Europe: Each 4. E-car comes from 1. Half year 2021 the VW Group

Europe: Each 4. E-car comes from 1. Half year 2021 the VW Group-e-car

In terms of e-mobility vw and co. get up slowly. Each sixth electric car worldwide comes from a German manufacturer. Such a current analysis of the company consultancy PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), which we have recently shared with you. However, if one considers Europe alone, it turns out that the VW Group indicates the sound. Every fourth electric car, which was admitted until the end of June 2021, comes from the VW Group.

From the 483.084 admitted e-cars come from 122.545 the VW Group. The streamers of VW, Audi, SKODA, SEAT and Porsche recorded their second high monthly admission volume (30.900). However, one is still behind the peak of December 2020 (31% share). At that time, the company tried to reach the EU CO2 fleet goals. How to just fail.

At the end of June, the view of model level appears mainly. For the top 10 models after E-cars, the Renault Zoe had to become the VW ID.3 are beaten again, which remains in place at the end of June. Unbeaten at the top, with almost twice as high heel, the Tesla Model 3 is still. On the ranks behind it changes a lot. In particular, the observation is interesting that even the sum of approvals of ID.3 and ZOE are not enough to catch up with the Tesla Model 3.

The VW ID.4 Shalls with a strong sales growth and pushes ahead again. Again in the top 4 of all remote e-cars in Europe. Due to the debut of the VW ID.4 In Europe, the sales of SUV and Crossover Stroms increased enormously. Based by the Skoda Enyaq IV, which also comes from the VW Group. Also for the future one may assume that new electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model Y as well as the Audi Q4 E-Tron, the sales support. Thus, it can also be recorded: 2021 seems to develop the year of electric SUV and E-Crossover.

Within the group, Volkswagen leads 16.681 electric cars the paragraph. Consequences by far the other brands: Audi (4.763 E vehicles), Skoda (6.575), SEAT (2.006) and Porsche (842), in June 2021. The entire first half of the year shows the following picture for the brands: VW (74.075 Stromer), Audi (19.368), Skoda (17.280), SEAT (6.172) and Porsche (5.650).

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