Elon Musk about self-driving: “I can go to work almost without intervention”

Tesla is said to drive autonomously

Elon Musk about self-driving: "I can go to work almost without intervention"

Elon Musk about self-driving: "I can go to work almost without intervention"-self-driving
Tesla Elon Musk about self-driving: "I can go to work almost without intervention."

Tesla boss Elon Musk is still confident that it can be launched completely autonomously driving electric cars this year. In a conference call, Musk now reported that a work version of Teslas software already reported him "Almost without intervention" from his house to work.

As early as last year, Elon Musk announced that he was still a gigantic fleet of "Robotaxis" want to bring on the streets. These are supposed to be completely self-employed Tesla vehicles that can be used in a kind of car sharing network by different people almost like a taxi.At a Chinese conference for artificial intelligence, Musk recently underlined his plans again: The Tesla boss wants his cars to achieve autonomous driving at level 5 this year. This would mean completely independent driving, in which the actual driver hand over the complete control over the vehicle and the car can even cover any routes without inmates.So far, Teslas has only been on level 2 and only support the driver in certain cases as with stop-and-go traffic in traffic jams. The control can be handed over temporarily, but must be able to be taken over immediately if requested.

Tesla tests a new autopilot version

In a telephone conference after the publication of Tesla’s quarterly results for the second quarter, Musk now said that he is currently testing an alpha version of Tesla’s new, fully autonomous autopilot. The performance of the system makes it confident that Tesla will continue to be on the right track.

Autopilot fails? Tesla races unchecked in overturned trucks on the motorway in Taiwan

Elon Musk about self-driving: "I can go to work almost without intervention"-almost

Cameraone Autopilot fails? Tesla races unchecked in overturned trucks on the motorway in Taiwan

Musk said in the phone conference: "So I personally tested the latest alpha version of the autonomous driving software when I drive my car and I really think it is much better than people realize. It’s just amazing. I almost reach the point where I can get to work from home without interventions, even though I have to cross construction sites and a wide variety of other situations. For this reason, I am very confident that the completely autonomously driving functionality will be completed by the end of this year, because I literally drive it myself."

The five levels of autonomous driving

The terms autonomous and automated driving are often synonymous, there are important differences. These are the five levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the car completely.
  • Level 1: There are assistance systems such as distance control or lane change warning, which only support the driver. This technology is widespread today down to the small car area.
  • Level 2: This is the level at which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already located. Sub -automated systems can take over certain functions, such as track guidance or partial automatic parking. Models such as the current Mercedes E-Class, Teslas Model S and Model X or the BMW 5 Series are already dominating the level 2. At Tesla, even more functions were temporarily unlocked, but they were put back after a few incidents.
  • Level 3: This is the (high) automated driving, in which the driver must be able to intervene at any time, but may also turn to other things if the system is activated. With a warning time, the driver can be asked to take the lead again. Level 3 is developed as standard, for example in the Audi A8 .
  • Level 4: At the fully automated driving the driver can even intervene if the system fails, but as a rule the car should take over everything. This level is currently being tested in practice by various car manufacturers and suppliers as well as tech groups.
  • Level 5: At the actual autonomous driving is no longer required. You no longer need a steering wheel or other controls. The occupants become pure passengers.

Monitoring of the driver cannot be dispensable

Although Musk is confident that Tesla will bring out a version of the fully self-driving autopilot this year, which meets all the necessary requirements on hardware and software basis, he also makes it clear that the system is still required to monitor by the driver. According to his statement, it could take some time to convince the corresponding authorities to allow Tesla owners to operate the operation of the system as a fully autonomous system.Finally, it had been shown again that at least in the current versions of the autopilot you cannot rely on the car to a hundred percent: the autopilot of a model X raced in the USA on a highway to the road separator and could only get through the driver’s intervention is brought back into the right track.In Arizona, in another incident, the driver of a Tesla Model S rammed a police car when the autopilot was switched on, which had stopped on the left edge of the highway for a bet. In such situations, however, Tesla always points out that the responsibility for the vehicle is even with the driver with activated autopilot and that this must be ready to intervene at any time. One would also explicitly inform the drivers on their own website and when activating the autopilot.This article was written by Tobias Stahl
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