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-says

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

"Listen to science"?

While the openness to technology is only a supposedly eternal prevention of progress in the eyes of the pure electric fans, it is actually used – and not only in China. It is noteworthy that the climate discussion always requires, "on science" To hear, but now a single industry – the battery -e -mobility – takes advantage of the stone of the wise ones and wants to bite away any competition with state help. But that has nothing to do with science. It is more reminiscent of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

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Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no - and that's a good thing-germany

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15 thoughts on “Electric compulsion from 2035? Germany says no – and that’s a good thing”

  1. Fits…
    …When measured with two dimensions! As VW boss says in the latest edition of a … Car magazine, 24.11.2021? We will be fully electric in this country in 2035. Although the customer still has to play along. But does not mean anything else that the clocks will tick differently in others and large markets. China does not say goodbye until 2060 by the combustion engineer and since in Germany the private transport by environmental activists, parties and organizations will be pushed back in the future, the Klack’s German car market will no longer play a role for large manufacturers at some point. If you have the money, you should drive E and the rest must make do with others, certainly less more more comfortable mobility types!

  2. E-fuel should save the climate
    By refueling with climate -neutral emethanol instead of fossil petrol & diesel. Only: E-fuel production is in the infancy. The necessary systems in "Sonnenessen" are not even available in the beginning – D. It would be 10 J. & more take until e-fuel would even be available in significant quantities. Climate policy too late. However, the absolute co-criterion is electricity from EE for the process steps H2 electrolysis, CO2 separation from the air, "marriage" of both to e-methanol (transport to D & to the refueling outside). Green current requirement for production e-fuel: approx. 1.000 TWh for 50 million. Car in D., ca. 25.000 TWh for 1.5 billion. Worldwide (TWH electricity from EE 2020: 250 in D, 7.000 global). Hot air, Fata Morgana.

  3. There you are "expert"…
    …but also not noticed the biggest differences! The combustion engine is about getting out of the technology of fossil fuels. No manufacturer will offer vehicles after 2035 that are dependent on fuels, as they are sold at petrol stations today. If only because crude oil is so valuable at some point that it is only burned. Without crude oil we would z.B naked, run around without clothes! but "Experts |" Thinking that you want to stick to the previous vehicles forever without realizing that alternative fuels are being worked on, which of course often ignored with a battery mentality!

  4. @Bender
    Let the effort that "expert" it won’t understand! As a converting expert, he would have to know how to be in an environmentally harmful way.B. The cultivation of cotton is alone in terms of water consumption. Crude oil is in every area today, right up to the medical pharmaceutical industry. but "Experts |" Compare that 19.Century with the modern present!

  5. Recuperation performance
    Citation, "A car !(s) already has really advantages. Z.B.: If I brake to 0 with my i3 from 60 km/h, it recuperates 62% of the energy to get back to 60." 62% of what energy? 62% listen well, but are ultimately again "Pocket tricks" from the higher civil servant school, since nothing is said about the actual amount of energy. Please calculate exactly, Mr. Ltd. Ministerial Council A.D., should not be a problem with a one -Abitur.

  6. Hermann Sochgen
    Question misunderstood? I would like to know the kWh that were recuperated and for how many meters that is enough in driving. That should then have a slightly different statement than 62%.

  7. Germany says no
    … To ban burner 2035 and that is a good thing, says the author, confessed V-man. If he doesn’t look forward to it too early. Germany, represented in Glasgow by the executive federal government, did not say no because 2035 would be too early, but because the new traffic light government was taken into account, which considers the appointment to be too late. Finally, it says in the exploratory paper: “According to the proposals of the EU Commission, this would mean in the traffic sector that only CO2-neutral vehicles are approved in Europe in 2035-accordingly, this has an effect in Germany.“Combined ade, it doesn’t hurt so much! An electric car has really advantages. Z.B.: If I brake to 0 with my i3 from 60 km/h, it recuperates 62% of the energy to get back to 60.

  8. The article is a pure wishful thinking…
    The combustion fans. The BMW boss, who frankly admits that we have too little green electricity. If this is the case, then e-fuel and hydrogen have no chance because it requires a multiple of which is required in green electricity than for the operation of battery-operated electric cars. The appeal to science raised in the article is also completely inappropriate here. Because it has long since recognized that e-fuel and hydrogen are needed more urgently in a completely different point (air traffic, industry) and have no chance as a spriter set for cars.

  9. Bizarre….
    The turn of the turning point is slowly ! You can no longer hear the ramblings. There are topics that you could do much more for the environment: shipping traffic in global trade, air traffic, factory farming and the incredible growth rate in humans. However, nobody is interested in all of this, why ? And whoever believes that the Chinese assemble their e-cars with regenerative energies…..Well, every further comment would be absolutely superfluous. He should then save his own little world with his battery box

  10. Cars far ahead of aircraft & ships at CO2
    Parts on global CO2: Flight & shipping traffic RD each. 3%, road traffic RD.18%, of which cars are about half. Factory husbandry is an underestimated climate problem. LT. Agricultural organization FAO of the UN come approx. 15% of global GHG from the attitude & processing of animals. When it comes to population, it depends on the region. 1 German causes as much CO2 as 10 Africans.

  11. Keep it up, because too little green electricity ?
    "Not even in Germany and Europe have enough charging stations for electric cars, and there are not enough green electricity either", So zipse (BMW). In the article, synthetic fuel or hydrogen is mentioned as the future fuel. How do you want this "material" produce climate-neutral if there is not enough green electricity for the electric car? These fuels are also made with a very poor efficiency and burned again with an even worse efficiency. That means in German: waste of energy. The problem with the charging stations, on the other hand, is practically addressed by an emerging e-car manufacturer: they are installed by Tesla, while BMW u.A. Only complain about their lack.

  12. @Federmann – S i e are wrong!
    In addition to the BMW i3, which has been practically not developed in addition to 2 modest battery upgrades since 2013 and will be removed from the program next year, only E I N BEV is in the program today, the X3 (from 72.550). Z w e i Further Bev should follow at the end of 2021, the i4 (from 59.200) & the IX (from 77.300 €). Prices too high for mass market. BMW multi-strategy ICE+PHEV+BEV+FCEV is highly risky.

  13. Technology openness instead of ideology
    Compliments Mr. Viehmann! In order to be able to create the energy transition, we have to replace gigantic amounts of energy from fossil sources with regenerative energies! Anyone who believes that man can generate sufficient electricity in Germany or on site to safely supply the industry, the heat sector and traffic. Unfortunately, the challenge has not recognized! We have to promote all available technologies! There are currently 1.2 billion worldwide. Vehicles with combustion engine! We want to wait until they were all replaced by electric vehicles? These existing vehicles can be decarbonized with ivels! The fuel manufacturers must be obliged to gradually replace the fuels with efuels! This is the only way to become CO2 neutral promptly!

  14. Efuels are
    Nonsense. You make fuel from electricity. You lose 80% energy. That means directly with electricity I drive 100 km with efuels from the same current only 20 km. That is nonsensical without end.


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