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A team of Hyundais engineers showed what can be built from a disused electric car. Because recycling does not always have to mean the simple dismantling and recycling of the individual parts. In the case of the IONIQ 5, which you can also see in the video, it became a powerful air filter that also looks good.

The South Korean car manufacturer goes a new way to disposal of pre -series vehicles. Since these vehicles cannot be sold, they usually end up in the scrap site or are passed on to journalists after the premiere. Nevertheless, it hurts car lovers in the soul when these prototypes are simply destroyed after a short lifespan. There has to be a better alternative? This is exactly what Hyundai thought and, with a pre -series model of the Ioniq 5, a team of engineers asked to make something meaningful from it.

The end result has nothing in common with an electric car

Carbuzz reports that the Ioniq 5 used for this was previously used in noise and wind tunnel test. As can be seen in the YouTube video "Rebirth", ie "rebirth", the engineers disassemble the Ioniq 5 except for the last screw. After that, the team thought about which everyday object could be built from the individual parts. The speed at which the employees disassemble the car is impressive. At the same time, it is interesting to see how a car is taken apart without destroying it. Even if some readers now think that a naked e-racing car only with a steering wheel, seat and the skateboard platform would be significantly cooler, the engineers from Hyundai were responsible and built something completely different: an air filter.

Engineers disassemble Hyundai Ioniq 5: and make an everyday object - News from it-ioniq
Hyundai Worldwide / YouTube Engineers disassemble Hyundai Ioniq 5: and tinker an everyday object from it

Engineers prove fine hands in design

A product was created that does not look like a quickly screwed "scrap heap" at all. Instead, one has the impression that it is a product developed for years and planned down to the last detail. There is an aluminum cladding on the top, the former LED delights serve as a status display for the battery charge. For the interior, the engineers used the fan of the Ioniq and the associated interior filter. Even if it will be the most expensive air filter in the world, the Hyundai team also created one of the most beautiful of its kind.

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