Electric Porsches outperform Porsche 911s

Electric Porsches outperform Porsche 911s-porsche

Not only with the update of the Porsche Taycan, the first pure electric car from the Zuffenhausen company is in high demand. The Taycan has already brought sports car drivers and fans of e-mobility together. This is now also reflected in the previous sales figures, on which Porsche will draw a conclusion in October 2021. At the forefront of sales is the Cayenne (62.451 units) a combustion engine, but the importance of e-cars at Porsche is growing.

And this is likely to grow even more in the future when the all-electric version of the Macan hits the road in 2023. Because he already knows as a combustion engine driver at the age of 61.944 sold units to convince. As a Stromer, this should certainly appeal to other groups of buyers. The all-electric Taycan, from which 28.640 units went into customer hands. In its second full year of sales, it is thus at the level of the iconic 911 sports car, which was sold in the first three quarters of 27.972 deliveries – an increase of ten percent.

Definitely a statement, especially when you can outperform a brand icon like the 911. It is therefore not surprising that Zuffenhausen is thinking about hybridizing or electrifying the popular combustion engine model. However, it will probably be some time before it hits the streets. Porsche doesn’t seem to be worried about this, as Detlev von Platen, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, explains: “The order books are well filled and allow us to start the year-end sprint full of optimism and drive. Nevertheless, the global corona situation remains volatile and the supply of semiconductors remains challenging. We are therefore monitoring current developments very closely so that we can continue to react flexibly.”

The USA again recorded the biggest increase: Porsche delivered 51 there.615 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 30 percent compared to the same period last year. The strong positioning in North America is also reflected in the results of the most recent J.D. Power APEAL study reflected: As in previous years, Porsche is the best premium brand for customers. However, there is no division where most of the Stromers were sold.

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3 thoughts on “Electric Porsches outperform Porsche 911s”

  1. The car is great. And the brand is strong. There are many good reasons to buy a Taycan. But you don’t need these reasons at all, there is a great feeling of wanting to have something. I don’t even have to drive my car, just a look in the garage is enough to put a smile on my face. The optics are just fantastic.

    Porsche does this very cleverly by keeping the car very present in every Porsche center and by involving all salespeople and workshop masters very well. Everyone is convinced of the vehicle, there are good contact points where existing customers also have the opportunity to drive this vehicle. Anyone who sits inside is quickly fascinated.

    The car is not a bargain, there is no BAFA subsidy and the list of extras is long. The same applies to accessories: the winter wheels alone cost 7k. But we need such flagships to advance electric mobility. Cars with high desirability where the price is not so important. With EQG and ID.Buzz I see the next vehicles of this kind.

    And, yes, it’s still unthinkable for the cast-iron 911 fans. But after ABS and power steering, automatic transmission, water cooling and turbo, there will also be a purely electric drive in the cult car in a few years. And maybe I’ll buy it again..

  2. Man Porsche – a little more transparency in the sales figures of the individual models shouldn’t be a problem – or maybe it should?
    How many Taycans has Porsche actually sold in the 3 most important markets?
    Most probably in the home market?
    What is the BEV / combustion engine ratio in the markets??
    The change in overall sales would also be interesting – of course the BEVs cannibalize the combustion engines – but how much?
    Maybe interested people can find out more here – that would be nice 😉

  3. One of the biggest polluter producers on the right track. Who would have thought that. Niche providers may have.easier to transition. Every BEV puts pressure on it, and that’s good. I would never buy a Porsche anyway. Maybe as sunglasses.


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