Electric small car Sven for car sharing is still… only later

Electric small car Sven for car sharing is still... only later-only

Corona has Sven‘s electrician truck, which should be used primarily in carsharing, made a dash by the direction. Sven, short for “Shared Vehicle Electric Native”, was developed by the FEV mobility subsidiary Share2Drive, a spin-off of the University of Aachen. But “Although the interest of investors at Sven is still big” is the pandemic for a kind of braking effect. Instead of 2021 it should now be 2023/2024 until the stromer comes to the street.

The fully electric powered and crosslinked three-seater developed for split mobility is just 2.5 meters long, as well as 1.75 meters wide. Powered is the urban city fern with an electric engine with 24 kW (33 hp). Its energy relates the electric car from a 20 kWh battery, which Sven should enable a purely electrical range of up to 140 kilometers. A well-promising starting position, if you would bring it to the street.

In his prediction, Share2Drive, a spin-off of the University of Aachen, arrived, the third quarter 2021. But this is currently nothing. How Next Mobility has learned, Calculant FEV is that Sven will come about two years later than originally planned. In 2018, a first partner had been found with the MOnchengladbacher Utilities company New AG. The cooperation, which was drawn in 2018, is bursting.

For New, the trip to the world of fully electric car sharing was not worthwhile. On the contrary, the company remains at 1.7 million euros. NEW is to be involved in the development of Sven, according to the district government in the unlawful manner – without Council decision and advertising at the district government. The supply service provider had to solve for this reason with a thick minus of his shares. The question is whether a majority of municipal companies at all participate in Share2Drive was not yet answered.

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3 thoughts on “Electric small car Sven for car sharing is still… only later”

  1. No, he does not come. How all the companions of start-ups are no longer come since the big players are in business. Against large series construction and large series purchasing of core components like batteries you do not arrive.

  2. … would be really a pity if this really nice “design” small vehicle would not come!
    And then only in 2 years, then there is probably a lot of other small ..

  3. Shortly after the announcement of the diesel scandal, the small e-cars of the universities would have, such as.B. The E.Go, real racers can become, but they came or. Just come too late.

    I would like to see more of the small e-cars on the streets, but they will probably come from China or the great automakers, but hardly from startups.

    Small series are just too expensive, as the 3-wheeled Sam built in Poland and for 15.000 Euro plus VAT. was offered. For this price (without manufacturer’s share) today there is a Dacia Spring Electric as an electric car with 4 wheels and space for 4 persons plus enough trunk – that’s the reality.


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