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Explosive survey questions strategies: This is how car managers really think about electromobility

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Next eV China gives fabric at the electric car

The electric car needs a good infrastructure. They don’t exist everywhere worldwide. The chances of the Stromer are seen accordingly. A new survey reveals a explosive result. Now follows the return to the combustion engine?

Problems with the charging infrastructure are the largest brake shoe for the electrification of road traffic. Especially in the emerging countries, car ceremonies rule skepticism about the future viability of the electric car, as can be seen from a survey by the KPMG consulting agency.Accordingly, those responsible in India and Southeast Asia believe that the battery-operated e-mobile will ultimately fail because of infrastructure problems. In South America and Eastern Europe, 62 percent of the decision -makers surveyed are of this view.

China leads the electric field

The industrial representatives in China are much more optimistic: there only 34 percent believe in insurmountable problems in the infrastructure. In the Middle Kingdom, electromobility is currently strongly promoted by the state, also by the expansion of the charging network. The managers in Western Europe are noticeably skeptical, 50 percent of which fear the socket density of the socket density. 29 percent are the opposite opinion, 21 percent undecided.

Role model for Germany? The largest car market in the world whips electric cars through

Elektro -Auto KPMG survey-auto

Site/Wochit Role model for Germany? The largest car market in the world whips electric cars through

While the Chinese position is clear – the Chinese want to make mass mobility possible by switching to the electric car on the one hand without further environmental impact on the cities and on the other hand the established auto industry is technologically overtaking – the result for Western European car managers is explosive. Because practically all manufacturers, including BMW and Volkswagen, are just investing billions in electromobility.Investments and group redesign are so massive among companies like Volkswagen that reversal appears hardly possible.

EU card shows bitter truth: only rich countries can afford electric cars

Elektro -Auto KPMG survey-survey

Site/Wochit EU card shows bitter truth: only rich countries can afford electric cars

The fact is that the corporations need the electric car in its present form, which is only limited in everyday life, especially for two reasons:

  • According to the EU climate goals, manufacturers have to sell a certain number of electricians if they do not want to risk billions in the EU’s billions .
  • The Chinese car market remains the most important and largest in the world for the foreseeable future, so all manufacturers who work there have to offer electric cars – and even meet state -defined odds.
  • Rather abstract, because the planned combustion engine bans (around 2040 in France and Great Britain) also promote the electrical trend far in the future.

Elektro -Auto KPMG survey-kpmg
Volkswagen VW strategy by 2030: The Wolfsburgers prepare the electrical turnaround

There will be no reversal to the burner

However, from the skepticism of many car managers, one cannot read that there should be a nationwide strategy reversal-because for the next two to three years the manufacturers expect considerable progress in battery technology and through scales also at the costs of E -Cars. But what is quite conceivable is a stronger grant to the fuel cell as a counter-pole to the purely battery-dependent electromo pattern. This shows, for example, Japan, where you want to give the fuel cell (and thus the energy source hydrogen) priority . Advantage of the fuel cell: refueling only takes a few minutes, the cars drive electrically locally emission-free, have high ranges and only need small batteries as a buffer battery. Disadvantages are the necessary hydrogen infrastructure as well as a space-based and expensive technology package in the car.

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

The German auto industry does not want you to buy this SUV

Elektro -Auto KPMG survey-arrange test drive your desired

Site The German auto industry does not want you to buy this SUV

Now learn more about the future of mobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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17 thoughts on “Elektro -Auto KPMG survey”

  1. What encourages us
    We encourage us that even China, according to current reports, has its e-car production back … moves……

  2. Encouragement?
    My search engine doesn’t even provide an interpretable indication of such an assertion. Would also be absurd. Since I don’t know a car company China, they certainly mean the state of China, and it has specified an ambitious electric car quote for all manufacturers. If you want to prohibit it back. Google about current messages "Booming Electric-Vehicle Sales" and China.

  3. When the consumer has the floor …
    … Do not have a chance of hydrogen cars. Just from the costs. Only the fuel cell costs 45.000 €, a whole Toyota Mirai good 80.000 euros and the price is strongly subsidized. For 100 km you need 1 kg of hydrogen, costs z.Z. 9.50 €. E-cars are constantly being placed as too expensive and then H2 cars are challenged that are much more expensive to buy and operate. Very unbelievable.

  4. The break through
    In the redesign of mobility, it is not on the engine but on the tank ! Even with double (more effective!) Range will not be the battery, because capacity also wants to be invited and that will be the next (temporal) sticking point, it is not much faster without considerable effort. The race would make a fuel cell with liquid fuel (methanol?) works, the previous infrastructure of the liquid tank can be used and placed where the combustion engine is sitting today! The electric motors themselves are only an insignificant secondary location.

  5. E-motors secondary scene?
    Then why there are already over 2 million electric cars worldwide and thousands are added every day, while the number of fuel cell cars at approx. 1000 and only 10 grows every day. Why said Daimler in 1998, from 2005 there will be 100 annually.000 H2-Mercedes roll off the assembly line and nobody rolls to this day, but the first e-cars? Where is the main and secondary location?

  6. A return to the burner can
    don’t give at all because you have not yet arrived in e-mobility!!! You will never get there because it doesn’t work at all. Neither the power supply network nor the battery capacities are approximately available. Fairy tales are served on the scientifically more inexperienced Germans, and the political actors remain guilty of explaining how far the advertised new is, or. when it should be operational nationwide! How should the security of supply should be guaranteed in the face of increasing random sources? But if you only believe very precisely, then the sun in Germany also seems at night. Rather in D. Modified gravitational and induction law to revise the term "irreversible". That is that

  7. No arrival in e-mobility
    Over 2 million electric cars worldwide, high growth rates every year, dozens of new e-models before the market launch, billion dollar investments of all car manufacturers in E! And they say beforehand that you will never arrive in e-mobility. Very daring, but brave. PS: Gravitational & Induction Act are not changed in Germany, there is nothing in the Groko result paper.

  8. Explosive humbug
    It does not depend on what auto-managers supposedly think, but what they actually do, namely invest billions in e-mobility and bring electric cars onto the market, while with the exception of Toyota hardly any funds flow into fuel cell technology. 2 million are now running worldwide. E-cars and 350 fuel cell cars. Everything suggests that e-cars continue to increase exponentially, not for a significant increase in fuel cell cars. The latter are much too inefficient (twice as much more electricity than with battery cars) and problematic (infrastructure far too expensive, diffusion, explosion risk).

  9. Herbert KOpnick
    Apparently they are not aware that there are around 1.5 billion cars worldwide that are carried out conventionally. Your 2 million cars take off your mind.

  10. What happens in other countries doesn’t matter
    In Germany there is an excess of electricity. Even if the few remaining nuclear power plants are switched off, there are enough electricity here. Most electric cars are loaded at night anyway. Then there is enough electricity because the commercial consumers are largely switched off. The day will come that the new car is only allowed to emit 0g pollutants. Then there are only burners with the old cars. There will probably be 2 engines like today with petrol and diesel. Once the electric drive and the fuel cell for people who are in a hurry.

  11. That cannot work
    We are currently switching off all nuclear power plants, next to the coal-fired power plants on the collar and now the combustion engines are also to be abolished and the republic will be switched to electric drives? This does not work at all, the remaining electricity will hardly be sufficient for the consumers that are now available due to the power plant shutdown, there are no capacities for additional cars at all.

  12. It can not work?
    Do you know how much more electricity is needed for 1 million electric vehicles? 0.6%. Make 6 % more for Adam Riese for 10 million e-cars (earlier 2030) if all 40 million cars are changed (at the earliest 2050) 24 %. Would be feasible. Although there should be no more 40 million cars in 2050, since autonomous cars in combination with car sharing will greatly reduce the number of cars – say. Studies.

  13. The electric car should mainly because of
    the very narrow interdependencies of the energy suppliers with the parties are introduced. So politics should save its friends from the energriconcards before bankruptcy. Finally, the following are the last deadly money machine, i.e. the nuclear power plants, and the whole numbers. And they must not go bankrupt for the next 100 years. As long as it takes to remove the nuclear waste. Even in this unfortunate nuclear thing, the energy companies were supported by the articles and politics at the time. A normal person must not even open a french fries if he doesn’t know where to dispose of the trash. So if you get nuclear power plants approved, you also manage to have electric cars introduced, no matter how unreasonable it may be.

  14. Fail?
    The argument that electromobility would fail to ensure that there is not enough charging capacity available is reminiscent of the predictions in the press 120 years ago. At that time it was certain that the horse carriage would assert itself in the long term because the pharmacies are unable to provide enough gasoline. Hydrogen technology is electric cars with an intermediate carrier. This technology will not be able to prevail in the long term through handling effort, converter loss, real costs and progress in battery technology. The industry is still very well ahead in many moving parts, even in the heads. But the days are counted.

  15. Yes yes 120 years ago
    The future would be the future! But even then held a few years before it disappeared from the scene for most users completely impractical form of locomotion from the scene! This is only about the energy suppliers how a previous speaker has already correctly recognized! These boxes are a flop anyway! Toys for the Carsharing Hipster in the city…

  16. And where does the electricity come from?
    Apparently nobody has calculated where the electricity should come from if all today’s vehicles in Germany or. all over Europe should work with electricity. Without the construction of coal/gas or even nuclear power plants, this will not work. Only with solar cells and wind turbines does the performance do not come about, which – in addition, as a suction. "Top load – all electric cars need when they are infected for shop in the evening. In addition, the raw materials (lithium for batteries, copper etc.) limited and not infinite and unlike gas or petrol/diesel "electricity" also not stored for long or transported individually as required.

  17. @Albert Stitz
    They embezzle that at 8l/100km only Max. The energy of 2L needs to move your car. You blow the rest as waste heat through the exhaust.


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