Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van

FOX E-Mobility Mia 2.0

Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van

Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-flopped-and
Fox e-mobility FOX E-Mobility Mia 2.0

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

The first attempt to bring an electric microbus with an electric drive to Europe’s roads with the Mia CityCar failed. Now the project is venturing under the new FOX E-Mobility brand-with better framework conditions.

This time everything should be different. When the former Volkswagen designer Murat Gunak, together with some investors, introduced an electric three-seater named Mia in 2010, some shouted and shook their heads. The idea was smart, the design brave and the price was cheap. But Mia flopped and disappeared from the scene again after just 1600 vehicles produced in 2014. Around 1200 electrical city speedsters still jet through France today. No wonder: the three -seater was produced at the body specialist Heuliez.

Elektro-van Mia 2.0 should come onto the market in 2023

In two years the new Mia 2.0 come to the international markets and benefit from the electric tailwind, stately buying subsidies and an unchanged concept from which those responsible for FOX e-mobility are more convincing than ever. Mia 2.0, first of all, the company FOX E-Mobility based in Munich. "Our new company emerged from a so -called ‘Reverse Merger’ of the Fox Automotive Switzerland and Catinum AG at the end of last year and has also been listed on the Dusseldorf stock exchange," explains CEO Philippe Perret, "by introducing the Fox Automotive Switzerland AG in Fox E-Mobility AG was created."

Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-elektro
Fox e-mobility FOX E-Mobility Mia 2.0

The vehicle itself is completely new and yet more modern than ten years ago. The Mia is a Microvan with short overhangs, long wheelbase and two sliding doors. As a – to three -seater private and commercial customers, he should not only lure it with his electric drive, but also his efficient use of space. In front there is only one single seat with a tax stand for the driver, behind it there is space for two or three other occupants, while the entry and exit, as with the first attempt by the MIA mobile, takes over two sliding doors over two sliding doors. In addition to the pure car variant, a version for commercial use is set, which should be interesting for delivery services.

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Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-second

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Mini van or mini transporter

In its second generation is the Mia 2.0 not only more modern, but also gracious. This not only ensures the LED light units at the front and back, but on request a second tone paint that is reminiscent of the Smart Fortwo Tridion Security Cell. The ranges of the electric model are between 200 and 400 kilometers depending on the battery size. The base price: 16.000 euros. Minus the respective subsidies could.0 even under 10.Slide 000 euro border and, last but not least, score with low maintenance costs.

Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-startup
Fox e-mobility FOX E-Mobility Mia 2.0

Already in his first year of production, a five -digit number of the electrical flash is to run off the assembly line for a manufacturing partner that has not yet been defined such as Magna, Valmet or Nedcar. The plans for the years later are even greater. And if it should not be successful despite the extensive planning – 95 percent of the vehicle are recyclable. Brand CEO Philippe Perret recently announced that I Inobat has found a partner for battery supply. Inobat is said to be Fox E-Mobility and the MIA 2.Supply 0 to 2030 with battery packages.

Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-flopped-and
Fox e-mobility FOX E-Mobility Mia 2.0

Sale only via the Internet

Like other start-ups in the car industry, FOX wants to do without the classic dealer sales in its new MIA new edition and rely solely on online sales. Only some local bases should provide image and contact, while maintenance should take over an existing infrastructure. If the electric Mia has to go to service, a detour to the Bosch service or the ATU shops would be conceivable, for example. The conversations for this are in full swing. Maintenance should make the complete networking of the MIA, which receives updates by data transfer (over the air) and thus also transfers its diagnostic data to the workshop operation, which is not only responsible for the appointments, but can also pre-order the parts. At the heart of interest should be the European market, whereby a licensing business is planned for non-European countries. In addition, those responsible for FOX E-Mobility also promise income from CO2 cereals that are sold to other manufacturers.

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Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van-dares

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Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

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10 thoughts on “Elektro startup flopped-and dares the second attempt with this micro-van”

  1. Wrong
    In my eyes, the car is a wrong way, it is neither environmentally friendly nor economic. … Just because politics in its limited foresight sees nothing else it doesn’t have to be good. The immense resource consumption alone is devastated by the entire region, cannot be environmentally friendly. We won’t take part in this step.

  2. And if…
    ..If you put the car on the side, you will find the flap on the floor, where the four mignon cells come in and the switch.

  3. Always the same
    First of all, such constructions are advertising on your own behalf, secondly, it is more minimally a study, thirdly these are prices of a used upper fund. Of course there are a couple who get such a vehicle, but honestly, if you look for the hair in the soup in the haystack, you can also see a few cars that are also approved. But you can talk nicely when you are fixed. Nothing my thing, won’t connect me to the e-madness, I’m not a puppet of a policy in a balloon, Andre are on it

  4. Looks ..
    …nicely. The right concept for the city. To bring the children to school -instead in SUV, for delivery services, craftsmen enough space, everything possible. If the price is still right, such a vehicle could be good as a second car, just practical.

  5. Such vehicles
    In my eyes are the future of e-mobility, although there is still room for improvement.B. Changing batteries. In principle, such vehicles flop only for one reason. As long as the car is seen as a status symbol by a large part of the drivers, performance, size, equipment and acceleration values are more important than practical, it does not work with such concepts. Customers do not want cheap, small, practical cars. Before you are successful with such concepts, the relationship with the car must change and above all the overall concept of e-mobility from the Beta stage. The way this is currently going, it won’t work with e-mobility. Things are currently only bought because of the subsidies.

  6. That’s human
    You’d better rely on the tried and tested. Change this behavior is very difficult. Seen a little miracle that Tesla made so far. It cannot be due to the absolute superiority of the products. It is probably the urge to bend and break differently than the mass. What is of course completely okay, so something is created.

  7. understood !
    Amazing where all the startups come from the E_KFZ area. However, mostly (always) the same story. With a lot of press this will "ultimate" Product presented, everyone is enthusiastic…..and then ? Unfortunately the customer does not participate and the sale does not go through the ceiling. So it will probably be with the 2. Attempt this "Cordless box" go out. No problem – they are recyclable….Except for the battery……

  8. Flop too..
    … I can already say. You can leave the thing because you don’t find enough customers for something like that. A smart looks better and doesn’t sell well. I wonder how it can be that again and again which such vehicles could be sold in quantities that pay off. It does not work.

  9. Dear Stefan,
    What’s nice about a smart? If such new starters fail, it is because of the money, because technically some newcomers are far ahead of the German electric cars. So think about it, then comment.


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