Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel

Synthetic fuels

Electro is not enough: Now the ADAC also demands the climate fuel

Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel-adac
Porsche Synthetic organic sprit for the Porsche 911 Supercup

Despite billion-dollar electrical funding, the majority of drivers want to stay with the proven gasoline or diesel. That would even be easily compatible with the climate boards-by using the CO2 or CO2-neutral fuels.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. The ADAC has also decided more information to work for the drivers of passenger cars with combustion engines: The club joins the "Efuel Alliance", an interest group that works for the industrial production of synthetic fluid strength and fuels from renewable energies. The aim is the political acceptance and regulative consideration of e-fuel as a significant contribution to sustainable climate protection.

Climate sprit is supposed to add e-car

ADAC technology President Karsten Schulze said: “In order to achieve climate protection goals in traffic, it will be decisive beyond the run-up of electromobility that the car stock can also make a contribution.“In 2030 alone, at least 30 million passenger cars with diesel or otomotor will be traveling in Germany alone. Worldwide, it is 1.4 billion vehicles "that cannot be used CO2-reduced without e-fuel and can be operated in a perspective," added Schulze. The membership of the ADAC in the e-fuel alliance results from this positioning for the ADAC. With over 21 million members, the ADAC is one of the largest organizations in the EU.

Renault Twingo Electric in the test: Hipster -speedess with a fun factor – even without CCS

Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel-calls

Site Renault Twingo Electric in the test: Hipster -speedess with a fun factor – even without CCS

Monika Griefahn, spokeswoman for e-fuel alliance and former Lower Saxony Environment Minister, in the press conference: “I am deeply convinced that the way to the climate-neutral world can only succeed if we take all parts of the economy and society with us.“To achieve climate -neutral individual mobility at the reasonable costs and prices, all available technologies and solutions are needed. Electromobility – according to Griefhahn – is a central component, but not the only solution.

In three weeks, China blows as much CO2 as all EU cars in one year

Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel-climate

Site/Wochit In three weeks, China blows as much CO2 as all EU cars in one year

Electric car 2022 (display)

All electric car and plug-in hybrid models at a glance
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E-fuel does not need a new infrastructure

In areas with lower purchasing power or little infrastructure, vehicles with combustion engines will continue to play a major role. Alternative fuels such as e-fuel offer the advantage that you can use the existing infrastructure such as tankers and petrol stations and be added to the common fuels. As a result, too large price jumps can be avoided at the beginning, since lower quantities only have a lower influence on petrol station prices.
In the long term, according to the alliance, price increases can be avoided if e-fuel in mass at suitable locations, for example in the global sun and wind belt are produced and imported. Climate -neutral mobility is possible without the majority of the population having to do without individual mobility. ADAC Technology President Schulze sees an opportunity to achieve the climate protection goals in the e-fuel without overwhelming the population or disproportionate.

Boris Johnson travels to the climate summit with private jet – despite only 5 hours of train ride

Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel-electro

glomex Boris Johnson travels to the climate summit with private jet – despite only 5 hours of train ride

Now learn more about the future of mobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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14 thoughts on “Electro is not enough! Now the ADAC also calls for the climate fuel”

  1. That’s how it looks…..
    While discussing here whether, when and how something is implemented or canceled, sish … While it is discussed here whether, when and how something is implemented or canceled, the huge kingdom of China is interested in a sch… drum. There would be a great need for our specialists, FFF and experts. Made everything here, and demand consequences are much more relaxed. You have a wide variety of associations and clubs in the background. Quite lying the whole thing…..

  2. E cars
    Will not be the future in Germany. Germany does not want to get out of the burner by 2030. There are further burners. Germany will never say goodbye to petrol diesel because why the cow battles that can be milked for many years.

  3. E-fuel are a Fata Morgana
    To be too good to be true. Combined can continue to drive, climate-neutral with green electric fuel. The new vision of the V-Retten-Woller. E-fuel production is in its infancy. The necessary systems in "Sonnenessen" are not even available in the beginning – D. It would be 10 J. & more take until e-fuel would even be available in significant quantities. Climate policy too late. However, the absolute co-criterion is electricity from EE for the process steps H2 electrolysis, CO2 separation from the air, "marriage" of both to e-methanol (transport to D & to the refueling outside). Green current requirement for production e-fuel: approx. 1.000 TWh for 50 million. Car in D., ca. 25.000 TWh for 1.5 billion. worldwide. TWH electricity from EE 2020: 250 in D, 7.000 global. Who has such visions ..

  4. E-fuel
    Mr. KOpnick, you are probably not properly informed. E-fuel production is no longer in its infancy! If you stopped the insane e-car funding, this money could produce e-fuel in large quantities. What it fails is the electricity from the non-existent EE systems! You have already recognized that very well that we lack this EE-Strom, but what

  5. E-mobility
    Works reasonably only with small and light cars that can be operated with existing infrastructure. Such cars as they are built today are a wrong way. If you continue to build large and powerful cars, then you should choose a different type of drive for these cars. E-mobility will not work with large quantities of the currently produced vehicles because a complicated infrastructure must first be created where charging columns are only a small part of it. The big changes must pass underground or in the generation of electricity. E-mobility and its implementation are currently a political joke that is kept only by meaningful subsidies.

  6. Rainer Roth
    That with the "complicated" Infrastructure is not a problem. the "Light form" Elon Musk does it and without visions or Fata Morgana, ask the local pension officials when they are helped…

  7. E-fuel important best part of the strategy
    E-fuel is essential to reduce CO2 emissions of private transport. If you consider that X million vehicles of the current inventory in the overall balance with significantly reduced CO2 emissions can be operated overnight. However, the current concept is largely produced in South America and then with super tankers – which are operated with heavy oil? – to convey to Europe a little too short. These must be produced here. How do you want the required energy on top for the required energy for electromobility, heat pumps, etc. provide? This will not be possible only with wind and solar energy … Electrical energy is the basis of our future prosperity.

  8. @Feddermann
    Absolute approval. However, before an increase of 10x – 20x at the current status, we do not need to think about whether it would make sense to produce any significant amounts of ivels that mean at least the 5x energy expenditure per km. Before 2040 this will hardly occur and therefore never be relevant. Nobody wants to drive these stinking knuckle books at the time.

  9. Good morning, dear ADAC,
    Finally woke up to recognize what is possible, possible or challenged. Millions of members were surely interviewed and taken into account?! Learns – soon!

  10. E-fuel pure to Superethanol E85 Incl. 15% e-gasoline
    The problem already starts with the long-lasting fire engine cars that run with Otto engine petrol engine. About half of the cars in the country consume 2/3 of the fuel because they are big and/or have high annual mileage. There we have to quickly establish BEV or hydrogen. For the other half, i.e. rather smaller cars and private owners, we can easily get around the rounds with alternatives, climate -neutral fuels. In addition, it would be easy to advance all ottomotors for E10 to E85, so that they would still be climate -neutral as old vehicles in the next decade. The Federal Constitutional Court wants to see exactly such measures, d.H. drag as few permanent problems as possible into the next decade.

  11. Too late !
    The new fan club of the e-cars is now relativized ?! Clearly too late for me and ultimately also rather hypocritical. I quit everything and I am certainly not the only one !

  12. New like the Internet in Germany
    Potato sprit, Aspen, LPG. But no you have to get the electric car out of the drawer again in the country where electricity is most expensive worldwide.

  13. Finally the ADAC too
    But that was also time, you cannot replace all the combustion engine with electric cars … If the environment is important to you, there must be an alternative to CO2 neutral fuel for the large number of combustion engines. This is the only way to reduce CO2 in our air. Electricity from coal does not help. Thank you adac everything else is just populist.

  14. Retine many cars economically alternatively
    It would be easy to interpret even small cars for a lifespan for 15-20 years, which is at 8-10.000km/a then 120 – 200.000km mileage means. Fue BEV are long -lasting products and low annual driving performance rather bad. Anyone who calls the ban on burns is foreign to the world and ideologically blinded.


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