Europe’s e-car market to be dominated by the lower middle class until April 2020

Europe's e-car market to be dominated by the lower middle class until April 2020-e-car

First of all, the “small car” sector, which includes vehicles such as the Peugeot e208, the Opel Corsa-e or the new Renault ZOE. These will experience strong growth in 2020. This could already be demonstrated at the beginning of January, demonstrated again in February and confirmed again in March. In April 2020, however, this area had to lose its supremacy. The so-called lower middle class was responsible for every fourth e-car registration in the fourth month of the year.

In percentage terms, 25.8 percent of the registered e-vehicles came from the lower middle class by the end of April 2020. Followed by the small cars mentioned above, which still brought it to 23.2 percent of the overall market in Europe. Thanks to an increase in new (Peugeot 208e) and older models (Renault Zoe, VW e-up!-Family) in the first four months of the year (combined), small cars and the lower middle class dominated the registrations, which together accounted for exactly 49 percent of the total registrations.

If you add the basic segment, the share of all three sectors together was 58.3 percent. Thus, the ratio in the overall market remained comparable to the figures at the end of March 2020. The near-executive sector was not able to record a massive increase, as initially assumed. As we remember, the only model in this segment is the Model 3, which usually registers a surge in registrations towards the end of the quarter. Nevertheless, the times of a 30 percent share of the European market for Tesla are likely to be over. This is also reflected in the figures at the end of April 2020. Brought it this segment “only” to 15.8 percent market share. Although this is quite remarkable when you consider that the figures only come from one electric car. Below we have looked at the pure electric vehicles in their respective segments to allow for a comparison:

  • Basic – 9.30 percent
  • Small cars – 23.20 percent
  • Lower middle class – 25.80 percent
  • Near Executive – 15.80 percent
  • SUV/Crossover – 21.50 percent
  • Luxury class – 2.20 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class / minibus – 0.60 percent
  • Other – 1.60 percent

With the exception of the SUV sector, which was boosted by the premium model Audi e-tron, e-car registrations were mainly found in smaller and lighter segments. This is partly related to lower prices, which appear even more interesting for the market in combination with corresponding subsidies. The E-SUV adheres to that over 50% of the approvals in April attributed to premium models such as the Audi E-Tron, the Jaguar I-Pace or Mercedes EQC.

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5 thoughts on “Europe’s e-car market to be dominated by the lower middle class until April 2020”

  1. What would have interested me would have been a table listing the possible models per segment. Surely you can make sense of something from the text, but somehow it’s missing (just me?) the overview. Example: it is written: “50% of registrations in April on premium models such as the Audi e-tron, the Jaguar I-PACE or Mercedes EQC”. I admit: I can’t think of a car that fits in there? Kona? e Sorento? modelX?

    There will be a few more models (Polestar 2, XC40…) come. So it would be great to have such a list. Preferably published in a permanent place on this site.

  2. It doesn’t matter what you write – again and again you provide me with proof that e-cars have been a miserable flop so far, because the majority of them are only bought by people with a fat petty cash.
    Renault Zoe and VW e-up are certainly not, first cars’. A holiday trip with two children and without luggage is simply unthinkable. Consequently, these vehicles are at best as official vehicles or similar.etc. to use or they are bought as a second car by people who have a lot of money.
    50% approval of etron, IPace and EQC? These cars cost up to 100 ‘well’ equipped.000.- €. What percentage of registrations do comparable combustion engines such as the Audi Q5 or Q7 have in the overall market? It’s definitely in the single-digit percentage range, I think, but not in the middle double-digits.
    Nah, men, something’s wrong here. The car freaks build the wrong cars at ridiculously high prices and the charging infrastructure will remain a bad joke for a while.
    E-cars have been a flop so far.

  3. Panibodo, you’re more of a flop there. Do you know that the VW Beetle was bought as a family vehicle in the past. Your first two are not 2. vehicles. Sit down in a new Zoe. You can use it to come home in the evening after a range of 400 km and you don’t even need a charging station when you’re away. The Autofritzen build the right cars. You just don’t know her. E driving a car is more ecological and cheaper to buy and maintain, compared to all cars in the lower middle class with combustion engines, where there is now a large, cheap offer.

  4. A typical comment from an incorrigible combustion engine driver who has no practical experience with electric cars. Unfortunately, he’s not quite the only one
    with such an opinion. I drive the named cars and would immediately go back to diesel if that weren’t possible in practice as stated.

  5. So Panibo, today you travel light. You do not need “long-stop carts” more to drive in the ski holidays with 2 pairs of slats. Everything that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a big gas guzzler can also be rented by the sea. The new I.D with the large battery goes even further and even faster than the ZOE. With these battery sizes, you no longer have any problems when charging abroad in Europe. If your feared charging problems were permanent, there would have been no TESLA s for a long time. Even before the Corona crisis, I was always in good company with high-capacity combustion engines and Teslas with my travel speed of between almost 100 and 130 on the motorway. Especially now the last ones are starting to realize that retro or less is more. You’ll get to heaven soon enough. We have speed limits on the country roads anyway. All of this is in keeping with the electric car age and the driving style of people with long-term experience with electric vehicles. I can give you practical tips in addition to suitable arguments. If a truck is nearby, you switch briefly to sport mode or, depending on the car, from ECO to normal. And off you go again relaxed and extremely quiet, as quiet as combustion engines can not achieve., Electric cars are fun….look at the traffic light at the start…….Do you want an SUV just to sit higher?? Then the Zoe is the right place for you.


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