Essel plans massive invest to build a loading infrastructure for electric vehicles in India

Essel plans massive invest to build a loading infrastructure for electric vehicles in India-plans

Essel InfraProjects has announced that one plans to RS 1.750 Crore (~ 218.264.232 euros) in a staggered way to invest. The Invest should flow in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as in battery change stations. The construction of 250 charging stations and 1 is planned.000 battery change stations in 20 cities of Uttar Pradesh, a North Indian state with the city of Agra and the legendary Taj Mahal.

The Chairman of the Essel Group, Subhash Chandra gave to understand that with the start of this initiative to strengthen cooperation with the state and to make a contribution to the vision of the government of clean mobility. The introduction of electric vehicles in a holistic manner will improve the country’s transport infrastructure and also create jobs.

The project will also increase the ecosystem of electric vehicles in effectively, as one is also in the acquisition of 25.000 E-Rikshas will invest, the 50.To create 000 jobs in the country. Essel InfraProJECTS Ltd (Eil) Project also has to reduce the cost of battery charge, as well as the operating costs per km to reduce the level of CNG vehicles (natural gas vehicles) or other alternative fuels. With this project, the company wants to improve the living standards of the driver by increasing their income.

Also fits the plans of June 2018. There was already talk of that in India the costs for the production of cells under 15.000 RS (CA. 190 euros) want to lower per kW to replace the lead acid battery. In addition, the import of e-batteries should be reduced and more produced in their own country.

In addition, all two square kilometers of battery change options are offered, which are supported by a digital application, so that the drivers can find the nearby change station. The battery can be changed in two to three minutes, which increases the productivity of the vehicle. The project will start from Ghazabad and follow other cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Noida, Meerut and Varanasi.

It is certain that the project will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry in India. In particular, the e-riksha segment, as the drivers do not need their own vehicles or batteries and their business can start without great investment and without complicated documentation or collateral. Furthermore, the government to commit taxi companies and public transport operators to commit their fleets to at least one percent of E-vehicles.

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