Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate – EU is compromised

New car rules

Petrol ban would be in charge of climate: EU 7 compromises in the case of exhaust gas standard

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-harmful
Cattle man One of the last "Muscle Cars": BMW wants to continue to offer models such as the X6 with petrol engine in addition to new electric models

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In the future, drivers will remain the freedom of choice between different drive types? According to expert consultations, the EU apparently wants to rethink its euro 7 rules again. These would be a ban on new registration for non-electric cars.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info The European Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) has presented its recommendations for the new emissions standard Euro 7. According to information from the Association of Automotive Indistrian (VDA), some rules are no longer provided for that in fact would have hardly enabled the new registration of cars with petrol and diesel engines (Site had reported about it). “The plans for the new Euro 7 standard for cars presented today show that the EU Commission has accepted the limits of what is technically feasible and has said goodbye to unattainable goals. This is a good sign for citizens in Europe and also for environmental protection", said VDA President Hildegard Muller.

Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-euro

Site Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

The planned changeover of the measuring system to all times in use without exception "A factual ban on the combustion engine means", So Muller continues. The EU proposal would have prevented this, "that the latest and cleanest car generation can come onto the market and instead ensure that old cars are driven longer". This is not in the sense of the German and European climate protection goals.

Euro 7: "Elektro only"-Strategy tilted?

The crux of the planned euro 7 rules was above all the so-called boundary conditions of the real operating measurements (RDE) of exhaust gases in road traffic, which have been part of the approval since the currently valid emissions standard Euro 6 d.

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-harmful
Clove The EU wants new RDE tests ("Real Drive Emissions") With the Euro 7 emissions standard, reduce the pollutant emissions to zero-according to the engine experts, a thing of the impossibility

Because all systems for exhaust gas aftertreatment, such as modern SCR catalysts for diesel vehicles, need a certain operating temperature to achieve an optimal cleaning effect. The first kilometers after the engine start are therefore produced more exhaust gases, which are almost completely reduced after a short time. That is why the current Euro 6D vehicles also achieve extremely low pollutant emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Volvo XC 40 Charge Pure Electric in the first test: What can the expensive city SUV do?

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-petrol

Site Volvo XC 40 Charge Pure Electric in the first test: What can the expensive city SUV do?

Contrary to the real use of everyday life of most cars, the Euro 7 emissions standard should now not only map all extreme situations, but also prescribe an almost complete reduction in pollutants there from the first few meters, for example in the following situations:

  • Extremely low temperatures
  • Full throttle trips
  • High journeys
  • Trailer

The result would have been that new combustion engineers would no longer have been or only to be developed with high extra costs.

The manufacturer’s electrical strategy should hardly be influenced

What does the signal from Brussels to Euro 7 mean for the strategy of car manufacturers? Probably not much. The new, not yet finalized draft of the exhaust gas rules, also contains significant tightening compared to the current Euro 6d emissions standard. So it will probably remain with the plans of the car manufacturers to offer combustion engines only in certain vehicle segments, such as large SUVs. In addition, the EU remains in the preference of the electrical drive: the pollutants and CO2 emissions resulting from electricity production are ignored by the EU Commission, electric cars in the fleets of the manufacturers always counted with zero grams of CO2.

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-harmful

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For this reason alone, the far-reaching electrification plans will also change the German manufacturer with a defused EU7 standard; At least for all models that will be approved in the EU in the coming years. No matter whether Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Opel, Ford – all German car manufacturers are massively expanding their electrical model pallets in all segments.

Electrical registrations are increasing steadily

The number of admission also speaks a clear language. While the petrol engines in the current new numbering figures were able to record a slight plus again, the percentage of the largest growth was again in March for electrical and hybrid vehicles. This trend has been lasting for months. However: it is unclear, To what extent this development is completely or partially determined by the funding policy, The electric cars are currently massively favored by purchase premiums, tax gifts and company car rules.The well-known electric car critic and engine pope Fritz Indra assumes that emobility cannot completely replace the combustion engineers despite all the funding. "If politics wants to force e-mobility, this leads straight into an economic crisis. Customers are very satisfied with their current cars and can easily extend the holding time with the appropriate spare parts supply. But if the usual six-year cycle is interrupted by one, two or three years in new purchases, the economy has a huge problem. We recently had this location in the energy crisis. I’m curious to see who the culprit is then", so indra.

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Lithium needs tripled: BMW concludes contract with Argentine mining

Euro 7: Petrol ban would be harmful to the climate - EU is compromised-euro

Site Lithium needs tripled: BMW concludes contract with Argentine mining

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  1. Where are they all ?
    For years, the battery liters have been hyped in the media, new announcements of and every week … For years, the battery liters have been hyped in the media, new announcements from gamingers and any opponents of the DT every week. car industry. On the street, however, it looks more than poor with the batteries. Where are they or when do they come ? I see truck columns every day on the federal highways and highways. Why are they not the enemy image No. 1 ? There is a realistic, understandable explanation of the doomsome ? I can’t imagine…..

  2. I want myself to everyone
    Thank you trucks who have agreed to buy an electric car now. I just read a very interesting article about a Nissan Leaf that is almost nothing more in the United States after 5 years. The development of development in electric cars is extremely high, so that new models feel like it feels like it is felt. That alone reduces the value of the old models very strongly, because then hardly anyone wants to buy such a backward car after 3.4.5 years. Then I prefer to drive my 3 -year -old diesel for 10 years, tank abroad and then see what will be available in 10 years.

  3. Why the Nissan Leaf…
    after 5 years "as good as nothing" more value is to silence them elegantly. The vehicle has (different from most other e-cars) no battery management, D. H., There is no active cooling, which is why the batteries get too hot and the degradation is considerably accelerated. In most other models, the battery lasts considerably longer. The residual value of the used ones is considerably higher.

  4. Adjustment of the exhaust gas standard…
    – as was correct in the article – nothing to change the development. The combustion engine is replaced by e-mobility. Anyone who still believes today that they still have to drive their old burner for 20 years will soon find that an electric car is the better alternative overall (at the latest when you learn from the acquaintance and friends that all the prejudices have not confirmed in practice).

  5. Why only 20 years
    My oldest car is 65 this year and is still going well with an acceptable consumption. The car, of course, does not weigh 2000kg like the electronic waste but below 1000kg.

  6. All of China is happy…
    All of China and a small country named Korea… Audi A2 was stopped in 2005, Opel Ampera was on the market in 2010,… And now there are still off -road vehicles with a spoiler. Idiocracy 2

  7. I just got a new burner
    bought with a little additional electric drive inside. That’s how it fits for me. I hope it will last for the next 10-12 years

  8. A plugin hybrid makes…
    Environmentally only sense if that is mostly that "a little additional electric drive" is used and the combustion engine is only used on rare long distances. If it is the other way around for you, it was probably a mistake from the environmental protection perspective. It should also be borne in mind that such a hermaphrodite causes particularly high maintenance and repair costs.

  9. Then I no longer buy German cars
    There will always be foreign manufacturers that will offer combustion models. Import from the USA if necessary. Until then, I will continue to drive my 1989 Golf II. A petrol engine that runs and runs and still runs!

  10. @Stefan Reinhardt
    But the German auto industry will be annoyed when such an active customer falls away. Your last new car purchase was only 3 decades ago, or secretly drive another car so as not to break the historical Golf II?

  11. Who loves his old car and wonder how long
    Could it still go with the old one. He should go on YouTube "Michael Schuhmacher Dieselservice" Search. He saves old cars from scrap and then sells them. Then old cheap boxes continue to drive on our streets with little care. You don’t have to put your car in the press after a few years. In other countries, our cars are still driving for many years. They could do that here too. But we Germans have an image problem and often too much money.

  12. Exhaust gas standards
    From 1992 to 2011 we had EUR 1 to Euro 4, i.e. 4 standards in 19 years. Since 2011 to 2021, 14 standards, 14 !!!, to. Do not know where they will find something else to harass us drivers and to take the money out of our pockets. What do we do wrong that will be punished over and over again? It can’t just be due to the climate, sorry, that’s too naive for me to sell us.

  13. Landslike is missing
    The current norms were prevented by the lobby too long. Now everything comes back. One understands that nox, fine dust, soot, noise are simply bad, yes fatal to humans.

  14. The fairy tale fairy of the VDA
    A ban on combustion would be harmful to the climate. Says VDA President Ms. Muller. Because then the latest & cleanest car generation cannot come onto the market and old cars are driven longer instead. This is a fairy tale. It would only be true if the specific fuel consumption in new wagons would not increase the number of cars. Both is not the case. The average fuel consumption per 100 km of the cars newly approved in Germany in the past 10 years is stagnating around 7.8 l for petrol and 7 l for diesel. However, the number of cars is almost 7 million. gone up. A ban on combustion would therefore be a climate -friendly one after Adam Riese and the laws of physics. As Chancellor’s Minister of Chancellor, the lady still knew that.

  15. consumption
    That is 70 kWh at 100km!! With this, an electric car drives almost 400km. And now please turn on all the brain.

  16. Hi ?
    The experts in Brussels woke up ? Obviously slowly dawns at what they start. The battery hype is not, even if you want to sell it every day. Should also accept the alternative without an alternative, that the battery mobile is at best a supplement, but no replacement for everyone. At least stood today. Can be good that this has changed in 20 years….. If there are no more affordable combustion engines, you continue the existing one. Greetings from Cuba !

  17. Continue to drive old cars
    I wish you were right. Unfortunately, our Green Government could come up with a lot to prevent this, I am thinking of mineral oil tax, vehicle tax, CO2 tax and other tribulation measures…


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