Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again

Auto Insider: BMW i7

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again-elektro-7er
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Competitor for Tesla ‘Model S and Mecedes EQs: The new BMW 7er also comes as a purely electrical i7

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It should be ready on April’s car in April: The new BMW 7 Series celebrates its world premiere and wants to set the new scale in the luxury class. And the electrical version of the i7 should also be unveiled this year. Site has the first information.

If you are traveling on Munich streets, you can hardly miss the new BMW 7er in the northern districts. Here the still camouflaged prototypes of the G70 prototypes are still camouflaged into the increasingly gigantic company premises here and get the last technical finish in the Fiz development center.

BMW 7er is still coming in 2022

Rather, you have to be careful that it is not the little brother BMW 5 Series / i5, because its new 2024 version is not only making its rounds on Bavarian roads. While there is still some air in the development cycle, the new seven BMW looks different, because despite the continuing chip crisis, it should come to the first customers at the end of 2022.

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again-again
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design In 2023 the new BMW 5 comes

Unlike Mercedes, which put the still young S-Class the independent electric model EQS at the side, Bayern go a different way. The new BMW 7 Series can not only be obtained as a petrol engine and diesel, but also as a plug-in hybrid and electrical version i7 in numerous performance levels on a new multi-platform that can process all drive types.

BMW offers all drive types in a model

With the look of the new top model, there seems to be a big break again. After the Munich team has already provided a lot of conversation with the design of front kidney and the Sport SUV BMW XM, the new 7 Series also breaks with well-known design conventions. If the last two generations F01 / F02 (from 2008) and G11 / G 12 (from 2015) were able to make the overly polarizing design of the little filigree whale E65 (2001 to 2008) forgot, new design roof threatens, because the less and less expectant camouflage foils can hardly cover that the front view according to the BMW XM is likely to cause new discussions again.

Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again-elektro-7er

Site Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

It threatens a design-aftermaking

The BMW fans can look forward to a completely redesigned interior. Only recently did BMW present the comfort with a new large screen at the CES computer fair in Las Vegas, which folds out of the roof.

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again-likely
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design BMW lifts the 3 for 2022

At the market launch at the end of this year, the coming seven will be available with various six and eight-cylinder engines as before. Apart from a basic variant for China, four -cylinder is not given a chance as well as the particularly imaginative twelve -cylinder, which formerly fueled the 760. While the 6.6 liter V12 engine is offered unchanged in various Rolls-Royce versions, the new BMW exhilaration must be used to use the image-prone combustion chamber.

There is another new V8

Although the current eight-cylinder with its 530 hp in connection with the well-known ZF Empire automatic automatic system is currently the measure of the drive matters in the luxury segment, there will be a completely newly developed V8 with charge in the medium term. For the first time, probably as a Powerhybrid called BMW M7, which, like in the new luxury SUV of the BMW XM, could do more than 700 hp and thus hunt for the new Mercedes AMG EQS 53. The electrical range of the various plug-in hybrids with six and eight cylinders will be over 100 kilometers and the drive portfolio will represent a spectrum between 250 and almost 750 hp.

i7: This can be the electrical 7

Most of the variants of the new seven and thus the electrical i7 will have all -wheel drive as standard. The different i7 versions not only offer driver assistance level three, but also services between 350 and also over 700 hp. The most powerful variant of the new seven series could therefore be an electric model, the hunt for models such as Lucid, Nio and Co. The standard consumption of the current i7 prototypes is less than 20 kWh / 100 kilometers. The range: Depending on the battery performance selected, between 500 and 700 kilometers.

Electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the BMW i7 come from the fifth generation of BMW electrical engineering, which is already installed in the BMW IX. At extreme minus temperatures in the north of Sweden, the engine, the battery and the temperature of the high -voltage battery of the BMW i7 demonstrate their maturity degree.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again-elektro-7er

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

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15 thoughts on “Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again”

  1. BMW design
    What has only become of BMW ﹰ. All new models exceed the predecessors in ugliness. … If BMW believes that these ugly cucumbers meet the Chinese taste, then those responsible should also be clear that European customers will not be on this lousy flavor level. Or does Europe no longer play a role in selling BMW ﹰ?

  2. At long last
    A vehicle that appears outdated from today’s point of view. The size alone is no longer up to date. You should concentrate on smaller, lighter vehicles that no longer consume as much energy.

  3. The car is in design,
    geared towards the target markets of China and the USA. Of the current 7 Series, only 5% go into the local market and here almost completely into business use on the long distance. Even if I personally do not like the big kidneys, the production will quickly be sold out, see BMW IX. BMW is currently doing everything right, hiring many people in Germany in Germany, where is the problem? Incidentally, BMW has been building e vehicles in a series (I 3) with a design that still set standards.

  4. Ophthalmologist?
    Uff, but someone as a BMW fanboy let out one. Clear BMW the revolutionary in terms of e-mobility. With them the earth is a disc and you don’t look over the borders of Germany. Dream on, read something other than the German media. BMW is the first company to go under. And that would not be bad, but good for us.

  5. 12 cylinders ?
    The length of the bonnet indicates a huge motorization: probably a 12-cylinder e-engine? Or why does the engine compartment and the fake cooler have to be so huge for an electric vehicle? This room is usually not necessary for the battery packages, because they are usually installed in the underbody. Well, the water tank for the windscreen washer and the air conditioning must probably be brought up there. But you need 2 QBM for this? In my view, the waste of space is. It’s a shame that BMW still hasn’t understood that an electric car may look futuristic. It no longer has to look like a combustion engine with a huge machine. No e-car driver expects that.

  6. That’s not true.
    BMW builds the car as an e-version and combustion engine, so you need space accordingly. BMW in particular is a manufacturer of the very futuristically styled car, as the i3, the i8 prove the i8. Otherwise, where it is written how an electric car has to look? There are enough people who want the usual design, regardless of the type of drive. BMW also serves this. Success provides them with right.

  7. A ….
    Elektro-7er from BMW: The design is likely to split fans again – …Visually towards Rolls showing BMW with a car for a car, totally unnecessary giant kidney?

  8. Fruits of the cooperation
    A successful reinterpretation of the GWM ORA IQ! Looks like the Chinese are the last emergency tanker for our old tankers.

  9. Is that really that, Mr. KOpnick?
    For this, the company, like BMW, is not sustainable in their view, do pretty good businesses. BMW is also not Nokia because the long since started building the corresponding vehicles and there is much more. Keyword: circular. Tesla should keep up first. Because of impending fate. BMW already has it under control. Probably difficult to understand with your career.

  10. Fruits of the cooperation
    Yes a great reinterpretation of the GWM ORA IQ. Again, China is a lot ahead of China. Such cooperation is probably the last lifeline for our tankers.

  11. Next rough "test"
    Many will follow so that the manufacturers always stay present in the media, omnipresent is always only a drive what a nonsense. You can choose something between diesel, gasoline and hybrid, and now almost only an electric drive? Manufacturers mutate more and more into a game ball of the political decisions for the purpose of the climate, which is personally very frightening. Everyone wants a piece of this "E-cake" Hit, the cake is the same, the pieces will be smaller. If the manufacturers had slowly switched to hybrids and not the people surprise with this technique that is in their infancy and each individual driver is a test object. If you have false goals, you will make false decisions. BMW, that was once….

  12. Okay understand, Mr. Nabenteuer
    Although one has to say fairly that the vehicles at Tesla look much more similar over the entire product range than is the case with BMW, an i8, five or Z4 do not look right away.

  13. beauty…..
    ….lies in the eye of the beholder. With us that would be nothing. Since the box was designed for the Chinese/Asians….It probably already fits. The upper -class cars are probably nothing for the normal sitelese, at least as a new car. As always, the question is, what do you do with them after about 10 years ? By the way: Comparing an E-7 BMW or EQS class with a Model S does not fit! If they would like to, but nothing will…..

  14. Is correct
    I totally agree. A Tesla Model S is not comparable in the approach with S-Class or 7 Series. These are completely different worlds. Because a car consists of much more than just the drive unit. Especially in the luxury segment. And just doesn’t make Tesla a stitch.

  15. The design
    We don’t care, the car is built in China for Chinese and when you pinch your eyes together you can no longer see it exactly!!!!


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