Elmobis and EVBox want to work together on charging infrastructure

Elmobis and EVBox want to work together on charging infrastructure-want

The charging infrastructure specialist Elmobis, together with the fast charging solutions from EVBox, a manufacturer of charging solutions for electric cars, is increasing the range of DC charging stations on the German market. According to a recent announcement, EVBox supplies a range of scalable fast charging solutions, which are to be included in the product portfolio of the charging infrastructure specialist Elmobis in the future. This gives customers in Germany the opportunity to equip themselves with EVBox charging solutions.

Elmobis works throughout Germany in the segment of consulting, planning and installation as well as maintenance in the field of electromobility, with a special focus on the expansion of the charging infrastructure of AC and DC charging stations. With ten years of experience in the field of electromobility, Elmobis has now found a partner in EVBox, who will support the further development and expansion of a nationwide charging infrastructure in Germany.

According to the two companies, the German market in particular is increasingly becoming a central conurbation for the development and progress of sustainable mobility. Elmobis and EVBox want to take advantage of the experience in the German-speaking region and work together on common goals.

A future partnership with Elmobis gives EVBox the opportunity to expand the range of EVBox charging solutions in Germany with immediate effect and at the same time to benefit from and be supported by the expertise of the service provider for charging infrastructure. Elmobis can score with an extensive complete package of individual admission and advice on site, uncomplicated provision of the EVBox hardware for customers as well as with an installation and maintenance service.

This complementary, strategic partnership, which is identified by a wide range of know-how and experience on both sides, wants to work together on the acceptance of e-mobility in Germany.

“The partnership with EVBox will enable us to include innovative and scalable charging solutions in our product portfolio and to expand the range of modern charging technologies. I expect a lot of interest from our German customer base and I am already looking forward to a promising cooperation.“ – Olaf Becker, Managing Director at Elmobis

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