Eurobike: Global bike summit on Lake Constance


Global bike summit on Lake Constance

Eurobike: Global bike summit on Lake Constance-constance
Despite the growing relevance, the fair has retained its relaxed and young atmosphere

Eurobike: Global bike summit on Lake Constance-global

Eurobike: Global bike summit on Lake Constance
What the automobileists the IAA is the Eurobike to the cyclists. The manufacturers are optimistic about the future, even if the bad weather summer has minimized business this year.

At the end of August, the international bicycle industry meets on Lake Constance to Eurobike and shows its innovations there. More than 20 years ago as a industry meeting of the racing bike and mountain bike scene, the fair has developed into one of the world’s most important leading fairs to this day. If there were just 200 exhibitors 20 years ago, around 1200 exhibitors from 100 countries will meet this year.
An industry meets on Lake Constance, the economic importance of which is largely unknown. In Germany, industry achieves economic output of 16 billion. Despite the growing relevance, the fair has retained its relaxed and young atmosphere, which is well received by the manufacturers. “For us, Eurobike is the most important public trade fair. It has become the world’s most important platform in our industry and has long since become a global bike, ”explains Mathias Seidler, CEO of the German market leader Derby Cycle.
The industry does not only benefit from the boom in the e-bikes, but also from the fact that the bicycle is increasingly seen as an expression of the individual personality and lifestyle object, especially among urban customers. In addition, the bike plays an increasingly important role as a sports equipment on forest floor and asphalt, whereby the electronics are also moving in here too. For example, the Japanese world market leader Shimano presents electronic gearboxes for sporty leisure bodies, and the suspension specialist Fox Racing Shox shows suspension forks and rear wheel dampers that communicate electronically from the coming season.
However, the good mood of the organizers and companies is currently being slightly clouded by the bad weather and the weak euro. In conventional bicycles, trade and manufacturers record a significant decline in the first half of the year due to the largely unusual summer (the exact figures are only published on the Eurobike), while e-bikes obviously address a weather-independent clientele. In this segment, the industry expects 400.000 bikes sold, so that the sales of the electrically supported two -wheelers have spoken out in the past five years. In the longer term, this wheels are believed to be a market share of 15 percent, which is not least due to the fact that the vehicles have stored the design of electrified rollators. "In the Netherlands," says Siegfried Neuberger, managing director of the two-wheeler industry association, "the e-bike market has already settled at this high level. This development will also be expected on the German market in the next few years."
However, customers will probably have to expect higher prices-not only for e-bikes. In the past few months, the euro has lost significantly compared to the dollar, and because most of the components and services based on dollars are bought in the bike industry, the conditions for the manufacturers have deteriorated considerably, so that price increases are likely. The slight decline in raw material costs is also compensated for by increasing the dollar course.
The Eurobike takes place from 28. August to 1. September instead. On audience day 1. September costs 14 euros at the box office.

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