Electricity as a new source of life

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Electricity as a new source of life

With the Enyaq, Skoda will present its first electric SUV in 2021. We have already tested the Stromer as a prototype.

Still heavily camouflaged, the Skoda Enyaq goes on a test drive. The production model will probably be presented at the end of 2020 at the earliest.

The name could hardly be more promising: Enyaq is the name of the new electric SUV that Skoda plans to launch in early 2021. The name refers to the Gaelic word "Enya", which means "source of life". The appended "Q" stands for all SUVs in the Skoda naming logic. On Kodiaq, Karoq and Kamiq. What distinguishes the Enyaq from its brothers: It was the first Skoda to be designed from the ground up as an electric car – and will only be available as such. As a basis, Skoda uses the "modular electrification kit" from the VW Group, on which the VW models ID.3 and ID.4 are also based. The battery sits in the underbody to save space, depending on the model variant, either only the rear wheels or both axles. Christian Strube, Skoda Board Member for Technical Development, says: "The wide range of options offered by the modular electrification kit allows us to offer the perfect Enyaq for a wide variety of requirements and areas of application." The entry-level model with rear-wheel drive, 180 hp and 62 kWh battery capacity (net: 58 kWh). According to the WLTP cycle, up to 380 kilometers are possible.

The larger battery stores a maximum of 82 kWh (net 77 kWh). According to WLTP, a range of up to 500 kilometers is possible with rear-wheel drive and a 204 hp engine.

Also with all-wheel drive

The versions with all-wheel drive are likely to be the most popular in this country, with a second electric motor on the front axle. Two performance levels are planned here, as “80+” it is 265 hp, in the top model “vRS” it should be 306 hp, which should enable acceleration to 100 km /   in six seconds. Skoda promises a range of 465 kilometers for both all-wheel drive versions. In addition to range, charging is of course a central point in an e-car. The Stromer charges with a maximum of 11 kW at AC charging stations, which can be installed at home as a wall box, but are also often found in public places, and is therefore fully charged after six to eight hours. On the way, the Enyaq charges at direct current fast charging stations with a maximum of 125 kW; the battery charges from 10 to 80% in 40 minutes. In an emergency, the Enyaq can of course also be charged at the household socket, but that takes more than 24 hours. With the possibility of fast charging and the considerable range, the Enyaq definitely offers good conditions for convincing over long distances.

Electricity as a new source of life-electricity

12 images

Electricity as a new source of life-source

Electricity as a new source of life-life

Electricity as a new source of life-electricity

Electricity as a new source of life-source

Electricity as a new source of life-source

Electricity as a new source of life-life

Electricity as a new source of life-source

Electricity as a new source of life-life

Electricity as a new source of life-life

Electricity as a new source of life-electricity

Electricity as a new source of life-electricity

First impression

Even if it will probably take around a year until the market launch, Skoda has already invited people to a first test drive in the prototype. The car is still heavily camouflaged inside and out. What is still noticeable: Thanks to the compact electric drive, the space available is very good, both in the front and in the back seat. In terms of dimensions, the E-SUV sits right between the well-known Kodiaq and Karoq models, although inside it feels more like the larger Kodiaq. This is where the advantages of the electric drive, which takes up significantly less space than a conventional combustion engine, become clear.

The electric drive also shows its best side on the road. Even in the prototype status, the Czech SUV impresses with good noise insulation, elastic and spontaneous drive and comfortable suspension. Even if the finishing touches are still missing, the Stromer already looks very mature.

Let there be light

The design of the newest Skoda is already finished – but it will remain a secret until the world premiere towards the end of the year. But one thing is already certain: the Enyaq will fit seamlessly into the Skoda SUV family, but will have a highlight that is intended to point the way to the start of the brand's electric future: the radiator grille can optionally be ordered with large-area LED lighting. Magnificently animated play of light when unlocking and locking included. Otherwise, Skoda does without unnecessary sensationalism. Much more important are pragmatic solutions, even when it comes to charging on the go.

Skoda is still working on the "Powerpass" app, which is intended to give customers access to more than 80% of all charging stations in Europe; billing takes place on a collective invoice. With this, Skoda wants to bring order to the jungle of charging station providers.

From today's perspective, the charging infrastructure is still the only point that could stand in the way of the Czech electric car. But with the rapidly growing range of e-cars, this problem will also be solved quickly. The VW Group alone plans to launch 75 new models based on the MEB over the next nine years! There are also strong competitors such as the Model Y from Tesla, the Mazda MX-30 and the Hyundai Kona.

Skoda Enyaq

Motor: E-drive, Aut. 1 gear

Power: 180-306 HP

Drive: rear, 4 × 4 optional

L×W×H: 4648×1877×1618 mm

0-100 km/h: min. 6.0 sec.

V max: 180 km/h

Range: up to 500 km (WLTP)

Fast Charge: 40min 10-80%

Market launch: Spring 2021

Price: not yet known

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