Elevator manufacturer Schindler orders 200 electric cars at once

Elevator manufacturer Schindler orders 200 electric cars at once-schindler

Skoda is electrifying Schindler Germany’s company fleet: the manufacturer of elevators and escalators is putting 200 new Enyaq iVs into service at once. With the purely battery electrical SUV of the Czech car manufacturer, the service technicians, service ladders and employees in the sales of Schindler will return to their customers in the future. At the German headquarters of Schindler in Berlin, Peter Kuhl, Head of Sales at Skoda Germany handed over the vehicles to JOrg Noescher, Director Supply Chain and Member of Schindler Germany.

Schindler sets a strong sign for sustainability with the consistent changeover of its company fleet on electric cars,” emphasizes Skoda’s sales manager. “We are very pleased that the Enyaq IV assumes a major role in this.”The 200 copies of the model are” a strong statement “and prove that electric cars like the Enyaq” perfectly match the requirement profile of fleet customers “, so cool.

The Schindler Group is one of the world’s leading providers of elevators and escalators and related services. As part of its sustainability strategy, Schindler Germany will convert almost its entire fleet to electric vehicles by 2024. As part of this, employees will also receive a charging station at home. In addition, the company sets up charging stations at its larger locations, some of which are supplied with self-generated electricity thanks to the photovoltaic systems installed on site.

“By the end of 2022, we at Schindler will reduce our CO2 emissions by 25 percent compared to 2017,” says JOrg Naescher. Electric cars make an important contribution to this. They are locally emission-free on the road and are increasingly convincing in terms of production with a good ecological footprint. Skoda, for example, uses numerous measures to minimize the release of CO2 during the production process and delivers the Enyaq iV to its customers with a carbon-neutral balance.

For the installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators, Schindler’s service technicians and fitters are on the road every day throughout Germany. The Enyaq iV can fully exploit its strengths, according to Skoda in a recent press release. For example, due to its range of more than 530 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. There is a fast charging connection for the CCS/Combo 2 standards and a mode 3 charging cable for AC stations on board to top up the batteries. In addition, the Enyaq iV allows fast charging with up to 125 kW – the largest battery can thus use its storage capacity from five to 80 percent within a good 40 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Elevator manufacturer Schindler orders 200 electric cars at once”

  1. I would be interested to know how much margin is left after deducting the fleet discounts and, above all, whether this is enough to compensate for the losses from the combustion engines that are no longer sold and at the same time to convert the plants in such a way that you no longer have 2 -3 days as currently with the iD3.
    It was not for nothing that VW had invited to the crisis summit.
    I wish Skoda all the best for the electric future in disruptive times.

  2. 1+ to Schindler for not relying on pointless PHEVs.
    The statement is good, after all, nobody would think of operating elevators with combustion engines.
    The Enyaq is a super BEV, although in terms of visionary appearance, the ID.4 is the better choice than a look based on its combustion engine colleagues.
    The main thing is electric and a role model for sustainability and modern mobility.


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