ENEL X and VW equip Italy with high-performance charging points

ENEL X and VW equip Italy with high-performance charging points-italy

ENEL X, the business area for advanced energy solutions of the ENEL Group, and the Volkswagen Group have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with equal partners to promote the dissemination of electric vehicles in Italy. Together you will invest in a high power charging (HPC) network and build it between 2021 and 2025 and operate. In Italy, more than 3.000 charging points with up to 350 kW each.

The joint venture between ENEL X and Volkswagen focuses on city centers, important commuter trails and important connection lines outside the cities. The joint venture wanted to increase the acceptance of electric vehicles in drivers who have no private parking in the city. For this purpose, a capillary network of charging points should be provided. Following this, the riches of the rides will reduce drivers and drivers of E-vehicles, according to the acceptance of the joint venture. In addition, a quick and comfortable loading will be possible to travel.

Francesco Venturini, CEO of ENEL X, explained: “We share a common vision for the global electrification of traffic with Volkswagen, so a partnership with them was close to us: the energy transition needs teamwork. The EU automotive industry and the energy sector have the necessary know-how and the funds to advance the energy transition as soon as possible, whereby the electrification of the transportation is one of the main axes.”From Pages VW gives Thomas Schmall, Member of the Executive Board of Volkswagen AG, to understand:” Volkswagen wants to massively promote the loading infrastructure worldwide. The joint venture with ENEL X will be more than 3.000 Install high performance charging stations to around 700 locations. This is a big step for e-mobility in Italy and Europe.”

With the current construction project in Italy, VW wants to 2025 18.Providing 000 High Power Charging Points on the Continent – this makes a third of the necessary high power charging infrastructure in Europe. The network will also be accessible to various mobility service providers, among other things through interoperability platforms. The two parents will introduce their core competencies in the field selection, installation and operation to support the rapid structure of the network of charging points.

In addition, ENEL X will support the joint venture with service contracts to provide its e-mobility technology and its know-how for the start-up phase. The conclusion of the business between ENEL X and the Volkswagen Group is subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approval in connection with the “Golden Power Procedure” by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers and the approval of the competent antitrust authorities.

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  1. If you go from the ionity typical 4-6 loading places per location are then 750 or 500 charging parks.
    If one goes -How with Tesla – from the average 10-20 loading places per location, then these are only 300 or even 150 charging parks &# 128521;

    Of course, there are a lot better because 3000 sound &# 128521;

    Be it drum – the main thing is progressing


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