Europe: Phev continues to have the nose in front; E-cars pick up. Fast…

Europe: Phev continues to have the nose in front; E-cars pick up. Fast...-front

Meanwhile, the volume of newly approved plug-in hybrids (PHEV) is the fifth month in a row in front of the pure electric car. However, it could soon come to the change. Responsible for this no one seems to be other than Tesla; which contributed massively to the paragraph in June 2021 through their quarterly final sprint. Full data is only available until the end of May 2021; We consider them the following.

In the first five months of the year, new PHEVs have almost 0.5 million (422.000) New registrations reached. Compared with 356.000 E cars. Interesting is considering the approval figures that the E-Auto approvals are dominated by the volume manufacturers (70% of all approvals). The approvals of the part-time current (> 50% share) is driven primarily by premium brands in growth. As mentioned above, the European E-car market is expected to be dominated by electric cars at the end of June 2021 at the end of June 2021. Thanks to the Tesla thrust at the end of the quarter.

Below we look at the development of individual models on the market and point to why PHEV could take the supremacy to Europe‘s e-car market until the end of May 2021. Meanwhile you can always cling to the shift of e-cars to PHEV. The fifth month of a row has been allowed in Europe more partial circuits as a pure stromer. Nevertheless, one moves with the difference of 66.000 units not so far above the previous month level of 60.340 units. The top 10 best-selling PHEV brought it to 148 by the end of May.880 units and thus made over a third of the total admissions. For e-cars, it was that this for 197.165 of all remote streams. Or otherwise expressed 56% of all e-auto approvals. This can be concluded that the paragraph of plug-in hybrids is due to greater model selection on the market.

For the three first places in the ranking of the top-10 plug-in hybrid models, a change shows for the first time. BMW had to spend the second place with the 3-he series and make room for the Peugeot 3008 as plug-in hybrids. There was also a shift in the back field. Again, a BMW – in this case of the X1 – had a decline to accept a rank and thus give the Renault Capture.

With other, coming models you can assume that further changes will be held here in the future. It will probably not be like 2020, a year in which the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev had long since claimed the first place for itself. It is more likely to assume that future movement in the market will be present in the future. Even with experienced e-car brands like Renault, it shows that Phev play a big role. The Captur and Megane grew strongly in paragraph and fight against the Renault Zoe Ran. That the captur arrives you can also see very well at the end of May 2021.

However, the Zoe does not just have to be a competition from your own house. With the top 10 models after E-cars, this had to be the VW ID.3 are beaten again, which remains in place at the end of May. Unbeaten at the top, with almost twice as high heel, the Tesla Model 3 is still. On the ranks behind it changes a lot. Not only in absolute numbers, especially on model level.

The VW ID.4 Shalls with a strong sales growth and pushes ahead again. This time in the top 4 of all remote e-cars in Europe. Due to the debut of the VW ID.4 In Europe, the sales of SUV and Crossover Stroms increased enormously. Based by the Skoda Enyaq IV, which also comes from the VW Group. Also for the future one may assume that new electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model Y as well as the Audi Q4 E-Tron, the sales support.

Thus, it can also be recorded: 2021 seems to develop the year of electric SUV and E-Crossover. At the end of January, this segment was able to record a new high. Then had to accept a first, small damper in February, before the upswing started again in March. At the end of April 2021, the segment of the E-SUV and electro-crossover was responsible for 42.5% of all approvals. In May, the proportion was slightly back, in June it will probably come to another breather in this sector, due to the deliveries of Tesla Model 3 at the end of the quarter. After that, however, the SUV is probably again with sales growth.

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4 thoughts on “Europe: Phev continues to have the nose in front; E-cars pick up. Fast…”

  1. With the confession of many countries and OEMs, the binding determination of combustion bans, the decisions of many OEMs pretty at short notice to say goodbye to the combustion production, the BEV market will certainly accelerate very much in the coming time.
    The PHEVs will not be (transitional) solution because they are usually used only as a combustor and only be purchased for tax incentives. This car shape sometimes even offers more technical disadvantages due to their complex construction and its weight as some hybrid or even burners.
    Bye Bye burner

  2. It is high time that the policy finally makes the PHEVS the Garaus. Only because the dinosaurs have completely missed the connection there is no reason not to formulate the maximum of future expectations by law. Publicly claim the green attitude and in the background against any tightening to lobbying should give the legislature a clear indication of how honest the autolobby of eternal truck means their climate awareness.

  3. The easiest and fastest would be to increase the CO2 levies strongly and lower electricity prices. Then the Phevs would be loaded and most of them would find that a BEV makes more sense. Also, the grants for Phevs should be simply canceled.

  4. There would be no problem at all, the TuV is read out the computer store and then charged the CO2 control directly at the switch! In normal case, this would be about 5 times more CO2 than the catalog value! The promotion on PHEV is just tax money bound! The problem, it does not hit the mass only a few really rich who can even afford these taxes. 6,7000000 cars ride on Germany’s roads 458000 are BEVs. All with a lot of money from the state, because the people did not recognize that it does not continue! In the heads is not thinking at the morning and the next generations!
    A kona e driver who fully paid his car without promotion!


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