Electric Pick-Up Ford F-150 Lightning: Multi-talent on four powerful wheels

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Electric Pick-Up Ford F-150 Lightning: Multi-talent on four powerful wheels-f-150

Ford’s F series, for more than 40 years of the best-selling pick-up in the US and also worldwide one of the most successful car models, is clean with the F-150 Lightning. The F-150 Lightning is a recent communication of Ford according to the most intelligent and innovative pick-up that the manufacturer has ever built. The electric car will go into production in a new high-tech factory in a new high-tech factory that is fully trimmed to sustainability.

“For both Ford and the American automotive industry, F-150 Lightning is a crucial moment on the way to an emission-free and digitally networked future,” says Bill Ford, Executive Chair, Ford Motor Company. “The F-Series has been America’s best selling pick-up for 44 years, the backbone of the working class across the country and a trusted icon for generations of customers. Now we revolutionize the model for a new generation.”

The electric pick-up F-150 Lightning should be available at a starting price, which with good 40.000 dollars (about 32.700 euros) corresponds to its similarly configured and conventionally driven counterparts. Equipped with more comfort and additional technologies, the model variant XLT is good 53.000 Euro (about 43.400 euros). Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford, emphasizes the many advantages of electric pick-ups: “The F-150 Lightning is a massive moment for our Ford team. America’s car brand NR. 1 March with America’s favorite vehicle direction zero emissions. It is faster than a raptor, equipped with standard four-wheel drive and independent rear suspension. He has a power frunk and enough juice to provide a house with electricity for three days. And will be able to constantly improve with over-the-air updates.”

Electric Pick-Up Ford F-150 Lightning: Multi-talent on four powerful wheels-multi-talentford

With 414 kW / 563 hp and a torque of up to 1051 Nm, the stronger of the two electro-150 versions is the strongest F-150 ever-built. At 100 km / h, the nearly six meter long pick-up is expected to accelerate in less than 5 seconds. Another advantage is the trailer coupling with which the vehicle can pull up one up to 4.5 tons of heavy trailer. The batteries offered in two variants ensure ranges of 370 or. 480 kilometers to American EPA standard. For battery capacity in kWh, Ford does not yet provide information. It is estimated to be 170 to 180 kWh at the larger and about 140 kWh in the smaller model. The DC charging power is up to 150 kW, the charging time from 15 to 80 percent gives Ford with 40 minutes.

Intelligent, networked – and better over time

Packed with intelligent functions of F-150 Lightning, as Ford combines advanced digital technologies with proven technical know-how to create a pick-up that is significantly smarter and more productive than its predecessors. This is indicated by features such as “onboard scales”, on good German a built-in scale, which assesses the payload of the vehicle and tells customers how much they transport. can still download. Since the payload also influences the range, “Onboard Scales” is integrated into the sharing tool “Intelligent Range”, which should give the driver an accurate estimate of the available range. In addition, the F-150 Lightning is equipped with the function “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist”, which automatically regulates steering, acceleration and braking operations to make driving with and ranking pendants even easier.

Electric Pick-Up Ford F-150 Lightning: Multi-talent on four powerful wheels-lightningford

The “Phone AS A Key” feature is available in F-150 as the debut in the F series. If it is activated, customers can lock up and start their pick-up and start without having to take their phone from the bag or to use a key. All these and more features can be even better and more extensive with time with Ford Power-up software updates, Ford shares.

Electricity for the home and on the go

Also available as premiere in the F-Series is the F-150 Lightning with the Intelligent Backup Power function, which makes the electric pick-up in conjunction with special loading hardware from Ford to the power source for the home. With the possibility to unload 9.6 kilowatt performance, Intelligent Backup Power provides sufficient energy for a whole house with a power failure. Ford speaks of up to 90 kWh, which can be used for the power supply. Depending on the household, this is enough for a few days to more than a week. In the future, Ford “Intelligent Power” wants to introduce for V2G applications to use the pick-up during expensive load tips for energy supply and recharge at cost-effective tariff times, such as at night.

Electric Pick-Up Ford F-150 Lightning: Multi-talent on four powerful wheels-f-150ford

With Pro Power Onboard, customers can use the integrated sockets as well as to supply a variety of tools and electronic devices with electricity on the go. In the basic version, 2.4 kilowatts of power are standard, while the higher-quality equipment lines are equipped with 9.6 kilowatt power.

Frunk with 400 liters of storage space

Under the hood is a huge frunk with 400 liters of capacity, in which several large suitcases or a complete weekly shopping. The waterproof and lockable front trunk is also equipped with four sockets and two USB charging sockets. According to Ford-CEO Jim Farley, the interest in the model is enormous: Alone in the first twelve hours after the official presentation are already 20.000 Reservations received for F-15O Lightning.

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  1. If he brings the AMIS to the Eauto, then that’s a brilliant car! Unfortunately in Europe probably something oversized.

  2. That’s the Gau for Tesla. The market leader visually hardly touched with giant batteries, high performance, smart electrical value for the periphery and a brutally low price. Cybertruck Farewell! But also Rivian will look, although they are positioned with impressive features such as tank turn and 800V technology as well as premium claim slightly differently. Ford will make everything with the dealer network in the back.

  3. Too bad that Ford seems to be just monster pick-ups for the US, beautiful would be compact and small cars for Europe, but there is Ford – why actually?

    By the way – Trump makes his boing bring on “front man”, he apparently wants to start 2024 again. If the Americans have learned nothing, then e-cars are likely to have little chance and Ford, GM and Stellantis are homing to the burner – whether the climate catastrophe then can be prevented?

    A small map painter from Austria has the people in the 2. World War I sent – with millions of dead – this time a Mediterranean golf player wants to send the US and with her the rest of the world a war against the environment. If that succeeds him, then there will be millions of death again, but no winners?


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