EnBW: Despite e-car boom no pension gap in the public shop

EnBW: Despite e-car boom no pension gap in the public shop-pension

In the beginning of February, we reported that the ENBW ENBW, a pioneer in the construction of loading infrastructure for electric cars, a “ruinous competition for stock infrastructure” feared. The reason for this is the new charging column promotion. Nevertheless, one does not seem to receive from the plan to expand its own public shop in 2021 further massively. This was the part of the company after the successful commissioning of the 500. Fast loading location known.

By the end of the year, it should be twice as many. 1.000 Locations for ultra-fast charging should then be found in the Hypernetz of EnBW. Timo Sillober, who is responsible for electromobility activities in ENBW as Chief Sales & Operations Officer, forecast: “With the doubling of the locations, we will almost triple our quick loading points until the end of the year in Germany.”Already in early February 2021, the company maintains the largest rapid store network in Germany and accelerates the further expansion in urban space as well as long-distance traffic routes.

The company is confident that the EnBW rapid store network is ready for the growing number of newly approved electric cars. According to the Federal Office (KBA), the number of newly authorized electric cars has more than doubled compared to the previous year. A start-up, which is fully positive at the EnBW:

“2020 stands for the breakthrough of e-mobility. Of course, this brings a massive demand for demand for charging options, which we look forward but left. Because currently nobody drives the expansion of fast load infrastructure as fast as we do. Last year alone, we have created 250 new locations with High Power Chargers (HPC) – so that is almost every second newly built ultra-fast load location in Germany from us.”- Timo Sillober, CSO e-mobility at EnBW

Sillober to understand that the number of own fast loading locations has grown to 450 last year. At the beginning of 2021 you already have 500 locations. All this follows the commitment which EnBW has met at the Laden Retail Summit in December 2020. There, the company has promised a rapid expansion of public loading infrastructure. More than 100 million euros, the company invests annually nationwide in the expansion of the shop network. “We draw our investment program and thus consistently expand our quick-release network. So we enable needs-based invite and can take into account the rising number of e-cars, “says Sillober.

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6 thoughts on “EnBW: Despite e-car boom no pension gap in the public shop”

  1. Fast loaders are also a need for success for the E-car in urban space. Unfortunately, you will have to go in advance and build overcapacities, otherwise the inhibition threshold remains too big.

  2. ENBW Despite E-Auto Boom No Supply Low Opportunity Network” – My God, what a ridiculous teaser. The ‘boom’ is based on a comparatively small number of E cars. To knock on the shoulder, I find pretty inappropriate.

  3. The cable infrastructure is not designed for this. With “correct” fast load columns no PVC cables are laid normally. How do you want to follow? Streams, temperature etc, that does not fit all the current network structure?

  4. If EnBW remains with reasonable pricing, this development is only welcome. The Raulbritter BSW. Ionity can still build so many charging stations – I will consistently avoid!

  5. I’m curious what’s going on when the e-auto boom is properly wins ride and that he is inevitably already by emission legislation.
    When it starts correctly and constantly being taken fossil power plants and akw, s from the network
    Breaks everything together.
    You can not massively boot the electrical end guarantee consumption and at the same time
    throttle energy production.


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