Electrification offensive takes Aiways to Sweden

Electrification offensive takes Aiways to Sweden-sweden

Aiways has noticeably expanded its presence in recent months. The Chinese start-up, based in Shanghai, is now active in ten European countries. In the future, the company will also sell its own e-vehicles in Sweden in partnership with Andersen Motors. Swedish customers can order the battery-electric Aiways U5 SUV from January 2022.

Andersen Motors is a successful company in the Scandinavian car market and is already responsible for Aiways’ sales and service network in Denmark. Andersen Motors classifies the cooperation as follows: “We are convinced of the great potential of the Aiways U5 SUV in the Swedish market. As in Denmark, public interest in innovative electromobility is also high in Sweden. The current high acceptance of the Aiways U5 SUV promises to become a successful model in Sweden, not least because of its convincing price-performance ratio,” says Andersen Motors CEO Stig Jensen.

Aiways, with steady growth on the continent, is the first Chinese start-up for electric vehicles with sales in Europe. The Battery Electric Aiways U5 SUV is expelled in ten European markets, including Spain and Portugal, and Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. From the beginning of 2022 both the U5 and the U6 SUV Coupe should be available in Europe. Aiways plans to bring a new electrical model to the European market every year after the launch of the Aiways U6 SUV Coupe.

In connection with the launch in Sweden, Dr. Alex Klose, Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations at Aivays, from: “We welcome you to expand our cooperation with Andersen Motors and to conquer our next and hitherto with Swedish market in Europe in Europe. With Sweden joining our European network, we are completing our electric mobility offensive in 2021.Finally, Klose makes it clear that they are working on expanding into other markets: “We will gradually close one or the other gap in the European map.”
Source: Aiways – press release via email

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2 thoughts on “Electrification offensive takes Aiways to Sweden”

  1. Aiways is certainly one of the spearheads of the Chinese BEV manufacturers who will make the leap into the world. The U5 is a great car in its own right, with no ups or downs, it drives well and above all it’s economical, well equipped and relatively inexpensive. What’s particularly impressive or frightening is that he doesn’t have to hide behind the ID.4 but is on par except for the familiar logo.
    It is to be feared that the Chinese will overrun us in the next few years with products that are competitive this time, as they are already good at with all other technical products, and electrical engineering and electronics is their main division. For the burners they were unrivaled, with chips, batteries and control technology they are far ahead.
    Where the local manufacturers are trying to score with 5 meters long and even longer premium ships, it creates the Chinese with attractively equipped consumer vehicles.
    The Koreans needed 20 years, the Chinese will create it within the next 10 years to us when the combustion production is raised again and spend CO2 certificates for Yubari plantings in Burundi to buyers to CO2 balancing.

  2. Aivays had with the U5 already potential. The hardware is well processed and works. However, the software is still far under usable and so slowly, as if I would serve a 10 year old PC. Much of that will not be remembered with a short test drive. The disturbing is in daily everyday life. It’s not much use to conquer other European markets if there are still so many construction sites in the software. And that’s part of the basics. I’ve been driving the U5 for a year and there’s hardly any real progress in terms of software on the part of Aiways. So the U5 won’t be able to stay on the market for long.


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