Elektro-Audi for the Dakar Rally: The desert calls

Elektro-Audi for the Dakar Rally: The desert calls-desert

Just a year after the first concept idea, Audi Sport has begun testing the new Audi RS Q e-Tron. This is from a communication of the company. In January 2022, Ingolstadters want to place the Rally Dakar in January 2022 – still one of the biggest challenges, in motorsport.

The first car manufacturer Audi wants to fight for the overall victory with an electrified drive against conventionally powered competitors. Audi Motorsport Chef Julius Seebach is confident. “The quattro was a gamechanger for the rally world championship. Audi was the first brand that has won at the 24-hour Le Mans with an electrified drive. Now we want to inject a new era at the Rally Dakar.”

The characteristics of the Rally Dakar introduces the engineers to special challenges. The desert marathon goes over two weeks, the daily stages are up to 800 kilometers long. “That’s a very long distance,” says Andreas Roos, responsible for the Dakar project at Audi Sport. “What we try, nobody has tried. For an electric drive this is the ultimate challenge.”

Because there is no charging columns in the desert, Audi has chosen a special charging concept according to own information: On board the Audi RS Q e-tron is the TFSI engine from the DTM. He is part of an energy converter that charges the high-voltage battery while driving. Since the internal combustion engine is operated in the particularly efficient speed range between 4500 and 6000 revolutions per minute, the specific consumption was clearly under 200 grams per kWh, it says.

At the front and rear axle of the Audi RS q E-TRON sits a motor generator unit each. An identical third serves to recharge the high-voltage battery during the journey. In addition, energy is recuperated during braking. The battery – a self-development of Audi – weighs about 370 kilos and has a capacity of around 50 kWh.

“When driving, we have already achieved a system efficiency of more than 97 percent in Formula E,” says Motorsport development leader Stefan Dreyer. “There is not much scope anymore.”But it looks different from battery and energy management. These findings would incorporate in future production models. The maximum system performance of the E-drive is 500 kW. How much of this may be retrieved in the Rally Dakar, the organizer is still fixed.

According to Audi, the RS q E-Tron comes out with a forward gear. Front and rear axles are usually not mechanically connected with each other with e-cars. A software developed by Audi takes over the torque distribution between the axes and thus generates a virtual, freely configurable middle differential. Weight and space requirements of mechanical components are omitted.

Optically, the Audi RS Q e-Tron also distinguishes significantly from conventionally powered Dakar prototypes. The car rolled in Neuburg at the beginning of July for the first time. By the end of the year, an intense test program and first missions in marathon rallies are on the program. The commitment to the Rally Dakar then takes place together with Q Motorsport.

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  1. If this is still an electric car when it has a “TFSI motor from the DTM” on board, whatever meaning?
    I do not explain to me to create electricity with an internal combustion engine and drive an electric motor to graze through the desert. If it would not be more energy efficient to drive the internal combustion engine right away or let the Firefanz all in times of climate change?

  2. The idea is really going to be sent to the desert ..
    And correctly titled: “A hybrid audi … etc.”Such a Schmarrn.. &# 128577;

  3. Optionally, Audi could call all citizens all the aerier which runs around with their own feet to tramble and cry out our forests.
    What makes Audi there is the blindly destruction of the last natural habitats of this world, only for the fun of VW Group managers.
    200g fuel for 1 kWh of electricity is a hohn and no progress through technology.
    Audi, Audi, you want to destroy the world with power.

  4. I’ve learned “burned” when reading the article How to Loosen the Batteries, or if you start with a big battery sufficient for a day stage. And then the TFSI engine came into the game.
    My chip level fell to 0 and I did not want to read more.
    After all, the battery has 50kWh, so that you can drive about an hour pure power beams.
    It would be interesting to learn how much petroleum products are consumed less compared to the other vehicles and whether the maintenance intensity I do. has changed a pure combustion.


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