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Electric truck Nikola Tre unveiled-truck

The truck manufacturer Iveco and the US Startup Nikola have revealed the model of their first electric truck for the European market, the Nikola Tre – only three months after the partnership announcement. The battery-electric Nikola Tre, which is based on the Iveco S-Way and integrated the Nikola‘s leading technology, is to be officially presented at the IAA 2020 in Hanover. In 2021 the first units should go to customers. The Nikola Tre is also the first step on the way to Nikola Fuel Cell Electric Model with fuel cell drive that will be available to the customer from 2023.

The Iveco S-way heavy load truck presented in July in Madrid was very well received by both customers and industry experts, Iveco in a recent communication. On this basis, the Nikola TRE integrates the advanced drive technology from Nikola and its new generation infotainment system.

The integration of the Nikola Concept on the Iveco S-Way architecture was carried out by Nikola and Italdesign in its headquarters in Moncalieri (Turin). The project is a natural consequence of a partnership between the two companies from 2018.

The battery electrical Nikola Tre: Emission-free regional traffic

The vehicle, which was shown on the event, is a model of Nikola Tre 4 × 2 saddle cable for regional inserts with an electric range of up to 400 kilometers and dynamic performance that corresponds to at least that of a diesel-like model. The vehicle is intended to have a modular battery system with a total capacity of up to 720 kWh, which can be adapted to the respective customer requirements.

Electric truck Nikola Tre unveiled-nikolaNikola

The electric drive delivered a continuous power of 480 kW at a maximum torque of 1800 nm, so Iveco. The Nikola TRE should be available in two and three-axle versions with a maximum permissible weight of 18 to 26 tonnes for distribution traffic and local applications.

The Nikola Tre will have a new infotainment system based on Nikola’s proprietary operating system and integrated infotainment and navigation functions as well as controls for most of the vehicle functions. The functions of the system include climate control, mirror adjustment, height adjustment, 360 degree camera system, navigation, bluetooth audio system, comprehensive vehicle settings and vehicle diagnostics by the administrator.

Electric truck Nikola Tre unveiled-truckNikola

The vehicle uses Bluetooth technology to make a secure connection between the vehicle and the mobile device of the customer and create a truly free-handed media experience. This also makes it possible to unlock the electric truck via an intelligent keyless access system when the driver approaches the vehicle. The system can also adjust settings such as the ride height and the air conditioner temperature to the preferences of the driver.

The bridge to the electric heavy load truck with fuel cell

Iveco, FPT Industrial and Nikola have chosen a modular approach to the development of their electrical supply for the European market. Nikola fuel cell should be the determining factor for the design of the electric battery to make the Nikola Tre Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) easier with fuel cell technology. With this approach, the partners will endeavor to put both technologies into operation in order to anchor battery and hydrogen drive in their offer in the coming years.

A new partnership to ensure emission-free transport

IVECO and FPT Industrial as well as Nikola Corporation also presented the scope and plans of the joint venture and cooperation agreement, which was closed to the acceleration of the conversion of the transport industry to emission-neutral heavy duty trucks in North America and Europe by introducing fuel cell technology.

The main focus of the agreement is to use the respective know-how of the partners for the successful use of emission-free heavy duty cars and to support the transport industry with a new business model.

The partnership includes the establishment of a European joint venture for the development and distribution of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells (FCEV) and batteries for the European market. Nikola wants to provide its fuel cell know-how and its advanced technologies as well as its disruptive business model, which also provides for an all-inclusive leasing rate. Iveco wants to introduce its engineering and manufacturing know-how along with FPT Industrial to industrialize the fuel cell and battery technology in the vehicles.

Sources: Nikola and Iveco – Press Releases from 03. and 04.12.2019

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  2. I agree with Hage. Electric truck producing motion from electricity, at least 85%. Fuel truck producing 85% heat from fuel, and only 15% movement. That’s why they are always cleaner than fuel trucks.


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