Esprinter comes in 2019 with two battery capacities to choose from

Esprinter comes in 2019 with two battery capacities to choose from-battery

On the previously presented Evito should follow no later than 2019 of the ESPRINTER. This is considered as a segment finder with the large vans and is the perfect companion when the vehicle is to be used as a rolling workshop or also as a spacious delivery vehicle. First, the ESPRINTER is offered as a box carriage with a high roof, as well as a permissible total weight of 3.500 kilograms. The maximum charging volume achieved as with the sprinter with internal combustion engine 10.5 m³.

With regard to the battery capacity of the ESPRINTER from Mercedes, you have the choice between two packages. So there is one with 55 kWh, which offers an estimated range of around 150 kilometers at a maximum payload of 900 kilograms. Alternatively, one can set a capacity of 41 kWh, this allows a range of around 115 kilometers. In return, the maximum payload increases by around 140 kilograms to about 1040 kilograms.

The electric drive in the Esprinter provides 84 kW with a torque of up to 300 Newton meters like the diesel entry unit. As with the Evito, the maximum speed can be configured suitable for use: to a maximum speed of 80 km / h or up to 120 km / h when it has to go faster.

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