Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?

Sony on the CES 2022

Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?

Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?-sony
Press Inform Sony electrical car: The Vision S-02 on the CES 2022

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff (Las Vegas)

Two years ago Sony landed a surprise coup at the CES 2020. The Japanese presented an electric car study in Las Vegas. At this year’s CES 2022 there was an electric crossover to be admired. Sony is now a car manufacturer?

Two years ago, nobody on the radar had quite two years ago that Sony would present their own electric car at the CES in Las Vegas. The Japanese entertainment group in particular turned competitors Apple a painful nose that cannot progress with the car project. Many saw the Sony Vision-S 01 as a media-effective trade fair gag with which Apple and established car farmers wanted to prepare headaches, because those who think of Sony come to come to the Walkman, gigantic screens and the PlayStation.

Sony apparently builds e-cars really

But on the CES 2022 in Las Vegas there was already more belief in a possible entry into the car business with the second study of Vision-S 02, this time as an electric crossover-also because Sony has been his vision-s 01 for more than a year at cooperation partner Magna can be developed in Graz.

Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?-elektro-suv
Press Inform Sony Vision-S 02 on the CES 2022

Visually and technically, the 4.90 meter long electrical crossover Vision S-02 is closely related to Porsche Macan or Tesla Model Y with the first work of the Sony Vision-S 01, which was again on the CES 2022 in Las Vegas next to Park.

Electric motors deliver 544 hp with all -wheel drive

Electromotors, each with 200 kW / 272 hp, ensure the drive, which means a maximum output of 400 kW / 544 hp. From a standing start, the 2480 kilogram all -wheel drive accelerates at least 100 km/h in around five seconds and reaches a regulated top speed of 240 km/h. A variable air suspension ensures that the ground clearance of around 15.4 centimeters can adapt variable.

Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?-your
Press Inform Sony Vision-S 02 on the CES 2022

"The entry of the Sony Group Corporation to the mobility sector is followed by the official presentation of the second concept SUV with an electric drive at CES 2022, the Vision S 02", says Bakar Sadik Agwan, Senior Automotive Consulting Analyst at Global Data, "The latest announcement , a new company called Sony Mobility Inc. Founding is a positive development and marks the official entry of Sony in the growth -strong market for electric vehicles. The eagerly awaited entry of Sony into the market for electric cars will boost competition in the global market for electric cars, since similar technology companies also intend to launch their products in the near future."

Crossover with up to seven seats

Like the limousine brother, the Sony Vision S-02 is equipped with a security zone that supports drivers and inmates in everyday driving situations by recognizing dangers 360 degrees around the vehicle and minimizing the risks in road traffic. Not least thanks to the 3.03 meter long wheelbase, the interior is not only safe, but also very spacious. At the front, the occupants look at several large displays that form the dashboard and instead of exterior mirrors, two displays provide information about the area behind and next to the vehicle. The crossover is planned as a four- or seven-seater. Various cameras and more than 30 high-tech sensors that are installed in the Vision-S and, for example, enable the maximum security in the Sony study and, for example, enable the best possible object recognition through lidar technology. Even in the interior, sensors with object recognition and gesture control ensure perfect infotainment and maximum security.“The mobility vision of Sony aims to develop technologies that focus on safety, adaptability and entertainment. The company, which is also a leading in the entertainment industry, wants to use its skills and equip its e-vehicles with a unique entertainment experience with which Sony is currently different from other automobile manufacturers, "explains Bakar Sadik Agwan," However, it remains to be seen, Whether the entertainment and infotainment functions Sony can provide an advantage on the electric car market. Above all, however, Sony has to set the hard competition with the rapidly growing global car manufacturers such as Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and GM that are far ahead of the race.“The new mobility company wants to optimally use artificial intelligence and robotics technologies to realize a networked world in which the car plays an unchanged role.

Stylish e-city SUV for little money: but gives a catch

Elektro-SUV: Comes your next car from Sony?-elektro-suv

Site Stylish e-city SUV for little money: but gives a catch

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  1. When
    Sony builds as reliable cars as consumer electronics, then I will only (50) … buy another car for the rest of my life!!! By the way, the Sony Stereo Tower, including. CD and record players have been running flawlessly every day since 1991!!!!

  2. Sony?
    But not the Sony, or is it another Sony? Well, e-cars, we have something from we build the planet with it, regardless of whether we sell the cars or not, is not the problem of the group as long as the state has been there again and again we build these cars. Since these decision -makers really opened the pandora’s box, so you never really know what comes out. Sony, had a CD player from them at the time, and they want to build cars? Sorry Sony, that we are nothing, not even a niche model.

  3. Certainly it will….
    …No Sony. Who still wants to build cars ? Mind you are always only about e-cars ! Who should actually buy them ? You read and hear something about sustainability all day and just that "Disposable product e-car" receives this media hype ???? What all the writers of such reports drive themselves ?????

  4. Well, for the question of
    To answer heading: probably no. My first e-car is bought by the manufacturer who manages to establish battery change stations on motorways, install standard change batteries and costs a maximum of € 6-7k as a used car and can then be driven for at least 10 years. If Sony should be established, I will think about it again.

  5. You don’t buy a new car
    So they are not particularly relevant for car manufacturers – unless you have a business model that is based on income from service and spare parts sales.

  6. Sony – another new player
    Slowly the market is getting tighter. New players with large money bags (Apple) and no contaminated sites push into the market. What can the German manufacturers counter if they do not have the battery technology and 2) the operating systems under control themselves? Almost everyone can build or build the motorole itself today.


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