EnBW Hypernetz grows on nine countries with more than 190.000 charging points

EnBW Hypernetz grows on nine countries with more than 190.000 charging points-enbw

The EnBW expands the charging options for E motorists over additional national borders: EnBW Mobility + Customers abroad can now also load their vehicles in Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein – to everywhere uniform prices. With this renewed expansion, the EnBW Hypernetz now includes a total of more than 190.000 charging points in nine European countries.

Alone within the last ten months, one of the leading e-mobility providers has increased the number of charging opportunities for its customers by 90 percent. In addition to the core market in Germany, where EnBW operates one of the largest rapid store networks of the country itself, ENBW customers were able to load their E-cars anywhere in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Netherlands before expansion.

“Electromobility does not end at a national border – for travel freedom also requires longer trips abroad. The easy loading in other countries is the prerequisite for this. Therefore, we permanently enlarge the loading options for our customers outside Germany and raise them literally limits for them, “explains Timo Sillober, who is responsible for E-Mobility as Chief Sales and Operations Officer the ENBW area.

There are uniform and transparent prices for ENBW Mobility + customers in all nine markets: “We enable nationwide loading at the same tariff – no matter where the loading point operator, in which country, at what time time, or whether on the highway. So we create cost transparency for e-motorists at any time, “adds Sillober.

The EnBW also builds the ENBW in rapid tempo nationwide in Germany: Thus, she operates around every second HPC location (High Power Charging) of the highest performance class up to 300 kilowatts, which has gone 2020 to the grid and is already one of the largest high-speed networks of Germany today. By 2025, the company plans to build a total of 2500 corresponding locations nationwide. The EnBW invests around 100 million euros annually until the middle of the decade.

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2 thoughts on “EnBW Hypernetz grows on nine countries with more than 190.000 charging points”

  1. For me currently the best charging electricity provider. Too bad only the AC loaders are not always supported in our environment. Otherwise, I am very satisfied.

  2. Wonderful that limits are lifted here. Unfortunately, ENBW has little five months after we had bought our first electric car, audited the beautiful, ADAC ‘tariff and the prices increased.
    This will also go so on with increasing e-mobility until we will totally pull us over the table at final combustion.


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