Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park

High damage

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park-park
Image: Ravensburg fire brigade Large deployment for the fire brigade: this electro SUV of the type VW ID.4 burned out completely in an underground car park in Ravensburg. According to previous knowledge, the cause could have been a defect in the loading

A VW ID4 apparently burned out completely because of a defect in an underground car park in Ravensburg (Baden-Wurttemberg). Experts have long been calling for security measures to protect against electric fires. In Ravensburg they seem to have worked quite well.

The fire broke out last weekend shortly after three o’clock in the under floor in the Marienplatz parking garage in Ravensburg. "It can currently be assumed that an electric vehicle VW ID.4, which was connected to a charging station, probably caught fire due to technical cause and burned out completely. The property damage to the VW is on approx. 50.000 euros estimated. Three other vehicles parked in the immediate vicinity were also damaged by the strong heat development. In property damage in the amount of approx. 120.000 euros", so the police in a press release. Nobody got hurt; Probably also because at the time of the fire there were no people in the parking garage. The underground car park remains closed for the time being.

Elektro-VW apparently inflamed when charging

The emergency services deleted the burning VW under respiratory protection. A towing service together with the fire brigade went to the outside the completely charred ID4 wreck. The electric SUV has only recently been on the market and one of the most important E-models from VW. Depending on the equipment, it has a lithium-ion battery between 55 and 82 kilowatt hours of capacity.

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park-elektro
Volkswagen AG A VW ID.4

According to the fire brigade, all alarm and registration systems of the underground car park have worked. The local newspaper "Ravensburger Wochenblatt" Quoted Mayor Dirk Bastin: “The alarm and registration system as well as the technical systems for such emergencies have refused and the fire brigade routinely led the use of. The location of the electrical parking spaces close to the exhaust shaft has also proven to be good. So the damage area could not expand extensively."

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park-fire
Cattle man Electric car: Sufficient charging stations are required for Stromer – also in underground garages

Position of the e-parking spaces apparently prevented worse

While insurers assume that e -cars do not caught fire more often than gasoline vehicles, the deletion of battery vehicles repeatedly proves to be difficult – especially because of the enormous water consumption. In the city of Kulmbach in Baden-Wurttemberg, even a parking ban for electric vehicles in underground garages was temporarily lifted, but which was lifted again. A few months ago, only a few months in Stuttgart had an electric bus triggered a devastating fire in a bus depot .

Safety distance when charging or separate parking boxes

Fire protection expert Niki Traxel, a specialist in dealing with burning lithium-ion batteries, said in an interview with Site: “Depot fires are always a dreaded scenario because vehicles are close together and the fire quickly from one vehicle on the other can spread. As a safety measure, a distance between the vehicles is important during charging-because during the loading process, the risk of a brand is greatest."And the effort to delete hybrids and electric cars is considerable .

The conscious placement of e-parking spaces in better ventilated areas such as in Ravensburg seems to be advantageous. But technically more would be possible: "The ideal safety precaution would be to load each vehicle separately in its own fire-proof parking bay-this also applies to electric cars in underground garages. In addition, the battery temperature can be monitored. Smoke detectors can detect out of the battery before a fire", says Niki Traxel.

Electric bus opens up in flames when charging and triggers chain reaction

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park-park

Cameraone Electric bus opens up in flames when charging and triggers chain reaction

"Underground garages can then be ready for demolition"

The Federal Association of publicly appointed and sworn and qualified experts BVS also warns in a press release to optimize fire protection when loading e-cars in underground garages: "When charging an electric car, large amounts of electricity flow that can trigger fires in technical malfunctions. The fire of an electric car is a challenge: the heat development is enormous and large amounts of water are necessary for extinguishing. Underground garages in which such a fire occurs can be ready for demolition afterwards. The risk of fire is also increased when installing outdoors. For example, if the wall box is installed on a non -fire -resistant, insulated house facade, the facade insulation can also catch fire in the event of a fire during the charging process and the whole building caught fire", So the BVS.

You load an electric car? Inform insurance!

While fire protection issues in public buildings are usually already in the planning "thoughtful" it looks different with private garages. Quasi, regardless of the safety of the in -house line network, can charge an electric car at home or in a rented garage – even without a wall box. "In any case, your own building insurance is to be informed about the project", So the expert association. As early as 2020, a spokeswoman for Allianz insurance confirmed this in an interview with site: "Basically, one has to say that each electrical system increases the fire risk. It is therefore important that the customer indicates the existence – or the existence of new insurance – the system." However, this does not necessarily mean that the premiums also increase. In this way, private charging stations in individual garages are usually insured. However, they should be installed by a specialist.

Should e-cars still be funded? ADAC survey divides Germany

Elektro SUV from VW set fire to the loading underground car park-loading

Site Should e-cars still be funded? ADAC survey divides Germany

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  1. @Sochgen in her opinion the parking garage was only
    not damaged. Quote beginning "That can’t be your serious one, because our annual … Easter fire (with wood waste according to the forest cleaning) would have caused much more damage there." Quote end. Oversket it would write rich write. Do you have difficulties realities to perceive? The parking garage was closed. There were no wood waste, there were 3 cars, one of them with battery. The building is examined by really experts, the damage to the building fabric is determined and then repaired or replaced, as far as possible. Overout is not enough. Is actually clear to every layperson, just not them. It is very similar with their view of the batteries. What is currently being produced is unsure. It will take years for it possibly. changes. Until then ….

  2. @
    With this article I now end all communication with you (a shame that there is no ignore function in this forum). Your statement that I had contradicted and that you are now trying to relativize is clearly refuted – not by me, but from other scientists. All of their current attempts to question my competence somehow show that they are no longer concerned with the matter (otherwise they would discuss the content of the paper from summer and not my competence), but about their self -expression. Diplomands and doctors who like to carry their paper in front of them and wag with it are usually those who otherwise cannot advise themselves. All the best!

    Peter Lange
  3. Nothing was refuted
    It’s about now in new cars and batteries built into existing cars, which always open in flames unmotivated. These are highly dangerous due to uncontrollable dendrite formation. Was undoubted with the research report of the University of Ulm.Your debauchery on Li Metall batteries go into nothing, only gives laboratory patterns.It shows whether the size required in the required size

  4. @KOpnick a harmless case
    A car burns, more are on fire. 170,000 € damage. Underground car park is closed, building fabric is examined. The damage to the damage is complex and not free of charge. Loss of income are added. Contaminated extinguishing water in large quantities came into the sewage system. Starting from the fire, there was a highly toxic cloud of pollutants (battery beach). Everything harmless and normal because it is a battery vehicle, clear. This example underlines the thesis of the fire bombs with random igniters. It happens more and more often, nobody can say when. The fact that there was no personal injury is a matter of luck. Among many hospitals are underground garages, battery cars must be strictly prohibited.

  5. Nail board test well & good, but
    … this is about something else. An electric car fire in a TG & the teachings that can be drawn from it. A VW ID.4 got on fire, probably (probably not yet) by a technical defect. Three more cars were affected. Property damage to the cars a total of 170.000 €. No personal injury. The fire brigade was routinely extinguished the fire. The alarm-& TG reporting system worked. A rather harmless case under 40.000 car fires p.A. . To make an e-horror film (e-cars are "dangerous arson bombs with random") & conspiracy theories to put the world ("politically wanted, to put people in danger based on an ideological error?) is schedule. One flew over the nail board for too long.

  6. @Bender what should Mr. KOpnick do when he
    No arguments? He tries to trivialize and ridicule. Mind you, fires with great damage to property, environmental damage and personal injury, right up to dead (Tesla accident). I can’t find anything funny about it. It is about real fires, no hypothetical, they have taken place and it will continue to happen, unpredictable if the emergency brake is not pulled.

  7. Nail board test
    If victims fail shortly due to dendrites, the short circuit from the inside out from one point takes place. There is an arc, extreme heat, the electrode materials burn. During the nail board test runs in slow motion Vwie (number nails = n): nail board and battery are pressed together. The nails first press the electrodes together, short circuit. It flows at every pressure point of the partial current IK/N. The nails have a conical shape, the electrodes penetrate in the further course. Deride heat and close the electrodes briefly. Electricity and heat are distributed over the area. The heat is not enough to ignite the electrode material. No chain reaction possible. When it comes to the short circuit from the inside, it is different because there is no heat dissipation.

  8. @Sochgen The researchers have something without their help
    found … This project has been running for a very long time. Li metal cells have already been built as a laboratory pattern. Sounds promising and spectacular, the migration of Li is generally not to be prevented, the ions migrate to the anode, following the electrostatic laws, at high direct current. Series production of LI metal cells should be possible, will take years.

  9. @
    Your arrogance is very uncomfortable. Repeat and repeat without responding to the arguments mentioned. A simple question to conclude (I cannot find the problem fully to record the problem): How is it possible that BYD’s blade batteries can survive the nail test (the ultimate dendrit) without thermal going through? I had already mentioned the solution several times. But it doesn’t matter – your opinion has been stuck. Almost like the climate "scientist". It could be that they work in this area?

    Peter Lange
  10. @Sochgen finally tell you
    Why Magnesium is so promising in her opinion. I’m really interested in that. Perhaps a completely new approach that no researcher has yet thought of.

  11. It appears almost grotesque how here
    Forists who are not even from a subject, over the researchers at the University of Ulm, also show that they are not experts in the field. You support the argument on Google Finds from the Echo Chamber. Uber is provided with information from Tesla, who knows. Fog candles are thrown, some nonsense are sprinkled to distract. There may be a solution, but now and now the incalculable batteries are going around. The danger now exists and does not let yourself sweep off the table with future brain brushes. You have to be aware of this. I deal with the topic very intensively with the topic.I have great respect for the researchers of the University of Ulm, they are recognized worldwide and their research report does not question any expertise

  12. @Sochgen you want to go to Google
    Finds are only right? Visit physics and chemistry lecture, build your own knowledge and do not bomb the forums with Google Find. Obviously, they don’t understand the reaction equations nor the laws of electrostatics. First understand, then report. You will always find that in the echo chamber when the response maintenance maintenance is given "Sought -after".Scientists work differently

  13. The hard-boiled e-disciples at least have
    recognized that there are dendrites and there is currently no solution. You are there now. Even if there should be a solution in the future, it is currently going around with exactly this dangerous battery for the next few years and the next few years. Not only are the occupants in danger, parked vehicles are already inflamed houses, parking garages and entire bus depots. The delivery cars of the post are also known for their fires. The KBA informed me that you are on it, but that would be politically so wanted. Is it politically wanted to put people in danger based on an ideological error? Retting climate is necessary, away from the oil. But from the rain into the eaves? There are alternatives that are CO2 neutral … are not promoted. Why not?

  14. @Sochgen they even have ridiculous
    drawn because obviously they didn’t even know what that is, how they arise and what meaning they have in the context. Again, it’s about batteries that will be installed in cars now and in the next few years and keep burning spontaneously.

  15. A 10 -day old Bulli is also burned down
    Site already reported elsewhere. Again large amounts of contaminated extinguishing water in the ground. In contrast, VOn oil can neither remove nor separate these toxins. Go off into the groundwater. And this is about tens of thousands of liters again. There is probably not much to say about the battery fire, you can just start burning at any time. A mistake, some thermodynamics, dendrites, which always leads to the electrodes (only micrometers apart) touch, dissolve these serrated battery fires. Here the driver could still leave his vehicle, but what if he had still had children in the child seat, or it would have happened in the middle of the city? The full fire is created in seconds, with enormous heat development, accompanied by highly toxic gases

  16. @Sochgen the vehicles experience model maintenance
    which is continuously carried out. Even wireless at Tesla, continuous, but because of software errors. The VW was 10 days old. Point. To understand that shouldn’t be that difficult

  17. Dendrites and obflater tension
    As part of their research work, the researchers were able to demonstrate another phenomenon that contributes to dendrite formation: the negative load reduces the surface tension and thus promotes the development of projections on the surface. So there are effects that are pushing with each other that reinforce each other. If you wanted to avoid the development of dendrites, the load would go unusable as a battery. The laws of electrostatics, the positively charged lithium ion docks on the tips of the negative electrode and grow, apply, these ast -shaped structures, dendrites form. Until you reach the positive electrode, it slams. When, cannot be predicted, a declining thermal extent can be the trigger.

  18. @Sochgen and that ended with a degree?
    It doesn’t seem. It’s a shame that nothing got stuck. There is nothing about good basics you can build on.


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