Elektro-Van Peugeot E-Rifter now available

Elektro-Van Peugeot E-Rifter now available-peugeot

From now on the new electro-van Peugeot E-RIFT can be ordered. As a sturdy and flexible vehicle, it is suitable for everyday life as well as for the outdoor adventure, as the manufacturer. The Peugeot E-Rifter is available with the 50 kWh battery in two lengths (standard and long) as five or seven-seater (optional in L1). The Peugeot E-Rifter is in the standard length from 37.590 euros available. When buying or leasing, interested parties can benefit from up to 9570 euros innovation premium.

Both versions of the new e-rifter (standard and long) are available with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 50 kWh. It allows a range of up to 282 kilometers to WLTP protocol. Since the battery is under the ground, the charging volume of 571 liters (version standard L1) will not be affected up to 2693 liters (version long L2).

The electric outdoor van combines compact external dimensions with maximum loading capacities, the manufacturer. In the short version (L1), the e-rifter has a length of 4.40 meters, a height of 1.88 meters and a width of 2.10 meters, including the outside mirror. The easy entry into the vehicle allows a side sliding door with window. For easy invite from objects, the passenger seat is foldable (as standard from Allure).

Inside, up to seven people can accommodate. In the series of seats two of the versions standard and long, a child seat can be accommodated on the three fold-out single seats. Depending on the variant, many generous and easily accessible storage surfaces with up to 186 liters storage space are available. For uncomplicated access to the trunk, the rear window which can be opened separately, which can be opened independently of the tailgate.

Elektro-Van Peugeot E-Rifter now available-e-rifterPeugeot

Thanks to the modern driver assistance systems, the Peugeot E-Rifter adapts to the driving day of drivers – and without CO2 emissions. For example, the reversing camera, collision warning and the emergency brake assistant ensure more safety when driving. The electric van is equipped with a 10-inch HD digital panel (25.4 cm) and has several display modes. These are accessible via a rotary knob on the steering wheel and enable the moving to adjust your instrument cluster individually and to highlight navigation, power management and driver assistance systems.

For wide views of the starry sky at night, the multifunctional roof Zenith (optional at Allure Pack and GT in L1). The panoramic glass roof has an electric sunscreen density. Among them is a translucent floating bent with subdivided storage space.

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2 thoughts on “Elektro-Van Peugeot E-Rifter now available”

  1. Why do not you build something on the new platform and tries to rebuild a burning platform ..

    And 50kWh battery …honestly….
    Fully loaded on the holiday trip with a four-headed family will be there only 150 – 180 km in it if you retain a buffer of 30-50 km what you do in the beginning.

    Has the designer considered to be considered when the children may still sit in the car and want to get out while the car invites?
    Or you want to load the car when it invites you to carport …

    There is not a page usable …

    Basically, however, good that such vehicle types are electrified

    It remains exciting

  2. I do not understand the target group?
    In my circle of acquaintances, such vehicles are mainly driven by young families, which under vacation understand with sack and pack far away. Mostly either in the holiday home, or on the campsite. The carts are fully charged to the roof, often with roof box and there are 3-4 bicycles on the rear carrier.
    Of course these rides are not every 2. Weekend on, but if you do it has to work the car.
    The Zafira E-Life has consumed at 120km / h in Carmaniac Review 37kWh / 100km at Tempo 120. Of course, you have to wait for tests, but probably the e-rifter will also be ~ 30kW / 100km undergrowed at motorway tempo. Not free of charge is the 135kmh. Then only ~ 116km remain between charging stops at 10-80%. Nobody wants to go to the long distance ..


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