EnBW builds fast latch network to Trigema locations

EnBW builds fast latch network to Trigema locations-fast

With the Swabian family business Trigema, the Energy Sustainery EnBW has won a strong partner for the expansion of the rapid store network in Germany. As the largest German manufacturer of sports and leisure wear and operators of our own test shops, Trigema has a location throughout Germany, where electric riders can be loaded comfortably and quickly and can do their purchases during their shopping. For this purpose, together with EnBW, as an operator of one of the largest rapid store networks in Germany, will provide up to 21 Trigema locations in the future with services of up to 300 kilowatts in the future. There are electric cars depending on the vehicle model in five minutes electricity for 100 kilometers range. So Trigema customers easily connect the charging process with your purchase.

The EnBW network offers today with more than 40.000 charging points of one of the largest shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This envs the EnBW now by up to 21 ultra-speed loading locations, so that customers of Trigema can also load on site during their shopping. “We want e-mobility to be easy for all easily and everywhere,” explains Timo Sillober, distribution leader of EnBW. “For us it is a strong signal that Trigema shares this understanding and provides its customers’ inside and all E-motorists with us with us simple e-mobility solutions.”

This year, the first Trigema test transactions with up to four publicly accessible ultra-speed load points of EnBW are to be equipped. Thus, the two companies together create other possibilities for E motorists to benefit from short loading times. Depending on the size and location of the Trigema test transactions, individual locations should be expanded later to loading hubs, where up to eight electric cars can be charged at the same time.

“We want to offer our clientele the best possible shopping experience. This also includes the possibility of loading its electric car while shopping on site. We are pleased that we can offer this added value in the future and with the EnBW the market leader in E-mobility on our side.”- Wolfgang Grupp, Managing Director and Owner Trigema

Their responsibility as a pioneer of an e-mobile future takes the EnBW seriously and actively shapes the sustainable mobility transition, the company in a recent press release. As part of the EnBW network, the energy company has built with more than 350 fast-loading locations of one of the largest rapid store networks in Germany and consistently expand this. At the beginning of 2021, 1000 EnBW’s fast-loading locations should be in operation. “In doing so, we focus on the close cooperation with different, well-known and attractive partners from the areas of trading, petrol stations and resting facilities,” says Tobias Sailer, Sales Manager Electromobility at EnBW.

The EnBW would also pursue the course in the course of the expansion of the nationwide charging infrastructure in the future in the future via country borders. Subject to the antitrust examination, it will promote the development of fast load infrastructure with the joint venture SMatrics Mobility + also in Austria.

The high-speed loading columns of Trigema sites are available all E motorists around the clock. Who uses the EnBW Mobility + App and Charging Card starts and pays the charging process without contact – and throughout the EnBW network. Everywhere there e-motorists also invite numerous charging columns of other operators and always pay the same price per kilowatt hour – fair and transparent.

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