Elli Group bundles energy offers and charging solutions from Volkswagen

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Elli Group bundles energy offers and charging solutions from Volkswagen-energy

With Announcement of the founding of the subsidiary ELLI Group GmbH, headquartered Berlin, the Volkswagen Group will combine energy offers and charging solutions under one roof. The subsidiary will develop products and services around the topics of energy and shop for all trademarks of the VW Group. Stand today work around 100 employees for Elli. By the way, the name is the short form of “Electric Life”.

“Elli stands for Electric Life because we enable a lifestyle that integrates the e-car consistently and inconspicuously integrated into everyday life – comparable to the self-evident use of a smartphone today.”- Thorsten Nicklab, CEO ELLI Group GmbH

It is noticeable that the Wolfsburger Group with this company was founded another step towards holistic thinking of e-mobility. Elli‘s offer is dedicated to both the B2B area with fleet operators and commercial customers as well as the B2C sector with electric car drivers and household customers. The impactor clearly shows VW from the beginning and describes it with keywords such as: renewable energies, intelligent networks, decentralized generation and integration into the energy market.

Elli contributes its part to the traffic and energy transition

From the point of view of Thomas Ulbrich, Executive Board for E-Mobility of the Volkswagen brand, is used as one of the largest car manufacturers, the urgently needed traffic and energy transition towards emission-neutral e-mobility. Elli will contribute to its part with energy offers from renewable sources and smart charging solutions. At the top of the company, Thorsten has set Nicklab, who previously led the joint venture Digital Energy Solutions.

Elli Group bundles energy offers and charging solutions from Volkswagen-charging

Green electricity for customers, employees, households and institutions as the first task of Elli

First steps are already fixed. According to the nicklass, Elli will first offer green, 100 percent CO2-free electricity (Volkswagen Natural Stream) from renewable sources. This will not only be available to customers of the group brands, but also employees, private households and institutions.

The green electricity comes from hydropower among other things and was certified by the TuV. Furthermore, the Group also binds its own electricity generators, such as wind power from Salzgitter. This underlines the statement of VW boss this, which recently to understand the following: “It is not enough to produce cars CO2-neutral, you must also be used CO2-neutral”.

Offer expansion planned for intelligent electricity tariffs, wallboxes and charging columns as well as an IT-based energy management system

In the future, further products / sectors should follow in Elli offer. These include intelligent electricity tariffs, wallboxes and charging columns as well as an IT-based energy management system. The aim is a seamless and sustainable ecosystem with high data networking.

Elli Group bundles energy offers and charging solutions from Volkswagen-group

Temporally, one puts a little under pressure and to understand that up to the market start of the ID. In 2020 “successive tailor-made solutions are provided – from hardware (such as wallbox variants with 11 or 22 kW) on billing and digital additional services up to complete consulting packages”.

“We bare”: Own charging card from Volkswagen from the end of 2019

Throughout Europe, the offer of ELLI Group should be available. As part of the presentation of “WE Share”, a purely electric car sharing offer in selected metropolises, VW had already mentioned his offer “We Charge” in the secondary clause. Now we learn what it’s about. This is its own charging card, which should be offered from the fourth quarter of 2019. Later comes from the charging card a “certificate” Womit Plug&Batch is supported. Tariff models and prices should already follow shortly.

Fleet management and charging stations expansion also in the sights

Also equipped with Elli in the field of fleet management. Thus, one goes to customers in the conversion of their fleet to the electromobility. On request, companies without a business car fleet will also advise on the topics of energy and charging infrastructure, especially in terms of installation, operation and service. In addition, the Berlin company is currently talking about collaborations for establishing charging points on customer parking lots of large branch chains.

But even in its own area, the expansion of charging points to Group-owned employee parking spaces will be promoted. By 2020 you have set itself the goal of currently 1.000 charging points on more than 5.To come 000. In addition, the currently around 4 should.000 dealers and service partners in the EU also be equipped by 2020 with multiple charging options.

Only recently VW has introduced a solution that allows charging columns to set up where you need them. Because the connection to the power grid will give us from time to time and on challenges. Volkswagen meets this challenge with a mobile fast load column, which can be set up regardless of the power grid where need is.

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  1. Prior art must be today: Away fast shops with as possible about 22 kW columns. Who has time during the day, should do this from the PV system from the roof. Attention with limited roof surface: Mount SMART counter with reducing control, so that the charging current from the roof, in the covered sky does not take even more expensive tag stream additionally..


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