Elexon presents intelligent 150 kW DC fast load column

Elexon presents intelligent 150 kW DC fast load column-presents

The Aachen company ELEXON, full-service provider in the field of electromobility, has recently introduced a new DC fast load column. With charging outputs of 2 x 75 kW and 150 kW including optional switching of the charging power to a charging point, all E cars between 200 and 1 should.000 volt the maximum available charging power received in no time.

Over 2.70 meters high, and 93 cm wide – the new DC double bay column Elexon stands out certainly, not just visually. Thanks to the design, according to the company, an optimal cable guide and high cable suspension could be realized. So the cable does not hang on the ground, thanks to the “wings” optimally protected and damage caused by accidental overports or broken plugs should now also belong to the past, explain the Aachener. Also handling through the cable routing from above is power-saving and the use even with over five meters cable length significantly more comfortable, it continues to say. And no matter where the DC double column is mounted, the company promises a pleasant noise “without disturbing impact on the environment”.

In addition, LEDs with components from the street lighting should also exempt a daylight environment at night, automatically triggered thanks to brightness sensors. “Functionality and design are not criteria that have to exclude. “Our charging column combines intuitive user guidance with power-saving handling and resource-saving production,” explains Olaf Elsen, Head of Business Development. A lit 7-inch touch display support the intuitive operation. Modern SiC semiconductor technology secure on top of that the very high efficiency of more than 95 percent. Thanks to silicon carbide semiconductors, therefore, the current with a lower heat loss can be converted and thus increase the efficiency of the charging column.

Switching intelligence with time gain

After two years of development, the combination of new hardware and in-house software development offers a modular design, which enables it to adapt to the respective requirements of the fleet, or the cars,. Thus, fleet operators and purchasers can plan their charging infrastructure regardless of the volts of their vehicles, as the new DC quick-loading column itself recognizes, which maximum voltage has the car battery of the car to be loaded and switching to the optimum voltage switching.

As is apparent from a current press release, the charging time would not be greatly reduced in contrast to other systems on the market, whether the car is equipped with 400 or 800 volts. “Our main focus on development was to make the charging for the user as easy as possible, regardless of which vehicle he drives. For companies, this means a future-proof investment in sustainable charging infrastructure, “notes Managing Director Marcus Scholz. As well as all other elexone products, the new charging column should also be developed and manufactured to one hundred percent in Germany.

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2 thoughts on “Elexon presents intelligent 150 kW DC fast load column”

  1. Do not know what the should, ionity has up to 920 V at 500 A, which theoretically allows 450 kW charging power. The Tacyan takes real 270 kW today. Since you are at 150 kW but quite weak.

  2. Too bad that you are based on the low snore loader data of the VW Group.
    150kW rich for ID. 3 and 4, Audi, Skoda & Co., which are already overwhelmed with it, but are already completely outdated and no longer prior art.
    1000V, better 1500V, are ok, then but with load beyond the 250kW.
    Quick charge is an important instrument, and 100km range in 5 minutes should be absolute minimum.


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