Elringklinger expects sales growth through electric cars

Elringklinger expects sales growth through electric cars-electric

ElringKlinger awaits a recovery for the future for the future rather calm, slowly growing business with parts for batteries. Through change as well as the commitment to electromobility by the large car manufacturers, the business of ElringKlinger components for electric cars is significantly faster than first assumed. The supplier is assumed that in the coming decade, more than 20 to 25 percent of sales through battery components such as cell connectors and lightweight components can be achieved. Currently, this division is just 4 percent of sales.

Therefore, it can be said that this is a survival question for suppliers, in this case about ElringKlinger in particular,. Finally, the dependence on components for internal combustion engines must be reduced to survive the market in the long term. Alternate drives offer a good chance to set up wider and distribute sales on multiple pillars. Especially considering that the change will not come from today to tomorrow, this strategy is certainly not completely wrong. In a few decades, after assessing experts, gasoline or diesel tanks could be displaced completely from the power drive. And ElringKlinger focuses on only products from this segment.

For 2030, the company still calculates with an annual market volume of gross 50 million internal combustion engine vehicles, according to a high of over 90 million beginning of the coming decade. The merit in the classic market of the burns is rather more interesting, according to the supplier, as companies in so-called niches have little to fear new competition, as they also align themselves in the long term on alternative drives. The suppliers are strongly based on their investments and future plans to the sales objectives of the manufacturers. Volkswagen and Daimler performed for 2025 a sales share of electric cars in total sales of up to 25 percent. According to Elringklinger a quite realistic number.

Among other things, the company benefits that in an electric car per vehicle can be achieved significantly higher sales than those with internal combustion engine. A unit for fuel cell cars brings, for example, sales of several thousand euros upwards. The technology that was still not used in Germany was especially in demand in China. In the medium term, the fuel cell will prevail according to the company’s assessment. Which is due to the longer range as well as the simpler conversion of gas stations on hydrogen bin. The future will show whether the supplier is right with its prognosis.

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