EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, binding charging station timetable for


EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, but binding charging station timetable for electric cars

EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, binding charging station timetable for-binding
Cattle man A plug-in hybrid on a charging station for electric cars on the highway

The EU wants to advance electromobility and calls for binding requirements for the charging station expansion – a topic in which Germany has presented comparatively well. EU industrial commissioner Thierry Breton, however, rejects a prohibition policy.

Breton has spoken out to oblige the Member States to set up a tank and charging infrastructure for fuel cell and electric cars. "I want the Member States to get binding requirements for building an infrastructure for alternative drives," said Breton of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and the "Monday) (Monday). "The requirements could be based on the fleet size of cars with an electric drive or fuel cell in the respective Member State," said Breton. As a EU law, he calls for a regulation from Brussels. EU requirements would have to be implemented one-to-one into national legislation. The Member States then have no way for their own interpretation.

Technology professional checks new electro-Mazda: Why this electric car is missing a petrol engine

EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, binding charging station timetable for-petrol-prohibition

Site Technology professional checks new electro-Mazda: Why this electric car is missing a petrol engine

Charging column structure planned centrally in Brussels?

To regulate the car manufacturers, Breton said that he wouldn’t think of a Brussels ban on the production of combustion engines. It is crucial that the EU goal of climate neutrality was reached in 2050. “The electric car will have an important role, but the fuel cell and synthetic fuels are also required.»Breton added:« Here politics is cleverly advised to leave the company free of charge.»

Not just focus on the electric car

Breton confirmed that his proposal announced for the next stage for the next stage of the pollutant regulation of cars and delivery vans (Euro 7) would be ambitious: «We want to make the internal combustion engine as clean as it is technically possible.»Euro 7 will demand a high financial contribution to the manufacturer for the pollutant optimization of the burner. Breton also emphasized: «The Commission will make sure that the cost of mobility for consumers does not get out of hand.»The production of small and mid-range cars in Europe should also be worthwhile in the future.

Mandatory from today: electric cars must be heard

EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, binding charging station timetable for-station

Site Mandatory from today: electric cars must be heard

Everything about electromobility

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8 thoughts on “EU Commissioner: No petrol-prohibition, binding charging station timetable for”

  1. Hi
    I think I read myself because the gentleman writes …. You don’t look at the costs … The tomatoes have the rudder on its eyes .Should re -calculate what the German citizen has to shell out just because …. Think that they save the world with it . They drive the country on the wall and then nobody wants to be good that nothing is lost on the Internet . LG

  2. Turn of the turn ?
    Well, wait and see how the definitions are or whether they can be implemented at all. Otherwise I see black for the auto industry. The need for battery cars is limited due to the charging problem. You can read what you like here from the battery fans, you cannot hide the reality. For the home -like home with solar on the booth, this is not a problem. Very well for the majority without your own garage/parking space….. Not everyone likes/can practice the charging shopping Aldi, Ikea, MacDonalds and snort electricity there !

  3. Something must finally be moved
    I can only hope that Mr. Breton is interpring the EU law so that it is no longer worth buying a burner for a car buyer. We finally have to say goodbye to the environmentally polluted dirty slingshots

  4. how embarrassing
    Every educated person knows that combustion engines are no longer at all environmentally polluted than e-cars. If one calculates the production of the battery, the E-Auto CO2-damaged and generally more environmentally damaged due to the materials used for the materials used. So please, first inform, then think, then write comments…

  5. Just take a look
    Whether Mr. Breton is serious about the "no burner ban" or not depends on the design of the Euro7 standard. If the EU formulates this standard in such a way that its specifications are not technically realized or. Technically only realized with very high financial efforts or can only be met by very, very small cars, the new Euro7 standard would be a defact ban on the combustion engineers. The Eurocrats in Brussels can only be believed to be their promises if a practicable EU law for the continued operation of combustion engines, i.e. a technically also implementable euro 7 standard for mid-range and luxury cars has been adopted.

  6. Regulations
    do not use anything. It is also of no use to establish a requirement for a special number of charging stations if the power grid does not have something. The number of vehicles of a certain type of drive is determined by infrastructural requirements. Then a shoe becomes out of it.

  7. Hear hear
    There is obviously less foreign to this EU Commissioner than some forests here. They want to prohibit all the combustion engines and only build Teslas. Which would of course fail completely because of reality. That is why Mr. Breton’s suggestions are very reasonable. So it can work.

  8. How embarrassing @Horst tragos
    First think and then write comments. This applies in particular to you and your comment. An electric car, depending on the size and performance, drives an average of 40,000 to 60000km until it has driven out its CO2 footprint. After that, it drives 100% CO2 neutrally while combustion engines continue to pollute the environment until their end of life. In addition, you have not given any alternative to e-cars.


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