Energy expert: “Goals are not enough – we have to act!”

Energy expert:

In terms of climate protection, the Energy Economist Claudia Kemfert is a bad testimony. “The work of the black-red federal government is not enough,” says the professor in an interview with the Ausburg general. The scientist heads the Department of Energy, Transport, Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research.

Basically, the world did not do enough to stop climate change, so kemfert. The problem has been known for 40 years. But you do not achieve anything with goals. “We have finally come to active acting.”The CO2 tax in Germany is not done from its own drive, but according to a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court that the loads of climate protection should not always be recurred for future generations.

First decisive point is after Kemferts view a quadrupling of the current expansion empos with renewable energies. For this requires Germany solar energy on all roofs and more wind energy – also in Bavaria. New wind turbines are higher, but could also produce significantly more electricity. You should not have to go through again complicated approval procedures on existing locations, requires professor. The energy system of the future must be flexible, intelligent and decentralized.

The second important point is the road, so kemfert. “We have to build tracks instead of roads. Can be flanked with a bundle of measures, from the car toll, a quota for electric vehicles via a speed limit on highways to higher diesel controls.”And third, climate protection is the transformation of the industry – such as green hydrogen. Overall, so Kemfert, a fully supply of Germany with renewable energies is possible.

Fossil energy is used very inefficient, it says in the interview. In the internal combustion engine, 60 to 80 percent of energy were lost unused. With green electricity in the electric car, on the rail or with heat pumps, the efficiency increase massive. But just then. Kemfert: “On the other hand, we dream of operating all vehicles and heaters in the country with synthetic power and boilers produced using green electricity, then we indeed come to a quadruple up to secure the electricity demand. That does not make sense and economically not efficient.”

A CO2 prize alone could not regulate the change, so professor. There will be a strong control by the state necessary. Otherwise the price would have to be 200 euros per ton of CO2 – currently there are 25 euros for heating and fuels. The gasoline prices would then rise by around 50 cents per liter. “The FDP suggests that a CO2 price helps the climate, but this should be low. A low CO2 prize does not deploy a steering effect.”

In addition, Kemfert demands a coal exit until 2030. But so far, however, there are few politicians who have expressed this openly. “With a coal outward phase 2038 we will not reach the just agreed climate goals.”Electricity is still too expensive, for example, fossil energy to cheap. This imbalance must be removed in an energy tax and tax reform – for example by reducing the EEG surcharge.

Through an annual climate premium per capita, social problems could be avoided, so kemfert. With this the CO2 price could be refunded completely. With a CO2 price of around 80 euros per ton, you could expect more than 130 euros per year and recipient. Money would benefit the money, especially the low-income households, which cause the least greenhouse gases, but the most suffering. To further increase the increased commuter flat rate adopted by the Federal Government, on the other hand, benefits of the recipients of medium and high income.

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8 thoughts on “Energy expert: “Goals are not enough – we have to act!””

  1. The problem is which party should implement this? The CDU and FDP will not do it. The Greens can only environmental protection. Unfortunately, but no economic policy and certainly not a meaningful asylum policy. So what should you choose around the o.G. Put out points? These also cover 100% with my opinion.

    – PV obligation for all new buildings
    The additional costs are 10-15k € (if that is not possible, you should consider whether you should really build)
    – additional parking spaces with PV roofs (sealed surfaces)
    – No additional area consumption for PV
    – Replace old wind locations
    – relieve with CO2 control weak income
    – landlord to participate in CO2 tax to favor CO2 arms heating

    I think here would be sufficient ways to consume no other surfaces and still giant steps to make forward. Then you can possibly. save the big routes North South.

  2. Dear Mr. Uecker, their lump-sum statements to the Greens leaves deep – in Baden Wurttemberg, the “black” economic policy after 2 decades have also said or intended – wrong – aside – by the auto industry, moves a lot in the right direction.
    If I look at Bayern with BMW plugins and 10h rule, I know exactly where I am on the 26th.09.21 will make my two crosses

    – By the way, just because of the “black” asylum policy &# 128521;

  3. A very meeting status report of Mrs. Professional.Kemfert, who also deals with statements of others
    Climate research covers. It is already very questionable that the policy and economy has ignored the research results of the climate researchers for decades to put their interests through. Profitgier is still the driver. Such a low-confined society as in Germany has hard to tackle these problems. There is z.B. The speed limit on highways, what LT.Surveys advocating a vast majority of the population, but the policy does not translate because lobbyists do it against it. That would be a measure of many who are not
    Costs would cause with great effect.The paradigm shift in politics, business and
    Company is absolutely necessary to stop climate change.

  4. An important statement – if it should be unnoticed.

    Kemfert: “When On the other hand, we dream of it, All vehicles and heaters in the country with synthetic power and boilers to operate, the Created by green electricity were, then we come to a Quadruple up to secure the electricity demand. That does not make sense and economically not efficient.”

    Battery electrically can be used to achieve environmental and climate protection relatively easy, low maintenance and cheap. If favorable memory will now come, then the combustion techniques in vehicles and households have lost price.

    The big problem is still the current policy and the lobby of burns, coal, H2 and E-Fuels – but this problem can be eliminated with a cross in the right place in the general election.

  5. I think you should be careful that political discussion stays out here in the forum outside. You already have enough of it in other press media and forums
    thank you.

  6. very reasonable measures, but to find political majorities is likely to be very difficult.
    Tempolimit and restrictions on car traffic are controversial with us even with us.

    But you can not give up hope. Through the flood catastrophe, however, are one or the other woken up

  7. A lot of talk in politics and no action. Who drives e car, install solar systems on the roof, the oil heater replaced by a ground probe heating is far from a green. Maybe he just has a healthy sense and has already acted and invested instead of talking.
    For free you do not get that. But with waiver of traveling in the world and save this gradually can be implemented.
    “In my car there are no leather gloves of the previous owner! ” Understood?

  8. I’m curious how the future will develop in the used car sector.
    Today “land” yes many vehicles then sometime in Eastern Europe, in North Africa, in other or less distant regions. Will that be the case with clean electrical? Or will remain in domestically, and at some point there recycled? At least I have no feeling for and no forecast.


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