Electro-car revolution: Tesla boss Elon Musk: “All of our patents belong to you”

Electric car revolution

Tesla boss Elon Musk: "All of our patents belong to you"

Electro-car revolution: Tesla boss Elon Musk: "All of our patents belong to you"-boss

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An unusual step by the US car manufacturer Tesla: The company has handed over all its patents to the public. The reason? The company wants to facilitate the spread of electric car technology. The matter is not that simple.

In an unusual step, the US electric car manufacturer Tesla has handed over all public patents to promote the spread of its technology. "All of our patents belong to you", the Tesla boss Elon Musk wrote in a blog entry on Thursday. The company has "In the spirit of the open source movement" the rights to their patents to facilitate the spread of electrical auto technology. Tesla would not submit any patent law lawsuits if other companies used the technology developed by the company, Musk promised.But that only applies if this is too "good intentions" – This leaves room for interpretation. Armaments companies should not be meant by this, of course producers of electric cars. Tesla has not only developed electric cars, but also the appropriate quick charging stations (superchargers), where Tesla drivers can also recharge their batteries in Germany free of charge in Germany.

Electro-car revolution: Tesla boss Elon Musk: "All of our patents belong to you"-boss
Press Inform Tesla Supercharger on German motorways

Nobody wants to develop electric cars

The Tesla boss continued that at the time the company was founded, they believed that they had to protect their technology from patents from the fact that the large car companies copied them and then used their market power to use Tesla. But the opposite was the case. "We couldn’t have been wrong anymore", wrote Musk. the "unhappy reality" be that the large car companies practically did not develop their own electric cars. The proportion of electric cars is still with "far less than one percent of the total sold vehicles".

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The legal professor Brian Love told the AFP news agency that he had one "very positive reaction" seen on Tesla’s announcement. For a long time there has been a debate for the advantages of patents of smaller companies. However, Love said it was unclear whether Tesla actually gave up his patents or whether the company only promises not to legally pursue users. The California manufacturer is very successful with its electric cars. With the construction of a large battery factory, the company wants to further reduce the production costs and has set itself the goal, in the medium term 500.To produce 000 cars a year.

On the Tesla website, Musk’s blog entry has already been commented on by hundreds of users. Almost all of them congratulate the Tesla boss and express his respect for him. Some also make a comparison to Apple: "This contradicts the offensive patent strategy that other corporations such as Apple use. I would say that Tesla has a much more useful technology that can change the world", So the comment of a user.

Electro-car revolution: Tesla boss Elon Musk: "All of our patents belong to you"-revolution
Cattle man The electric car is waiting for its breakthrough – and it can still last. In the picture the charging socket of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car


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11 thoughts on “Electro-car revolution: Tesla boss Elon Musk: “All of our patents belong to you””

  1. Sad incompetence
    Why does nobody check that?! Oil will go out at some point!!!!!! But until then you can … Why does nobody check that?! Oil will go out at some point!!!!!! But until then you can continue to walk through the area with the combustion engine. Until the liter costs 5-10 €. Then I would like to see how much fun driving is still. But yes, you have to have heard how the money is burned before you. Petrol engines are with an efficiency of approx. 30% inefficient. It’s about improving the technologies.

  2. she
    should take care of the technology more. Your statement is ideologically correct, but technically wrong. And the technology doesn’t matter.

  3. E-cars are dirty slides like any other car
    E-cars are currently only eyewiping. A bunch of special waste and CO2 emitting without end, because where does the most electricity come from? Out of nuclear power and lignite, if one would certainly calculate beyond 99 g/km CO2. And batteries contain subsequent and heavy metals and environmental toxins (acid / lye) and are later recycled by small children in India or Africa, really great technology really environmentally friendly. Has anyone ever seen copper broken down and won. E-cars with the current state of the art are not the solution, on the contrary they cause new unexpected environmental problems.

  4. Nope,
    they are not! I dare to say that you don’t need a badge with an electric car to get into the city centers. There is no need to convert the nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide so that they are in the area of the limit values. By the way, you have the lead-acid battery in your car with combustion engine.

  5. What do I want with an electric sledge?
    Apart from the fact that they are still far too expensive, at least those who don’t look like she had designed a hero -year -old, driving a car is not only from A to B, but it’s about fun but fun. And it is part of the fun that I can hear the motor tubes while accelerating, I want to feel and hear how I destroy the environment. Driving the electric car simply cannot offer this driving experience.

  6. Chicken or egg
    Tesla still lacks petrol stations. It’s like the question of whether the chicken or the egg was there first. Now there are the first cars, but need more electricity petrol stations. I recently drove BMW i3 for a few days and long before Opel ampèra. I always came home with both of them, as a petrol engine loads the battery in an emergency. However, I rarely needed it. I think with Solar Towers (from Germany), which optimally take advantage of the sun and its electricity tank can soon be created the required infrastructure. The Tesla is still in the price segment of medium mercedes and cheap Porsches. But Smart, Citroen, BMW, Renault and others offer far cheaper cars. It is like with the introduction of every technology: First of all, only a few can afford and soon more…

  7. Chapeau!
    A great company! You can tell that the owner is a visionary, a world improver in the good sense. Since my wife and I have two cars and one "mile" In daily short-haul operation (up to 100 km), we will surely buy an electric vehicle at some point, simply because it should also be profitable and the environment protects. Perhaps there is one of Tesla by then, which we can also pay … Otherwise it will be an e-golf (it costs just under 35.000 EUR by list).

  8. Aha.
    "But if you also look at the production of the batteries and the procurement of the raw materials," …. … it will be determined that the electric car is still doing better than a combustion car. Please inform yourself correctly (through studies – not through boulevard newspapers). In addition, the complete procurement and processing route of the gasoline should be taken into account in the combustion car. The effort is enormous.

  9. technology
    Others will certainly benefit from Tesla’s technology, but all of this is still far away from the actual utility value. Example Supercharger: You deliver within approx. 20 minutes half a battery charge, really great. Wait ten minutes and only half "tank" is full? And of course the already tired range has also halved. So what should I bring me an electric car as a frequent driver? High acquisition costs and a small reach plus a lack of charger infrastructure are not quite my thing. There is still a lot in the Argen, even if that "Electric car" yet it may look so great, see BMW i8. Perhaps my grandchildren will still experience that you can drive 900 km with electricity, fill up in 5 minutes and push the next 900 km down.

  10. What does that tell us ?
    You don’t get any further alone, or. have reached one point where the crucial size, i.e. memory, sets the limit again. The electric car with its technology is basically awesome, but the decisive moment is as always with electricity … the memory.

  11. Don’t get any further alone looks different
    Tesla cannot grow and produce as quickly as their cars are bought away. Every second one who makes a test drive buys the car. Anyone who claims that Tesla would have reached a point where they couldn’t get any further shows how little he is informed and how quickly and quickly he presents his prejudices as supposed facts.


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