Electric Sportsman Rimac Nevera is the fastest series car in the world

Electric Sportsman Rimac Nevera is the fastest series car in the world-series

On the way to his US debut at “The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering” in California, the Rimac Nevera made a short stop at the Drag Strip on the Famoso Raceway. The Nevera introduced the unofficial world record in June for the fastest accelerating series car. However, the people of Rimac did not stop it from the eyes of the officials of the Famoso Raceway and the Experts of Dragreges.

Steered by Brooks Weiselblat by Dragtimes, with the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, with which each Nevera is equipped, the electric car set up at the Famoso Dragsterrennstrecke and prepared for the full power of his 1914 hp powertrain, which of Four separate electric motors are released. For this purpose, Weiselblat pressed the gas pedal full while at the same time stood on the brake. After the start, the control systems of the Nevera, including the Rimac Allrad-Torque vectoring 2, constantly monitored which wheels had the greatest grip, with the performance being distributed so that minimizes a wheel of wheels and the acceleration has been maximized.

The Nevera set on the quarter mile at its best run with a time of 8.582 seconds and with a maximum speed of 167.51 miles per hour (269.58 km / h) a new record for series cars. The record run was the eleventh of the day in rapid sequence, which, according to Rimac without performance losses between the runs,. The fleet Rimac overflowed the previous record holder – with the Tesla Model S Plaid also an electric car – by just over 0.7 seconds or. Almost 25 km / h top speed.

The prior unofficial quarter-miles world record time for a series car had reached the Nevera at the beginning of the year during some tests in Croatia on an unprepared runway with 8.62 seconds. Rimac has now beaten his own record and set up times, which were checked by independently third parties. The Croatian e-auto blacksmiths, however, assumes that some optimizations can be placed even better times.

“Our story started with a BMW 3er, which Iself have rebuilt electrical energy, which set up a series of FIA accelerating records. But what we have now produced is on a very different level. Our Concept_one was already the fastest accelerating electric car in the world and drove the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds. We have now improved this record with a series car by 1.4 seconds. With four independent engines, which are individually controlled individually, we have so much flexibility in acceleration that it provides us a big advantage over all vehicles with internal combustion engine.”- Mate Rimac, founder and CEO Rimac

The Nevera has been designed, developed and manufactured in recent years at the headquarters of Rimac Automobili in Croatia. He is full of his name: The name Nevera is a powerful Croatian storm known for his speed, wildness and power – a suitable name for both the character and the ability of the Nevera sports car. Also, this can turn into a total of a smooth grand tourer to a total natural violence.

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  1. A car that

    … transform yourself to a total nature violence in second fractions from a smooth Grand Tourer ..

    can, the world has shared flat. of the acute deficiency of natural resorts is really urgently needed – [NOT]!

  2. Dollar Care, Must Have. Mate Rimac is already a brilliant tinker, which unfortunately also electromists. But he drives the emotion to the top.
    Unfortunately, the car also costs somewhere to the EUR 2 million, for which they get loose 15 Teslas, which are just 0.7s slower, which are also produced in series.
    For the other sports car manufacturers, the air is slowly close to their super-turbines, which now have to measure themselves with brands like Kia and Hyundai, because they do not get behind – except when noise -..

  3. Already a horny car. Without question. The quantity (is certainly limited) will certainly be faster way like you can watch if you are not already. Enough rich people in the world there is yes.


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