Energy fleet Enviam should drive electrically up to 2026

Energy fleet Enviam should drive electrically up to 2026-drive

The Enviam Group sets electromobility in its pool vehicles. By 2026 at the latest, the entire passenger car fleet of the East German Energy Service Provider based in Chemnitz should be converted. Currently the company already has 70 electrically powered car pool vehicles. For the year 2021, the acquisition of 60 other electric cars is planned. In addition to the pool cars, further vehicles, such as fitter vehicles, are to be converted to climate-friendly drives in perspective.

The Enviam Group has already carried out first test rides with electric vehicles in the early 1990s. Since 2010, this integral part of the car pool vehicle fleet, as the company is announced. All employees receive a digital instruction before departure. Due to the missing charging network, the company of the company used vehicles initially only for ministries with low distances. Meanwhile, according to its own statement, longer routes are covered with the climate-friendly drive. The energy service provider emphasizes to acquire all electric cars in regional car dealerships. For leasing, around 400 are annually.000 Euro spent.

In order to enable a trouble-free loading of electric vehicles, the Enviam Group has equipped all corporate locations with charging columns. Currently there are 64 charging columns with 135 charging points. The shop’s network should now be further expanded in order to enable even those employees to load the electric vehicles private as well. New charging columns are planned 2021 at the Chemnitz, Grimma, Halle (Saale), Kabelsketal and Markkleeberg. So far, the energy service provider has around 850.000 Euro invested in the charging infrastructure at its company locations. The Enviam Group is the leading regional energy service provider in East Germany. The corporate network provides just under 1.3 million customers with electricity, gas, heat and energy services.

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