Europe: In July every second approved electric car was an electric SUV

Europe: In July every second approved electric car was an electric SUV-electric

After the first seven months in 2021, a unchanged image of the e-auto settlements is characterized by segment. Electric SUV and e-Crossover give the sound. By the end of July, this segment was responsible for more than any third new approval (37.2%). In July alone, E-SUV and crossover contributed to 50.0% of total admissions in Europe‘s e-car market. An announcement.

How to understand automobile analyst Matthias Schmidt from Berlin were five of the top 10 models in July assigned to the segment of electric SUV and E-Crossover. For the first time, Ford Mustang Mach E was found in top 10 ranking. The other segments remained at the level of the previous month. Only the “Near Executive” segment could benefit from a sales recovery, as usual at the end of the quarter. This paragraph is likely to grow by introducing the Tesla Model Y. Where the Model Y is counted more in the evaluation of the SUV segment.

The basic sector in turn continues to benefit from strong paragraph it VW e-up!. Around 82 percent of the authorized vehicles were admitted to this in Germany. An announcement. Above all, considering that the e-up! no longer sells. The small car segment was not so far away from the Basic segment with 13.1%, driven by popular models such as Renault Zoe, Peugeot E-208 and Opel Corsa-E. Below we have considered the purely electric vehicles in their respective segments to allow a comparison.

Period January to July 2021

  • Basic – 16.4 percent
  • Dutch car – 13.1 percent
  • Lower middle class – 16.3 percent
  • Near Executive – 13.5 percent
  • SUV / Crossover – 37.2 percent
  • Luxury class – 2.00 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class / minibus – 0.40 percent
  • Other – 1,10 percent

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4 thoughts on “Europe: In July every second approved electric car was an electric SUV”

  1. SUV boom probably also lack alternative. I’ve been waiting for a station wagon for years and now ordered what comes closest to the closest!

  2. For this felt more SUV and crossover in the field are offered as other models, I find their share very low. Maybe therefore, all price rings have been summarized by the small car SUV to Luxury Crossover, so that you could make the above statement.

  3. It is perfect for me, how my tensile car is rejected. SUV, crossover or station wagon. The main thing is, I can not stuck in the snow, can continue to pull my little Haenger and get no problems with my back on / off.
    A Microlino or the Gulf does not offer this just.

  4. How nice that Mr. Schmidt, the ‘found. I think we do not need a car expert to see that SUV will be bought so much for good reason. The justification of ‘alternativelessness’ is quite silly. The things are being built because, we want so. I have been writing my fingers sore for years and asking again and again after good (SIC!) Arguments against SUV- A simply do not come. Explanation: There are no.


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