Electromobility: until 2023 are 100.000 electric cars from Poland

Electromobility: until 2023 are 100.000 electric cars from Poland-electromobility

Electromobility, a Polish company that can count on state participation will invest up to 466 million euros in the production of e-cars. Currently, up to 17 possible locations are in conversation, said the company boss of Electromobility Poland, Piotr Zaremba, the Polish news agency PAP. For the construction of the factory system one expects up to three years.

Accordingly, the “mass production of Polish electric cars start at the end of 2022 or early 2023”, so Zaremba continue. First, the work will be around 100.Manufacture 000 cars per year, later 200.000. With the new project, around 3.000 jobs are created in Poland. Is it according to the Polish electric car manufacturer, the components of their own vehicles are also for the most part from Poland. So much of the partners will be Polish, this gave Zaremba to understand the agency.

The development of electromobility is part of a long-term Polish growth strategy. Thus, around 2025, around one million electric cars on poland rushes should drive. Electromobility was founded by four Polish energy companies – ENEA, ENERGA, PGE and TAURON – in which the government has a significant share. Except for this announcement, Poland is currently more likely covered in terms of e-mobility.

At the beginning of January, only known that Mercedes-Benz, in the course of its electric car offensive, builds a battery factory on the Polish JUDOR location. Furthermore, it is known that Toyota produces its hybrid gears in Poland. These hybrid transmissions are then used primarily in the new Toyota Corolla Hybrid and in the Toyota C-HR Hybrid. Certainly contributes to the plan Toyotas that every second car should be electrified by 2030.

In the fall of 2016, the Varsovia Motor Company has a concept e-car from Poland, which is located in the luxury segment, presents. Beyond a first proper impression, you have not heard from the E-car..
Source: Automobile Week – until 2023 in Poland: Electromobility wants mass production of e-cars

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