Elegen El1: fully electric rally icon for the street in small series

Elegen El1: fully electric rally icon for the street in small series-elegen

E-motorists who are looking for something special, elegantly surveys at the EL1. Assuming that the necessary change is available. Because for the EL1, which will be manufactured and undertaken from 2022 in small series of 30 units by hand, become 890 per vehicle.000 Euro due, plus. VAT. Also planned is that two more icons follow on the rally icon. Also strongly limited.

With the pattern type approval for the first series, the prototype development of this vehicle has begun. As the company is running behind it, the rally icon is completely recreated. Visually, the only 4.15 meters short El1 with its proportions and the mighty wheel arches to the Audi Sport Quattro S1. Technically, the newly founded manufactory entirely goes completely new ways.

Elegen El1: fully electric rally icon for the street in small series-rallyElegant

This shows the fact that on the long hood a suggested hut with three cooling slots dominates. Among them is a deep-ducking front with a wide front spoiler and a black, internal mask. A low and compact greenhouse, short overhangs and wide wheelhouses cite the reinterpretation of the rally icon. For this purpose, 19-inch wheels in front and 20-inch wheels rear the wheel arches clean clean. At the rear, a continuous, thin LED luminaire tape dominates, with a minimalist rear wing on the tailgate. This causes the classic to be minimalist, but especially massively acting on the street.

“With the EL1, we liven up future automobiles, but focus on the future in the future – in design, technology and workmanship. In addition to the unique design, we rely on a state-of-the-art and perfectly coordinated monocoque, including chassis. So we can also produce high-quality, high quality and individual vehicles in a small series.”- Marcus Wallinger, Executive Board of Elegend AG

The chassis of the Stromer was developed exclusively. In this case, the manufactory relies on a newly developed carbon monocoque. “In addition to good package and high rigidity, this also promises a low center of gravity and excellent driving behavior,” such as Gunther Riedl, Managing Director of Roding Automobile GmbH and responsible for the technique at Elegend AG, to understand.

Elegen El1: fully electric rally icon for the street in small series-iconElegant

This also loses a few words about the technical data of the streamer. So the EL1 is driven by a four-wheel drive. There are three electric motors with a front 150 kW and rear each 225 kW power, the total power is limited to 600 kW / 816 hp electronically. From the stand sprints the EL1 in about 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h, until 200 km / h offenses after start 8.5 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically limited at 300 km / h.

Its energy relates the electric car from a 90 kWh battery, which can be loaded over 300 kW-DC function quickly. For at home or on work, a 22 kW AC / DC onboard charging current transducer is installed. The cells of the battery are located in the center tunnel and behind the first row of seats arranged as a T. This brings the advantage of a deep seating position and a low center of gravity. The two driving programs are standard and sports are available for the trip. The performance chassis can vary in three different levels, a chassis lift system offers elegantly optional.

Elegen El1: fully electric rally icon for the street in small series-iconElegant

However, the manufactory also causes the two-seater to escape performance, performance and design, but also presents itself comfortable in the interior. A modern high-end infotainment system including Bluetooth interface, navigation and multimedia feature also ensures comfort such as air conditioning, reversing camera, parking sensors and electric windows. For high-quality optics and noble feel, individual components come from vision carbon and an exclusive elegant wheelset. A trunk in the front and in the stern takes luggage on.

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