Electric truck Volta Zero should receive the most sustainable body parts

Electric truck Volta Zero should receive the most sustainable body parts-volta

In the future, electric truck start-up Volta Trucks works with the Italian CPC Group to develop and deliver the sustainable and recyclable composite body parts for the Volta Zero. The CPC Group is Europe’s largest manufacturer of composite materials and enabling clear growth synergies with Volta Trucks, so the vehicle manufacturer in a recent communication. The Volta Zero is one of the world’s first fully electric commercial vehicles in the area of 16-tonner, which was specially developed for downtown logistics.

Sustainability, so Volta Trucks, be the heart of the brand. This rich far beyond the elimination of exhaust emissions and also consists of sustainability in the supply chain and the material selection of vehicles. When the Volta Zero was introduced in September 2020, he was the first commercial vehicle, which used flat and biodegradable resin composite plates from sustainable sources. The natural and lightweight fiber material is almost completely CO2 neutral over its lifecycle and corresponds to the rigidity and the weight of carbon fiber, but in comparison amounts to a good 75 percent less CO2 in production.

“Sustainability is a cornerstone of our company because the rescue of our planet can not wait. Now needs to be traded, and Volta Trucks wants to lead the rapid change in large commercial vehicles. Our innovative, fully electric powertrain will eliminate harmful exhaust emissions, with positive impact on climate change and air quality. But for Volta Trucks sustainability is much more than just reducing exhaust gases. Also in the procurement of materials, we pursue an environmentally oriented approach to achieve our goal of becoming the most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.”- Carl-Magnus north, co-founder and managing director of Volta Trucks

The CPC Group has more than ten years of experience with composites and has developed in its niche to Europe’s largest manufacturer. The company has more than 1000 employees and has invested more than 300 million euros in order to bring the production of composite materials for the vehicle industry from the niche into serial production. The CPC Group has many similarities with Volta Trucks in terms of technological and commercial goals and thus is a natural partner.

Volta Trucks will now work together with the CPC Group on the further development and industrialization of these new and innovative, sustainable and recyclable composite materials in order to produce them in the quantities that they can fulfill the long-term distributors of the company. Serial production of custom vehicles using modern composite materials throughout the body as well as cladding of the vehicle should begin at the end of 2022. The production will initially begin with the first iteration of composite materials. In the long term, a number of future developments in sustainable composites is planned. The two companies also focus on their partners from the supply chain and the field of material development.

“Volta Trucks will change mobility worldwide, and personally, I am very pleased to spend a considerable part of our new corporate capacities for this project. By 2023, CPC will have the largest composite capacity in Europe, not only in terms of pressing the moldings, but also for finishing as well as gluing and painting. Volta Trucks will be an important part of this strategy.”- Franco Iorio, Chief Executive Officer CPC

The Volta Zero is the world’s first, specially designed 16-ton vehicle, which was specially developed for inner-city logistics and the environmental impact of freight deliveries in the city centers should reduce. The Volta Zero was developed for a purely range of up to 200 km and should help to eliminate a good 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 by 2025.

Security is next to the sustainability another concern of Volta Trucks. Thanks to the moving of the internal combustion engine, the driver sits a Volta Zero in a central and widely driven position with a much lower seat height than in a conventional truck. This combination and cabin design in the glass house style give the driver a wide view of a good 220 degrees, which minimizes dangerous tote angles. The prototype of the Volta Zero was presented in September 2020, the first vehicles should be put into operation at the end of 2021 at the first customers.

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  1. Great approach. So it can work. Hubs on the city margins and then with Bev truck in the city. Great also the overall concept. Not only the operation is considered but also the production. Hope we will soon see more such projects.


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