EnBW Fast Label Karlsruhe: 12 charging points up to 300 kW charging power

EnBW Fast Label Karlsruhe: 12 charging points up to 300 kW charging power-charging

12 charging points with up to 300 kilowatt charging power were put into operation today on Wednesday on the first EnBW quick loading park in Karlsruhe. Officially opened the fast load site of Karlsruhes Lord Mayor Frank Mentrup and EnBW boss Frank Mastiaux. At the end of 2020, the Quick Load Park was put into operation as part of the project “Urbane Quick Load Parks Baden-Wurttemberg” (USP-BW) funded by the Ministry of Transportation Baden-Wurttemberg.

Who wants to stop finds the new park directly at the shopping center in the Durlacher Allee 111 and allows ultra-fast shop with a capacity of up to 300 kilowatts total twelve high power charging (HPC) charging points. Thus, E-motorists should be possible within just five minutes of electricity for up to 100 kilometers of reach to load. It is used for this exclusively eco flow as at all EnBW charging points in Germany.

“Loading comfortable and ultra-fast while shopping – the new park underlines our goal as a city and actively make the mobility turnaround. By expanding the charging infrastructure in Karlsruhe we go another step towards new and climate-friendly mobility.”- Frank Metrup, Lord Mayor Karlsruhe

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann expresses itself as follows to the Karlsruhe quick load capacity: “With urban fastaders, the everyday use of electromobility is further secured and reliable boost locations for fast reloading also created for use without private charging option.”ENBW gives Mastiaux to understand that the expansion of fast load parks has strategic importance and is therefore consistently addressed. “Especially in urban space is the possibility to load during short stops and errands. Or even if you have no way at home. These are important building blocks to integrate the electromobility into the everyday life of the people and help them to break through. “With the Land Baden-Wurttemberg and the city of Karlsruhe we have the right partners on our side,” concluding Mastiaux.

As part of the USP-BW project, EnBW establishes a total of 16 urban fast load parks in the 15 largest cities of Baden-Wurttembergs. Two locations in Stuttgart are already in operation; More consequences this year. The energy company operates with more than 450 locations nationwide the largest high-speed network for electromobility. This year, the EnBW wants this number to 1.000 Quick-loading locations more than double and invests around 100 million only until 2025. Euro annually in the further expansion of the charging infrastructure.

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  1. I believe is priced there EnBW find a good way.
    EnBW is M.E The only Ahre Freudn of Electromobility i D.

    What they have put on the legs in the short time and provide really fair prices compared to the usuers at E.On, ionity etc.

    This company has the future

    And that with the roof was certainly not at EnBW &# 128521;
    Authority awareness ….

    It remains exciting

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