“ENOVATE” – Premium brand of Dear CC starts with E-SUV

Dearcc was considered one of the first NEV start-ups in China, which brought its own E-vehicle to the market. Meanwhile, one is facing the same challenges as other start-ups, which just want to start in the electrified market. All you need to obtain permits from the government to meet the specifications that you promised investors and customers. Nevertheless, the plan of Dearcc sees a new product from Dearcc until 2023 every year and thus an annual production capacity of 200.To achieve 000 units.

So far, the company was mainly with compact and affordable electric cars as the EV10 on the market. Now you go to another vehicle parties: SUVS. With the new premium brandEnovate” you want to get in this segment. This was a reason for the start-up to participate in the Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer Xihu car. Thus, you have acquired the rights to run a crossover from the band in its production facility. A total of around $ 497 million was invested in order to expand the existing XiHU manufacturing base. The first vehicle of “Enovate” is the already mentioned SUV, which arises in cooperation with Xihu car, this should come with 500 kilometers reach.

Furthermore, one has planned for medium-term three vehicle platforms, which are already designed for intelligent and crosslinked driving, at Dearcc. In the next five years, a total of eight models should be brought to the Chinese market. By 2025, Dearcc calls around 360 as a sales target.000 units per year. You want to work both in the private car market as well as in the leasing, luxury car and sharing segment.

For this reason, one has opened in strategically relevant metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shaoxing and Changsha so-called “Brand-Experience Center”. Especially these experiencing centers are reminiscent of the sales model of Tesla and also Byon. In addition, the company entertains partnerships with Star Charge, Teld and Tuhu.CN to establish a loading and aftersales network.

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