ElringKlinger: Transporter for urban spaces with fuel cell systems

ElringKlinger: Transporter for urban spaces with fuel cell systems-elringklinger

The order pipeline of EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH (EKPO), the joint venture of ElringKlinger (60%) and Plastic Omnium (40%), continues to fill up. In mid-May, it became known that an order with a planned total volume in the high double-digit Mio.-Euro area was placed to finally realize delivery vehicles with an environmentally friendly drive in urban rooms. The start of the series production of stacks is planned for the first half of 2022.

The million heavy order was placed by the Aachener Mobility Company AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS). This has eKPO several years exclusively commissioned, NM5-EVO fuel cell stacks with a planned total volume in the high double-digit Mio.-To supply euro area. The stacks are designed for the criteria of performance, longevity as well as smoothness. These are used in fuel cell delivery vehicles.

ElringKlinger assumes that the “fuel cell market after the first start-up phase is properly at the latest between 2025 and 2030” becomes properly “. To be prepared for this, with Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE has been agreed to advance hydrogen-based fuel cell technology. Together, you want to accelerate fuel cell development as we have reported at the end of October. This also benefits AEDs, which place on the latest product of the stack family of EKPPO. This convincing in addition to the comparatively low weight, through a high power spectrum of up to 76 kW in printing mode. “In addition, the stack design offers optimal conditions for scaling and modularization, thus enabling the end customer a flexible and efficient design of the usage application,” says ElringKlinger in the associated press release.

AEDs is not a blank sheet in the field of e-mobility, the core team of AEDs is responsible for the development of the battery-powered Streetscooter. Now it uses its experience for the use of fuel cell-powered vehicles in conjunction with new mobility concepts in urban regions. In addition to CEO Tobias Reil, formerly member of the management and production manager at Streetscooter GmbH, the shareholders are part of the Aeds team,. Achim Kampker, co-founder of Streetscooter GmbH, as well as Stefanie and Alexander Peters, Managing Partner of the Neuman & Esser Group, which covers the complete value chain from the production, compaction, promotion and storage of hydrogen and green gases.

The self-set goals of EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies do not appear small. So planned in the field of fuel cell technology by 2030 a market share of 10 to 15% and thus to generate sales between 700 million and one billion euros.

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  1. The fuel cell representatives must probably give rise to plenty of money and gain experience, otherwise they simply do not come to the insight that the fuel systems do not expect.

    Scania has learned from the trucks and Daimer with the cars that the future is battery-electric with these vehicles – the rest must probably be “the hot stove”.

  2. This with the hydrogen will find its place in the concept of CO2 neutral energy supply. But the market is not “delivery vehicles for urban traffic”, but heavy load on long-distance, ships, aircraft, stationary power buffer and possibly. Heat supply. Well, if you have customers, you should build. Dummer will not you &# 128578;


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