Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity

Tesla Energy

Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity

Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity-elon
Tesla Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity

Tesla boss Elon Musk has great ambitions. The company now appears in various countries as an energy supplier, including Germany. What the local electricity providers so unsettled is not Tesla’s prices, but a very specific software.

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Tesla went under the energy suppliers – not only today but some time ago: The electric car manufacturer in different countries around the globe is active with huge batteries for companies and entire municipalities, battery storage and solar bricks for homes and their own electricity tariffs. This includes the USA and Australia, but also Spain, England and Germany. Tesla boss Elon Musk is convinced that his electric cars can only do something against the climate catastrophe if they are also loaded with green electricity.

Tesla power tariff for German customers

Admittedly, in Germany, Tesla’s electricity tariff can only be obtained in Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria, where the US company has teamed up with the British energy provider Octopus Energy. In addition, the electricity offer can only be perceived by customers who also have a solar roof and the Powerwall. In addition, the first reviews are mixed – Tesla’s electricity tariff in this country is not that cheap, even if the prices are decreasing and the offer will soon be extended to other federal states.

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However, Tesla’s electricity prices are not the point that worries German electricity suppliers. In a conversation with the business magazine Handelsblatt, a representative of an energy group admits: "Just as Tesla has changed the rules of the game in the automotive sector, we also trust them to disruption the energy market" – and this is mainly due to a software called "Car", The Tesla used.

"Disruption of the energy market"

Tesla describes the software like this: "Autobidder offers independent electricity producers, supply companies and capital partners the opportunity to monetize battery resources autonomously. Autobidder is a real-time trade and control platform that offers value-based asset management and portfolio optimization and enables owners and operators to configure operating strategies that maximize the yield according to their business objectives and risk preferences."

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Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity-elon

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In other words, the software is a system that operates high -frequency trade in electricity. In times when more electricity from wind power and solar energy is generated than is currently required, the networked autobidder platform can buy this electricity and in the Powerwalls and even in Tesla’s electric cars can be saved. If the electricity is then required, the system can feed the energy back into the network – profitable for Tesla and possibly even for power customers.

Teslas marketing runs by itself

Tesla can benefit from its strong brand: the company has many fans, marketing is on its own. If you buy or least buy a Tesla, you could connect this to an energy storage, a solar system and the appropriate electricity tariff. Klaus Kreutzer from the consulting company Kreutzer Consulting has been analyzing the energy market for years. He explains to the Handelsblatt: "When the company starts to lace up large bundle packages, it becomes a serious player on the electricity market." To customers who are bound to Tesla for so long, "the established suppliers can no longer come, ”says Kreutzer. "The brand alone pulls."

Car production is currently still a priority at Tesla. If the semiconductor crisis has been overcome, the production of Teslas Powerwalls according to Musk should "massively driven up" will. According to Handelsblatt, industry circles assume that Tesla will offer electricity nationwide at the latest in the early 2022. Where Tesla Energy implemented two billion dollars last year and made no profit, the annual turnover should be eight billion dollars by 2025.

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This article was written by Tobias Stahl

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Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity-energy

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10 thoughts on “Elon Musk shocks German energy giants: Tesla sells his own electricity”

  1. Disruptive energy market innovation "Autobidder"
    It is not the point that Tesla wants to get into the electricity market. That is that Tesla the … Rules of the game of this market wants to change from scratch – just as successfully done in the automotive market. Keyword "disruptive innovation". Behind it is V.A. The AI software "Car", A commercial and control platform through which battery resources can be made autonomously into money. In times when more electricity from EE is generated than is currently required, the platform can buy this electricity & in the Tesla-Powerwalls & in E-cars. If the electricity is required, Autobidder can feed the energy back into the network, profitably for Tesla & the owners of battery capacities. This package solution for the electricity market is comparable to the E-Auto + charging stations package. Advantage Tesla!

  2. Because of me
    If the electricity at Tesla is cheaper than with the established electricity suppliers, then please why not. If he is not cheaper, I don’t need that. If I only get tesla electricity when I drive Tesla, also right. Then Tesla has to do without me as a customer. I still have great vehicles and are still supplied with electricity, so everything is fine. Whether I pay too much for it or not is my thing alone.

  3. Certainly works in all countries
    Except in Germany. Because as the other article on renewable energies shows, the electricity requirement will probably be higher than the offer from the end of 2022. Accordingly, hardly a kilowatt hour of surpluses will be able to land in any Tesla battery. Rather, we will have to buy electricity from abroad in order to be able to cover our consumption peaks. Cabbage stream from Poland or nuclear power from Belgium and France will then make German electric vehicles ready to drive again.

  4. Tesla
    … always good for innovation, but …Frontal broadcast from yesterday? Is actually aware of every Tesla Junger how Tesla spies on and saves data from everyone? And secretly from everyone who only approaches a Tesla by chance without being able to influence …

  5. @ Mr. Jens Rubien
    You would be surprised what modern vehicles from other manufacturers spy on your drivers. You can switch off your cell phone calmly: your car and thus the manufacturer, know exactly where you are driving. In my 19 year old box I only have a mobile navigation system with me. Modern cars are always online.

  6. Liberalization overdue
    For six months I have been trying to find a sustainable solution for our heating. I have documented various techniques on my website. Unfortunately I come to the conclusion that the suction. Engergende is a shot in the proverbial oven. On the one hand, the previous liberalization was good so that the large corporations (must) rethink). On the other hand, the state wants to earn everywhere. Theoretically, the electricity market is open, but in practice the connection or sale of electricity to bureaucratic requirements, levies and 19 % German VAT fails in practice. As a customer, I want to create my own solutions. Either I can shop freely, z. B. In the case of an excess of solar power, as described here in the article. Or I produce electricity and can fully feed…

  7. Soap bubble will burst
    The company Tesla, which is buried by the USA and also only living from subsidies and speculative transactions, is a soap bubble. The day will come on which this bubble bursts.

  8. Any evidence?
    Do you have any evidence for your claims? That would certainly be interested in many who have invested a lot of money in the company through the stock market. However, I assume that you just praise yourself with the topic for 5 minutes. Have you studied the last quarter of the quarter? If so, their statements would be different!

  9. Tesla
    Tesla goes his way. All niches that something with sustainability or "Science fiction" have to be used. If the rest of it somehow, it won’t be surprised! Tesla is still very big!

  10. Overslept again?
    It is surprising how sleepy are these large (Kotz) corporations act. Their arrogant future -damaging behavior is only one thing: the greatest fraud in the German customer, much larger than the diesel scandal. In all European countries, the electricity is 10-15 euroCent cheaper. But the German Meier can be dripped. Tesla Go On. And please also after NRW soon. I want the first one to install the system. And woe to any angle advocate that has run into me the chance.


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